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FDA Makes the Morning After Pill Available Over-the-Counter to Underage Girls

May 1, 2013

schoolgirl and laptopOver the last several days, I have been writing about the horrifying Gosnell Case, where a Pennsylvania Abortion Doctor slaughtered an undetermined number of living human babies, after botched late-term abortions.

Yesterday, I wrote about how the current push for “abortion freedom” is eerily reminiscent of the Eugenics Movement, found in America in the early 20th Century.

Now, our federal government is passing out Morning After pills, also known as “Plan B”.


Plan B or Emergency Contraception is designed for emergency use and not recommended to be used as a regular method of birth control. Plan B One Step is a single pill containing a high dose of progestin, and is available to women without prescription if they are 17 or older. It claims that if taken within 72 hours of “unprotected” sex, it will prevent ovulation, but it also prevents the already conceived embryo from implanting in the endometrium, causing an early abortion.

Let me ask you sumpin’. At what age do you believe that young women should have access to these abortiafacients? 21? 20? 19? 18? 17?

The Obama Administration believes that 15 is old enough to have access to the “birth control” pills. reports that

The government is moving the morning-after pill over the counter but only those 15 and older can buy it — an attempt to find middle ground just days before a court-imposed deadline to lift all age restrictions on the emergency contraceptive.

Today, Plan B One-Step is sold behind pharmacy counters, and buyers must prove they’re 17 or older to buy it without a prescription. Tuesday’s decision by the Food and Drug Administration lowers the age limit and will allow the pill to sit on drugstore shelves next to spermicides or other women’s health products and condoms — but anyone who wants to buy it must prove their age at the cash register.

Some contraceptive advocates called the move promising.

“This decision is a step in the right direction for increased access to a product that is a safe and effective method of preventing unintended pregnancies,” said Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash. “It’s also a decision that moves us closer to these critical availability decisions being based on science, not politics.”

But earlier this month, U.S. District Judge Edward Korman of New York blasted the Obama administration for imposing the age-17 limit, saying it had let election-year politics trump science and was making it hard for women of any age to obtain the emergency contraception in time. He ordered an end to the age restrictions by Monday.

The women’s group that sued over the age limits said Tuesday’s action is not enough, and it will continue the court fight.

Lowering the age limit “may reduce delays for some young women but it does nothing to address the significant barriers that far too many women of all ages will still find if they arrive at the drugstore without identification,” said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights.

The FDA said the Plan B One-Step will be packaged with a product code that prompts the cashier to verify a customer’s age. Anyone who can’t provide such proof as a driver’s license, birth certificate or passport wouldn’t be allowed to complete the purchase.

“These are daunting and sometimes insurmountable hoops women are forced to jump through in time-sensitive circumstances, and we will continue our battle in court to remove these arbitrary restrictions on emergency contraception for all women,” Northup said.

This Liberal Administration and their minions have been prepping for this moment for quite a while.

Last September 13th, New York City Schools starting passing out Morning After Pills to students, in reaction to 7,000 unwanted pregnancies by children under the age of 14,  the previous school year. Other oral and injectable birth control was given out, as well…without permission from the students’ parents.

But, hey, who needs to tell the parents? After all, the government is smarter than we are, aren’t they?

According to a report found on the George Soros funded website,,

The teen pregnancy rate in New York City dropped by 27 percent over the last decade, a statistic that city officials credit to teens’ expanded access to contraception.

The city’s health commissioner, Tom Farley, told the New York Daily News that the data shows two concurrent trends: more adolescents are choosing to use birth control, and more of them are also delaying sexual intercourse…

But, wait! There’s more!

… Despite the promising trends, health officials in the city note that there are still significant racial and geographic disparities among the teens who are getting pregnant. The Bronx has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the country, and African-American teens in New York City have a much higher pregnancy rate than their white counterparts — 110.7 births for every 1,000 back girls, compared with 16 births for every 1,000 white girls. That trend is evident on a national level, too. Black and Latina women have the highest rates of unplanned pregnancy and, subsequently, the highest rates of abortion.

Not to mention the fact that…

According to the manufacturers of Plan B One Step, side effects of the medication include nausea, lower abdominal pain, headaches, and changes in menstrual cycle.

“Menstrual changes is a big one, because (emergency contraception) can really throw off the woman’s cycle,”[Dr. Jennifer]Landa [a hormone specialist] said. “Women could come to really rely on this quite regularly, and then their period is going to be messed up for several weeks after doing this. Ultimately they’re not going to know if they’re pregnant or not.”

