Obama: Two Days Later, He’s Still More Deaf Than Beethoven

Yesterday, in a Noon Central Press Conference, President Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) appeared as if he wished that he was already in the Jakarta mosque he’s about to visit in his 10 day, $200,000,000 a day Asian trip.

Answering a barrage of surprisingly hard-nosed questions from the normally sycophantic media, a less-than-contrite, and at times, lecturing Obama, proclaimed that he knew exactly why his political party had been politically massacred the night before:  Americans were economically frustrated and impatient because his wonderful policies and programs were taking too long to kick in.

Yes, boys and girls, Scooter is still tone-deaf.  I’m shocked.

Obama went on to say that his decisions so far in his term as president had been tough but right, and that he must take direct responsibility for our economic frustration.  At the same time, in the strident tones of a collegiate guest lecturer, he pledged to do more to reach a consensus with Republicans:

No party has a monopoly on wisdom.  I want to engage both Democrats and Republicans. … I do believe there is hope for civility. I do believe there’s hope for progress. 

When he was asked for details on his plans, Scooter said that he would not be opposed to joining Republicans for a suspension of earmarks and taking a second look at the ignorant provision in Obamacare that would make small businesses file a 1099 for every purchase over $600.  (My words, not his.)

Speaking of Obamacare, the potential incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner said:

I believe that the healthcare bill that was enacted by the current Congress will kill jobs in America, ruin the best healthcare system in the world, and bankrupt our country.  That means we have to do everything we can to try to repeal this bill and replace it with common sense reforms to bring down the cost of health care.

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Obama also spent a great deal of time during the Presser talking about Clean Energy and electric cars. This makes one wonder if the Lame Duck Congress is going to try to pass some version of Cap-and-Trade, even though Obama said that it was off the table for now.  And, if his Lame Duck minions don’t get an energy bill passed, will he just issue an Executive Order and have the EPA initiate it?

Probably.  A lot of his clean energy push has to do with political chicanery.  From my post Psst Bud.  You Want to Buy Some Air?

The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is proud to let everyone know that it is “North America’s only cap-and-trade system for all six greenhouse gases, with global affiliates and projects worldwide.” Barack Obama served on the board of the Joyce Foundation from 1994 to 2002 . What a coincidence, that, as president, pushing cap-and-trade is one of his highest priorities, huh?

Currently, CCX members are legally bound together by a  voluntary agreement to regulate greenhouse gases.

The CCX provides the vehicle by which to trade the very pollution permits and carbon offsets that would be  imposed by government mandate through the administration’s cap-and-trade proposals .

But, hey, right now, our boy Scooter is getting the heck out of Dodge.  His longest foreign tour so far starts in India, then brings him home to Indonesia where he spent part of his childhood, moves to a Group of 20 summit in South Korea, and ends with an Asian-Pacific economic forum in Japan.  First Lady Michelle (ma belle) will accompany him.  The girls will stay at home.

By the way, when Obama lands in Mumbai, India on Saturday, he’ll be protected  during his stay by a fleet of 34 warships, including an aircraft carrier.  This is because the attack on Mumbai in 2008 came from the sea.

Scooter will fly from Mumbai Airport to an Indian Navy Base on Marine One.  Two jets will accompany him, rigged with the latest in communication technology, and he will travel India’s roads in a fleet of 40 cars.

Around 800 rooms in the Taj Mahal and Hyatt Hotels have been reserved for Obama and those accompanying him during his 2 day visit there.  Arrangements just like this have been secured for New Delhi, where the president will be from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday morning.

I heard Glenn Beck say this morning that Obama’s Asian Trip will cost American taxpayers TWO BILLION DOLLARS. (said in a Dr. Evil from Austin Powers voice)

Perhaps I’m insane, (which, according to my Preacher and my beloved bride, is a distinct possibility), but does this extravagant trip, just like his Press Conference yesterday, seem just a wee bit tone-deaf?

With unemployment in our nation at a record high, with over 1/6th of the country on food stamps (SNAP), and the Democratic Party reeling from their worst electoral defeat since 1932, by his own words and actions, Barack Hussein Obama (peace be unto him) comes off as imperious in nature and more tone-deaf that Ludwig von Beethoven.  If this man-child cannot overcome his own self-aggrandizing and didactic nature, his defensiveness due to his false perception that Americans do not like him because he has a weird name, and his distrust of capitalism and the nation he is supposed to be leading, Obama is in for a long two years.  And so are we.


9 Responses to “Obama: Two Days Later, He’s Still More Deaf Than Beethoven”

  1. ladyingray Says:

    He’s spending money we don’t have!

  2. Steyn Fan Says:

    Don’t we have an embassy in India? How ’bout a VIP berth on that aircraft carrier. If he were better liked, maybe he could crash on the Indian PM’s sofa.

    I can’t afford to take my kids to the beach, and this bozo is touring the world with a rockstar entourage. Not just no, HELL NO!

  3. Crimefyter Says:

    His vision is as bad as his hearing. While I’m thinking about it, is this not more fire-power and resources than were committed to Afghanistan? Wouldn’t just a small fraction of this military commitment be able to secure the southern border?

  4. Johnny McDonald Says:

    There’s something to this that stinks.

  5. lovingmyUSA Says:

    If this was Bush, doing this in the midst of a recession, where the initial jobless claims jump 20,000 to 457,000–what would the MSM be doing? Of course that is a rhetorical question…$200 million X 9 days=1.8 BILLION…

  6. Looking Glass Says:

    All this so the Teleprompter Of The United States can be displayed in India’s Central Hall of Parliament. The first time that august building has been so defiled. Obama’s Teleprompter Embarrassment in India

    2 billion dollars so BHO can read someone else’s words off of a teleprompter. Next time let’s just send the teleprompter without Wacky Baracky and save a couple billion.

  7. The War Planner Says:

    KJ and admirers,

    There is something wrong about this on so many levels — the dine and dash when the bill comes due for his [Democrat] party, the excessive entourage for his foreign sojourn, the clueless press conference. But we may be certain of one thing, the Child Emperor, while an ideologue, is a stupid ideologue.

    As you point out, KJ, Scooter has not even a hint of what’s befallen him. Further, he will not pull a Clinton and gravitate towards the center for his remaining two years as POTUS.

    “Why is that?” you may ask.

    Truth be told, it’s most likely because he has been bathed in the liquors of leftist pap that he cannot come engage in Realpolitik. He has no concept of the art of meaningful political compromise and, I firmly believe, he is far too enamored of the trappings of his position. He truly loves playing at POTUS.

    In almost any administration, a large entourage and adequate security are absolutely necessary for our country’s leader and our military’s CINC. Much of this can be explained away as necessity just as we on the right understand a CEO must have comforts and compensation in order to do his job properly. Also, the military contingent — right down to the transport aircraft to carry limousines and other paraphernalia — can be explained away to some degree as training opportunity for troops, aircrew, and support assistance.

    But, for the life of me, I cannot come up with a reason to commandeer 37 warships. Has this ever happened before? What does this do to our defense posture? I cannot believe that many warships — even destroyers — taken out of the loop don’t have some effect.

    That said, Scooter (love that sobriquet) does not realize the 40 miles of bad road he is facing. he is will be drawing to fill an inside straight and it will be fun to see hm bust that over the next six to nine months.


  8. Gohawgs Says:

    The Left just loves to spend other peoples money while some parent in that liberal bastion known as San Fransico can’t spend his own money on a Happy Meal for their kid(s).

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