The Arctic Fox Remains On Point

Fresh off her triumphant Keynote Address at Saturday’s CPAC Convention, Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. posted this official summary:

Former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin sat down with “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace to discuss the Republican presidential field, President Obama’s chance for reelection, and the current state of the tea party movement.

The former Alaskan governor was in Washington, DC, to be the keynote speaker for the annual CPAC conference. In her speech, Palin called out establishment conservatives. When asked who she was speaking about she explained that it was anyone for the “status quo” or more government. On the Tea Party freshmen members of Congress, who have not had a big role in either house, Palin said she “would like to see them in leadership positions.”

Recently the unemployment rate has ticked down and the president’s approval numbers have ticked up. Many have seen this as a concrete example of how the president will be the favorite heading into November. Palin disagreed by saying, “you ask those 13 million Americans who can’t find a job… they’ll tell you that no, this president and his failed policies should not be favored to win reelection.”

On Saturday Mitt Romney won the Maine Caucuses, ending a recent string of electoral losses. Palin said of Romney, “I think he’s a great candidate.”

Overall Palin stressed that the current field of Republican candidates need to, “all four of them, they need to quit beating each other up.” She continued, “We need to hear from our candidates, solutions. What is their plan?… the discussion needs to continue until we hear that.”

Finally, HBO is set to release their film “Game Change,” which is about the 2008 general election. Actress Julianne Moore plays Governor Palin. When asked what she thought of the impression, Palin replied, “We’re going to call that the Sarah Palin employment act and you guys need to thank me for employing more people, probably, in their imitations of Sarah Palin than the president has put Americans to work.”

What Fox News did not report (mainly, because they’re in the tank for Mitt) is this tasty little morsel that Governor Palin gave to Conservatives to chew on:

“I trust that his idea of conservatism is evolving. And I base this on a pretty moderate past he has had, even in some cases a liberal past,” Sarah Palin said on “FOX News Sunday” this morning.

“I am not convinced,” Palin said of Romney’s conservative claim. “And I don’t think that the majority of GOP and independent voters are convinced, and that is why you don’t see Romney get over that hump.”

“He has spent millions and millions and millions of dollars and hasn’t risen yet,” she added.

Gov. Palin has a point.  Take the Maine Caucus, for example.  As reports:

Mitt Romney picked up a victory in the Maine caucuses Saturday to rounds of raucous applause, garnering 39% of the vote (2,190 votes). Ron Paul finished second, with 36% (1,996 votes). The Maine victory stems a state losing streak for Romney, who suffered three losses earlier in the week. Rick Santorum finished in third (18%), and Newt Gingrich was in fourth (6%).

In the days leading up to the announcement, the winner was expected to be either Romney or Paul, as Gingrich and Santorum had essentially ignored the state. Romney had planned on taking Saturday day off, according to the Associated Press, but decided to visit two Maine caucus sites instead, in hopes of giving a last-second boost to his chances; the strategy appears to have worked.


Maine’s caucuses are non-binding, meaning the state’s 21 delegates will be allocated later. The state GOP encouraged municipalities to hold their caucuses between February 4 and 11, but some began in late January. One county representing about 2% of the vote was not able to complete its caucuses because of a heavy snowfall.

The contest was open only to registered Republicans, though independents and unregistered voters were able to register as Republicans on Saturday to participate. presents some food for thought:

Given that Maine is adjacent to New Hampshire, where Romney has a house, and not far from Massachusetts, where he was governor for 4 years, a win of 194 votes can’t really be considered a landslide, but at this point Romney is thankful for all the victories he can get. Noteworthy is that only 5,516 Republicans showed up to vote, even though they had an entire week to do so. In 2008, John McCain got 295,273 votes in Maine, so if we take this as the number of Republicans in Maine, fewer than 2% of Maine Republicans bothered to vote. That does not augur well for turnout in November.

Per usual, Governor Palin is spot on.  The Conservative Base, even in the Northeast, Romney’s stomping grounds, aren’t convinced of “The Legacy’s” Conservative credentials, and are certainly not very excited that he’s being pushed down our throats by the GOP Establishment.

Conversely, whenever Governor Palin speaks, the Conservative Base stands up and cheers, as was witnessed several times during her Keynote Address at CPAC.

It’s almost like America is a Center-Right nation…or sumpin’.



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4 Responses to “The Arctic Fox Remains On Point”

  1. IowaWoman Says:

    “It’s almost like America is a Center-Right nation…or sumpin’.”

  2. johnnyalamo Says:

    “Noteworthy is that only 5,516 Republicans showed up to vote, even though they had an entire week to do so. In 2008, John McCain got 295,273 votes in Maine, so if we take this as the number of Republicans in Maine, fewer than 2% of Maine Republicans bothered to vote. That does not augur well for turnout in November.”

    I am finding this more and more troubling, taken with the very low turnout in Florida, Nevada and Minnesota this is ominous.

  3. marriagecoach1 Says:

    Palin remains a force to be reckoned with in Republican politics and she is my girl of choice for any office that she chooses to run for.

    John Wilder

  4. Gohawgs Says:

    It will take Palin leading the charge come November if the R nominee is to beat the obamanation…

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