There are many other more serious well-documented side effects, Landa added, that come from overusing Plan B – including significant weight gain, depression, ovarian cyst enlargement, gall bladder disease, high blood pressure, and increased risk of ectopic pregnancy.

But, other than that, they’re perfectly safe to be giving to kids…without notifying their parents.

You remember, that Monster I wrote about yesterday? Well, it looks as if he’s taking his first steps.

Or, to quote Melissa Harris-Perry…

we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.

Because, after all, traditional American notions about morality, personal responsibilty, and the preservation of life, are so old fashioned, aren’t they?

God help us.

Until He Comes,


Just a Fluke?

March 3, 2012

President Barack Hussein Obama has stuck his nose into a political firestorm of his own device. has the story:

President Barack Obama called a law student on Friday to express his support after she was branded a “slut” by controversial right-wing talk-show host Rush Limbaugh for her outspoken support of Obama’s new policy on contraception coverage.

Sandra Fluke, a 30-year old student and women’s rights activist at Georgetown University in Washington, has been caught in the middle of a contentious election-year fight between Obama and Republicans over the policy, which requires health insurance plans to cover contraception.

Religious-affiliated organizations, the Roman Catholic Church and social conservatives have protested Obama’s new policy as an infringement on religious liberty. An effort by Republicans in the Senate to overturn it failed this week.

House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, the top Republican in Congress, distanced his party from Limbaugh’s comments. A spokesman for Boehner called them “inappropriate” in a statement that also criticized Democrats for using the issue to raise funds before the November 6 election.

Fluke has spoken out against the Republican effort to scrap the birth control policy and advocated making contraception available to all women, drawing fire from Limbaugh and some other conservative commentators.

In an interview, Fluke told Reuters she was initially hurt, then outraged by Limbaugh’s remarks, but said she hoped the incident had raised awareness about the new policy.

She said had received “an avalanche” of supportive emails from women and men around the United States, including many from women who said they needed contraception to respond to medical conditions such as seizures, not just to prevent pregnancy.

The president called “to offer his support and thank me for helping to make heard the voices of all the women who will benefit from this regulation,” Fluke said. “He just wanted to clearly express his distaste for the types of comments that have been made about me. He was very kind.”

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama thinks Limbaugh’s comments were reprehensible.

“It is disappointing that those kinds of personal and crude attacks could be leveled against someone like this young law school student, who was simply expressing her opinion on a matter of public policy,” Carney said.

On his program on Friday, Rush Limbaugh replied to this rapidly-escalating mess:

What can I do to the women of America?

Do I have the power to raise their taxes? I do not.

Do I have the power to regulate their behavior? I do not.

Do I have the power to make health care decisions for them? I do not.

Do I have the power to withhold birth control pills from them? I do not.

Do I have the power to audit their tax returns? I do not.

Do I have the power to take their little four-year-old kindergarten student’s lunch and throw it away and make ‘em eat something else? I do not.

Do I have the power to look into their personal life and leak the information to the media? I do not.

Is there one bit of freedom that I can deny them? Can I raise their taxes?

They want to blame me as being the person they should fear, when in fact the people doing all these things I just said I have no power to do, the Democrat Party is doing. That’s who everybody’s afraid of in this country. You know that story about the four-year-old girl who had her lunch taken by the federal agent? When those stories happen, have you noticed the people involved don’t want their names known? Who are they afraid of? They’re afraid of Democrat Party. They’re afraid of the Obama administration. The Obama administration will take away your birth control, and if you let ‘em do that, they’ll tell you when you can and can’t take it. And then they’ll tell you when you can and can’t have sex, and then they will tell you when you can or cannot have an abortion!

You give them this power, that’s what they want.

I can’t do any of this.

So, to recap, it turns out that the “sweet little co-ed” has turned out to be a 30 year old “Women’s Right’s” (i.e., Abortion) Activist, who entered Georgetown, a Catholic University, with a dual purpose:  to achieve notoriety and advance her political ideology.

Stepping back from all the “Who Shot John” and the P.T. Barnum-esque nature of this whole contentious media-driven exercise, starting with the opening salvo, i.e., the forcing of Catholic Hospitals to acquiesce to offer the “Holy Sacraments” (birth control pills and the morning after abortion pill) of the Obama Administration, I’m reminded of the words of one Karl Marx from A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right (December 1843-January 1844):

Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, in embryo, the criticism of that vale of tears of which religion is the halo.

One of his most famous quotes was:

Religion is the opium of the masses.

He also said:

Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included.

And, of course:

From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.

Evidently, Ms. Fluke is very needy.


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