Palin in Iowa: Cuda Shoots. She Scores…again.

Yesterday, in rain-drenched Iowa, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin gave a stemwinder of a speech, which left several “Conservative” Pundits grasping at straws for something…anything…that they could attack her with.

Of course , a lack of anything substantial did not stop them.  By perusing the internet yesterday afternoon, one could find criticisms of  the crowd size, her yellow outfit, and even her voice.  One well-known Conservative Pundit called it “The Fizzle in the Drizzle”.  Most average Americans who watched it just said:


Per, here are some highlights of the speech:

* It’s not just about replacing Obama, it’s who we will replace him with. (Meaning: Yes, the Republican will win in 2012, so let’s start thinking about WHO that Republican will be and what she will do in office come 2013 to hit back at not just the Left, but the Cocktail Party GOP establishment that enables it).

* Repeated references to “the permanent political class” and “the guys who are too concerned with winning future elections to do what needs to be done to get America out of the mess that we’re in”

* the Status Quo won’t work any more…we need real solutions

* The Palin Plan is a working man’s plan…a plan about empowerment of our states, of our entrepreneurs, and hard working individuals.

* Need to rein in the federal government and its out of control spending…enforce 10th Amendment and devolve powers back locally


* get government out of the way and allow business to breath and grow

* must prioritize and cut spending

* have the “Come to Jesus” moment to address entitlement reform

* what irks her most about White House is the current president threatening not to send seniors their checks, or when he threatens to not send the paychecks to the military…but the president’s family gets posh vacations and Congress gets their checks…stop using seniors and the military as pawns…enough is enough

* robust and responsible energy production will make us an energy superpower

* drill here, drill now, let the refineries and the pipelines be built…stop kowtowing to foreign countries and dictators…stop making America the biggest customer and make us be a producer by tapping into our energy reserves

*no more “fairy dust, sprinkled in glitter” empty promises about green jobs…when real and permanent jobs are there for the making in the energy sector

* energy development is the real stimulus…these are good paying jobs like the one Todd Palin had working in energy sector job…America’s economic revival starts with America’s energy revival

* need to make America most attractive country on Earth to do business in….the tax rates here are too high for business…big corporations skirt the federal taxes and makes America less competitive…it constrains the engine of American development…we need to become the most attractive business environment that will lead to an explosion of growth

* ELIMINATE ALL CORPORATE INCOME TAX…while also eliminating all corporate welfare, tax loopholes, and bailouts. Message to job creating corporations is that we will unshackle you from the highest tax rates in the world, but you will stand or fall on your own like all of us out here on Main Street

* None of that hopeychangey stuff in 2008 created jobs * We need to realize that God has blessed this nation, do not wait for the permanent political class to do anything about reform. Our credit is downgraded, but it’s not their fault. It’s always someone else’s fault, never the Cocktail Party GOP establishment or the DNC

* Obama is adrift. He doesn’t make sense. Obama declares in the exceptionalism of all countries, like Greece…and his path will take us to a place where we are in as bad a shape as Greece. We can confront the problem and achieve lasting reform. The road ahead is not easy. You will be demonized. They will tell you to go to Hell.

* On a trip to see the WWI Memorial, Palin saw again we have a duty to those who died for our freedom, people who purchased our freedom by charging the bayonets and the cannons, they prayed in the trenches and suffered in the POW camps and gave their lives so we could be here today.

* We are born the heirs of freedom

* JFK quote: we are the heirs of those who fought with Washington and those who freed the slaves, those who carved a nation out of wilderness, those who stormed the beaches at Normandy and Iwo Jima…those who made America the greatest and most exceptional nation

* We shall endure because we live by that moral strength we call grace

* A Providential hand has always guided us to a better future

* Reagan quote: if we ever forget we are one nation under God we will be a nation that goes under

* We will fight for freedom, fight for America, God Bless you Iowa, God Bless You United States of America

For an encore, Gov. Palin spent at least 30 minutes out among the crowd, talking to people, just like her, as if she had no other place where she would rather be.

She spoke to families with special needs childen, military families, and teachers: just plain ol’ average folk.  She posed for pictures and helped shoot videos for loved ones.  C-SPAN kept their cameras rolling to capture this remarkable moment.

Y’know, somehow, I just can’t see Romney doing that.

Will she run?  She certainly sounded like it yesterday.

If she does, I know one thing:

Cuda will make some noise and it will be fun to watch.



17 Responses to “Palin in Iowa: Cuda Shoots. She Scores…again.”

  1. Palin in Iowa: Cuda Shoots. She Scores…again. (via Kingsjester’s Blog) | My Blog Says:

    […] Palin in Iowa: Cuda Shoots. She Scores…again. (via Kingsjester’s Blog) Posted on September 4, 2011 by loopyloo305 Yesterday, in rain-drenched Iowa, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin gave a stemwinder of a speech, which left several "Conservative" Pundits grasping at straws for something…anything…that they could attack her with. Of course , a lack of anything substantial did not stop them.  By perusing the internet yesterday afternoon, one could find criticisms of  the crowd size, her yellow outfit, and even her voice.  One well-known Conservative Pundi … Read More […]

  2. ladyingray Says:

    She needs to announce, either way.

  3. cmsinaz Says:

    just do it!!!

