The Republican Civil War Over Obamacare: Conservatives Vs. the Vichy Republicans

Cartoon-Cruz-Vs-Establishment-600Just a few days away from the end of the greatest Healthcare System in the World, the grizzled veterans of the Grand Old Party are acting like a bunch of children who got beat on the playground in a kickball game, and who now want to take their ball and go home.

Fox News reports that

Republican tensions grew Thursday as Tea Party-aligned senators rejected a bid to speed up the vote on a bill to fund the government while defunding ObamaCare, with one senior lawmaker accusing his colleagues of posturing — as the chances of a government shutdown increased.

The flurry of activity occurred late Thursday afternoon on the Senate floor. With lawmakers facing a Sept. 30 deadline to pass a spending bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tried to get approval to hold key votes on Thursday, in order to give the House more time to consider the legislation.

But Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, objected, along with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. That puts off the next vote until Friday.

Their complaints prompted a tense encounter on the floor with Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., who suggested the only reason they want to wait until Friday is because they want to turn the vote into a show for supporters.

“This is confusing to me,” Corker said. “I’m understanding the reason we’re waiting is that y’all have sent out releases and emails and you want everybody to be able to watch. It just doesn’t seem to me that that’s in our nation’s interest.”

Cruz later said: “I think it is unfortunate that any member of the United States Senate should want our votes to occur outside of the view of the American people.”

The brief dispute underscored the divide in the GOP over this vote.

The bill itself, passed by the House last week, would keep the government open past Sept. 30 and defund the health care law. Senators like Cruz, who spoke for more than 21 hours on the Senate floor in opposition to ObamaCare, support this language.

However, Cruz and others plan to oppose the test vote on Friday — because they say Reid, as his next step, will strip out the ObamaCare provision and promptly send the bill back to the House.

They argue that anybody who votes to advance the bill on Friday is effectively voting to restore funding to the health law.

Other Republicans argue that this position is counterintuitive, and have indicated support for the upcoming vote.

This has led to some nasty infighting.

Now, I know that I’m just an average American, but, it appears to me that the members of the Republican Establishment are both embarrassed by and jealous of the massive public support for Ted Cruz and the rest of the Conservative Republicans.

Now is not the time for whiny divisiveness, as Conservative Pundit Patrick J. Buchanan points out…

…The Republican war over whether to bow to the seemingly inevitable and fund Obamacare is a Panama Canal issue. How one votes here may decisively affect one’s career.

Ted Cruz may have, as Richard Nixon used to say, “broken his pick” in the Republican caucus. Yet, on Obamacare, his analysis is right, his instincts are right, his disposition to fight is right.

These are more important matters than the news that he is out of the running for the Mr. Congeniality award on Capitol Hill.

If Obamacare is funded, the subsidies starting in January will constitute a morphine drip from which America’s health-care system will not recover. If not stopped now, Obamacare is forever.

Senate Republicans should be asking themselves why Cruz and Rand Paul, two newcomers to the Senate of decidedly different temperaments, are being talked of as credible candidates in the presidential primaries of 2016.

Answer: Both are clear in their convictions, unapologetic about them and willing to break some china to achieve them. And that part of America upon which the GOP depends most is increasingly frustrated and angry with those who run the national party.

Americans don’t want a dignified surrender on Obamacare. They want someone to drive a stake through Obamacare.

And the question that is going to be answered in coming weeks is: Is the GOP willing to shove its whole stack into the middle of the table, for a showdown over Obamacare? Or will the House GOP in the end cast the decisive vote to make Obamacare permanent?

For, as columnist Terry Jeffrey writes, “[M]ake no mistake. If Obamacare is funded and implemented, it will be because Republican members of Congress decided to do it.”

As Terry notes, Congress has absolute power over the public purse. Article I of the Constitution says, “No money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in consequence of appropriations made by law.”

The law authorizing President Obama to spend more money for Obamacare expires Sept. 30. If the House refuses to vote for any bill that contains new Obamacare funding, Obamacare is dead.

Thus the Republican House controls the fate of Obamacare.

But if we don’t fund Obamacare, comes the Republican wail, Harry Reid will let the government shut down, the American people will blame us, and all of our pundits say we can’t win this fight.

For sure you cannot win if you do not fight.

Right on. Right on.

However, the Vichy Republicans, as I dubbed them a while back, would rather reach across the aisle, and give up any Republican ideals they may possess, than be actual public servants, instead of self-serving mountebanks.

They are beclowning themselves, in their missionary zeal to appear to be “statesmen” and to “go along to get along”

Their desire for protocol and “statesmanship”, has trumped any desire of the Republican Elite to actually stand on principles and fight the socialization of the greatest Healthcare System on the face of the Earth.

And, for that, they should be embarrassed.

Until He Comes,


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