Obamacare: Obama’s Titanic

ObamacareTitanicThe RMS Titanic was the second of three unbelievably large, luxurious ships built by White Star Line. It took nearly three years to build the Titanic, a massive undertaking which began on March 31, 1909 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. When finished, the Titanic was the largest movable object ever made. It was 882 1/2 feet long, 92 1/2 feet wide, 175 feet high, and displaced 66,000 tons of water.

After conducting the last of her sea trials on April 2, 1912, the Titanic left later that same day for Southampton, England to hire a crew and to be loaded with supplies.

On the morning of April 10, 1912, to much ballyhoo and fanfare, 914 passengers boarded the Titanic. At noon, the ship left port and headed for Cherbourg, France, where it made a quick stop before heading to Queenstown (now called Cobh) in Ireland. At these stops, a handful of people got off and a few hundred boarded the Titanic. By the time the Titanic left Queenstown at 1:30 p.m. on April 11, 1912 heading for New York, she was carrying over 2,200 people, both passengers and crew.

You know the rest of this story. This “Marvel of Modern (1912) Technology”, the unsinkable Titanic, sank on April 15th, 1912, after hitting an ice berg.

In all, a total of 705 people were rescued while 1,517 perished in the freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, 101 years later. America is watching our Generation’s version of the sinking of the “unsinkable” Titanic: The launch of the State-Run Healthcare System, commonly called “Obamacare”.

Three weeks ago, the largest Government Intrusion into the private lives of Americans ever conceived of, was launched, with much ballyhoo and fanfare, just like the RMS Titanic.

Its Captain, President Barack Hussein Obama, being supremely confidant in the sturdiness of the ship he was piloting, ignored the warnings of Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee, and, it now appears, HHS Secretary Sebelius’ claims notwithstanding, the warnings of his own staff, that the “USS Obamacare” was not sea-worthy, and its launch should be delayed.

Now, as the bow of the USS Obamacare, the website healthcare.gov, begins its downward spiral, leading the rest of the USS Obamacare  into the icy waters of oblivion, its “crew” are beginning to jump off of the USS Obamacare….like rats on a sinking ship.

Fox News.com reports…

Several Democratic senators are calling on the Obama administration to delay enforcement of the health care law’s individual mandate, joining their Republican colleagues in saying it would be unfair to penalize Americans for failing to buy insurance when the primary sign-up website doesn’t work.

The Democratic dominoes began to fall quickly Wednesday, after Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., circulated a letter urging President Obama to extend enrollment beyond March 31, 2014.

Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., in a statement released late Wednesday, said: “I believe, given the technical issues, it makes sense to extend the time for people to sign up.”

Shaheen and several moderate Democrats supporting her, including Pryor, are up for re-election in 2014, and no doubt taking note of the widespread discontent with the launch of HealthCare.gov.

But political motivation aside, the sudden support from moderate Democrats for delaying the mandate threatens to force President Obama’s hand.

Republicans are already crafting bills to delay the requirement on individuals to buy health insurance. The GOP has the numbers to pass such a proposal in the House; with 15 Democrats, they might be able to muscle something through in the Senate.

Then Obama would have to decide whether to veto.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., who is not up for election next year, is working on a bill that would delay the IRS penalty for one year for anyone who does not get insurance.

This comes as Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., drafts a separate bill to delay the requirement until the system has been certified as working for six straight months.

The White House, while defending the health care law and vowing to fix the problems with the website, has not explicitly ruled out the possibility of delaying the individual mandate. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, also backed Shaheen’s call in a written statement Wednesday.

“I have repeatedly said this law is not perfect and have proposed changes to make it work for Alaska families and small businesses,” he said. “Given the recent website issues, I also support extending open enrollment season. I want to work with the administration to ensure that individuals are not unfairly penalized if technical issues with the website continue.”

Remember Senator Ted Cruz’s “Non-filibuster”? Even with Obamacare circling down the porcelain receptacle, he is still being “Palinized” for it. A week after holding the floor of the Senate, in a scene reminiscent of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, Yahoo.com reported…

Cruz, who last week made headlines with an epic 21-hour filibuster-like speech on the Senate floor railing against Obama’s landmark health care law, continued his crusade.

“The American people overwhelming reject Obamacare,” Cruz said. “They understand it’s not working. The only people who aren’t listening to the argument are the career politicians in Washington. It’s Harry Reid who wants to use brute political force.”

During his Senate speech, Cruz was criticized for comparing the funding of Obamacare to the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany. On Sunday, he denied he made such a comparison.

“There have been many voices in Washington who’ve said, ‘We can’t do this, we can’t do this, we can’t do this.’ And I went through the contracts where, over and over again, when facing big challenges, Americans have risen to the occasion, whether it was the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War II, whether it was going to the moon under John F. Kennedy, or whether it was winning the Cold War,” Cruz said. “At every stage, there were voices of conventional wisdom who say, ‘This can’t be done.’ And at every stage, the American people rose to the occasion. And what I said is, ‘We should do the same here.’ We should look to, if we empower the American people, if we get Washington to listen to the people, that’s how we get this changed.”

As I have already mentioned, Cruz is still being called everything but a child of God for his heroic actions, from Democrats and Vichy Republicans.

And now, as the USS Obamacare is beginning its descent into the icy waters of Oblivion, I wonder…

Can Senators. Cruz and Lee start telling everybody,

We told you so? 

Until He Comes,


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5 Responses to “Obamacare: Obama’s Titanic”

  1. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.com.

  2. Darwin Says:

    I thought that the Hindenburg might be a better examply for 0bamacare, but then realized that it better represents the economy or America under 0bama

  3. Melody Hollon Harper Says:

    But it isn’t the Obama Administration’s fault….it can’t be!
    Hhmmm…I know, it’s Bush’s fault!


  4. backwoods conservative Says:

    The Obama Titanic. I love it. I am so going to use that to help open people’s eyes as to just how bad of a screwup the president is.

  5. Gohawgs Says:

    The obamanation’s goal is to sink America. obamacare, and it’s inherent problems,is just one example of how he’s implementing his agenda…

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