  4. Johnny McDonald Says:

    If she runs, she’ll be labeled as radical; and I get the feeling that will be an apt description. She is so radically opposed to the way things are in Washington that she angers both Dems and Reps, seriously angers them.

  5. War Planner Says:


    For the record, I am a Sarah Palin fan — not a Palinista, a fan — but I believe her value to this campaign is not as nominee or commander-in-chief but rather as voice of the conscience of conservatism.

    Her hesitancy to declare (or to declare NOT) is becoming tedious and I suspect has already damaged her reputation. There is poll after poll pointing out how she will lose to Obama and Republicans and conservatives say they would never vote for her, etc. (The latter citation is an old Quinnipiac poll; I could not find a reference to the most recent one that stated some 70-plus percent expressed similar feelings.)

    Also for the record, I am very conservative, worked my tail off for Palin (not McCain) in 2008, and will do so again if she is the nominee. But at this juncture I and many are ABO (Anybody But Obama) voters and we will also work equally hard for Perry or Bachmann — even Romney.

    It’s nice to have the luxury of principles when there is no threat to this country but these are not such times. What that incompetent boob has wrought with his clown troupe administration and accomplices in Congress is criminal and another four years of this will see the destruction of this country.

    Doubt me? How about the historical first of the credit downgrade and the unending string of unemployment figures and low job creation numbers — culminating in the 0.0 this past month?

    Not carping; I am just another poor slob in the crowd who believes this country needs saving.

    I took the liberty of cross-posting this with reference to your post on my blog.


    The War Planner

    • Gohawgs Says:


      Her “hesitancy to declare” is only becoming tedious to those who get impatient waiting for the microwave to heat their cup of water so they can have some hot chocolate. She has stated, repeatedly, that she would make her decision AFTER the Republican field has assembled. That, on its face, means a late entry. Listening to her own verbal and or written statements regarding her thinking would lend one to have a better understanding of what is actually happening than to say, a Rove, who has his own agenda or to the many pundits, who while trying to fill 24 hours news/gossip cycles, post half truths and lies to fill the void…

      The field may stil not be set. TPaw dropped out. Perry got in after saying he wouldn’t — and then a few wks earlier than had been speculated. There were rumors of a Pataki run. For a few days it looked like Ryan was going to declare. There are ongoing rumors of Rudy and Christie entering the race…

      One can look at, shake, “weigh” and, “listen to” their birthday and/or Christmas present in an attempt to discern what may be inside but, in the end it comes down to the day arriving before you can open the present and see what really is inside…

      • War Planner Says:

        ..the microwaved water/hot chocolate metaphor is specious. There are a lot of folks who *love* Sarah Palin but tire of the games and have become disaffected. This is unfortunate.

        Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see — if she does declare — how the votes split. based on the polls I have seen, it will probably lead to Romney getting the nomination because she will have split the Perry vote.

        We’ll know this time next year though..

  6. marriagecoach1 Says:

    I hope that she does, I love to see libtards making fools of themselves with their hate speech.
    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  7. War Planner Says:

    ..oh, here’s the recent poll I mentioned above:

  8. Gohawgs Says:

    What games, WP? Did she or did she not say, repeatedly, that she would wait to see who declared before making an announcement? The one’s playing games are the Rove’s who have their own agendas, the bloggers who are speculating while filling space and the TV talking heads doing both…

    How is it specious to point out that many today want whatever they want yesterday? “We” email instead mail. We microwave instead of using the stovetop. We go thru the drive-thru instead of going inside. We have smart phones, and now smart TVs, so as not to be tied to a desktop computer…

    • War Planner Says:

      Well, I meant no disrespect. I hope she does declare and wins the nomination and gets elected (and I am *not* being facetious) because anyone — or anything — will be better than Obama..

      ..even the proverbial three-day old ham sandwich.

      (And Sarah Palin will be a considerably better chief executive than Obama, her detractors on the left notwithstanding.)

      I will warrant to you that I will work my tail off for her if she is the nominee. I certainly hope you will do the same for any other nominee — even Romney.

  9. 1conservativemom Says:

    After watching, and listening, to her speech in Iowa, I am left with a feeling of complete certainty that she will run. Why she’s waiting I’m not sure, but I do believe it’s part of her plan. I did read the other day that Reagan didn’t announce until Nov…so it’s not “too late”. Maybe she’s just waiting for the others to tear into one another and then step in. All I know is I support her 100%.

    Side note:
    Compare the substance of her speech with what we had today coming from a union thug and the VP. The Tea Party (which includes ME) were referred to as “sons o’ bitches” and “barbarians”! What happened to “civil discourse” and “tone down the rhetoric”? Hoffa says the unions are Obama’s army and they’re ready to march and take out the sons o’ bitches (after declaring that they are at war with us) and Obama comes on stage and says how proud he is of Hoffa. Don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sit too well with me.

    • Ima Wurdibitsch Says:

      Conservative Mom,
      I hear you. I’ve liked her for a while but I was visiting my parents this weekend. My mother is a fan of Sarah. Dad is, too, but didn’t think she was a contender. After that speech, Dad was cheering, “Run, Sarah, run!”
      I have hope.

  10. marriagecoach1 Says:

    He conservative mom:
    Just punch into Google union thugs acting up for some real eye opening video.

    Blessings on you and yours\
    John Wilder

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