Obama Doubles Down on…Malaise

I put $20 worth of gas in my 1992 Buick yesterday. Don’t laugh.  My wife drives our 2009 Equinox because I’m a good husband…and well-trained.

Anyway, I noticed that it did not even fill up to half a tank, as the price here in DeSoto County, Mississippi is sitting at $3.59 per gallon.

Why is it that Democratic Presidents, who are supposed to be brilliant leaders, (just ask them) can’t control the price of a gallon of gasoline?

Oh, they can sure tell you what you need to do in order to cope with their poor leadership in this area, though.  For example:

Jimmy Carter delivered a televised speech, presenting his Proposed Energy Policy for the nation on April 18, 1977.  Here is an excerpt:

These are the goals we set for 1985:

-Reduce the annual growth rate in our energy demand to less than two percent.

-Reduce gasoline consumption by ten percent below its current level.

-Cut in half the portion of United States oil which is imported, from a potential level of 16 million barrels to six million barrels a day.

-Establish a strategic petroleum reserve of one billion barrels, more than six months’ supply.

-Increase our coal production by about two thirds to more than 1 billion tons a year.

-Insulate 90 percent of American homes and all new buildings.

-Use solar energy in more than two and one-half million houses.

We will monitor our progress toward these goals year by year. Our plan will call for stricter conservation measures if we fall behind.

I cant tell you that these measures will be easy, nor will they be popular. But I think most of you realize that a policy which does not ask for changes or sacrifices would not be an effective policy.

This plan is essential to protect our jobs, our environment, our standard of living, and our future.

Whether this plan truly makes a difference will be decided not here in Washington, but in every town and every factory, in every home and on every highway and every farm.

I believe this can be a positive challenge. There is something especially American in the kinds of changes we have to make. We have been proud, through our history of being efficient people.

We have been proud of our leadership in the world. Now we have a chance again to give the world a positive example.

And we have been proud of our vision of the future. We have always wanted to give our children and grandchildren a world richer in possibilities than we’ve had. They are the ones we must provide for now. They are the ones who will suffer most if we don’t act.

I’ve given you some of the principles of the plan.

I am sure each of you will find something you don’t like about the specifics of our proposal. It will demand that we make sacrifices and changes in our lives. To some degree, the sacrifices will be painful — but so is any meaningful sacrifice. It will lead to some higher costs, and to some greater inconveniences for everyone.

But the sacrifices will be gradual, realistic and necessary. Above all, they will be fair. No one will gain an unfair advantage through this plan. No one will be asked to bear an unfair burden. We will monitor the accuracy of data from the oil and natural gas companies, so that we will know their true production, supplies, reserves, and profits.

The citizens who insist on driving large, unnecessarily powerful cars must expect to pay more for that luxury.

We can be sure that all the special interest groups in the country will attack the part of this plan that affects them directly. They will say that sacrifice is fine, as long as other people do it, but that their sacrifice is unreasonable, or unfair, or harmful to the country. If they succeed, then the burden on the ordinary citizen, who is not organized into an interest group, would be crushing.

There should be only one test for this program: whether it will help our country.

Carter’s Energy Policy stank on ice, and Ronald Wilson Reagan beat Jimmy Carter for the presidency in a landslide.

Is America experiencing Deja Vu…all over again?

WFTV anchor Greg Warmoth conducted a one-on-one interview with President Barack Hussein Obama, Monday in Washington, D.C.  One of the things they discussed was the skyrocketing price of gas:

Obama referred to the phrase, “there’s no magic bullet.” The president said any politician who says there is one is not being truthful.

Still, an ABC poll released on Monday shows Obama is taking the blame.

The poll shows two-thirds of Americans disapprove of his handling of gas prices, which is a record high for the president, and only eight months before the election.

“Well look, as long as gas prices are going up, people are going to feel like I’m not doing enough, and I understand that,” Obama said.

The president said his fight for a payroll tax cut last year will help Americans afford higher gas prices.

“Ultimately, though there’s no silver bullet. The way we’re going to solve this problem is what we talk about today in our energy report,” Obama said.

The president said America has had the highest domestic oil production in more than a decade.

The nation now exports more crude than it imports, reducing dependence on foreign oil, along with new fuel efficiency standards for cars and investments in alternative fuels.

“The bigger driver of these gas prices is speculation of war in the Middle East, which is why we’ve been trying to reduce loose talk about a war there,” Obama said.

Republicans on the campaign trail see gas prices as a political opening against Obama.

‘Your opponents say they can get gas to the $2.50 range. What do you think Americans should be OK with?” Warmoth asked.

“First of all, nobody believes that. They know that’s just politics. Anybody who says we can get gas down to two bucks a gallon just isn’t telling the truth,” Obama said.

Obama did not give Warmoth an answer as to how much Americans should pay for gas.

However, Obama said his energy advisor did not rule out tapping the country’s oil reserves.

In the latest version of the normally-Democrat-over-sampled New York Times/CBS Poll, Obama’s Job Approval Rating has dropped from 47% to 41%. Just a month ago, he was sitting pretty at 50%.

Carter on steroids…indeed.



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6 Responses to “Obama Doubles Down on…Malaise”

  1. johnnyalamo Says:

    Every single statement he made contains a lie. Yet not factcheck or pushback. Amazing that his whoppers can get bigger and bigger and nobody in the lame stream media calls him on it.

  2. Johnny McDonald Says:

    -Use solar energy in more than two and one-half million houses.

    And why have I not seen any of these 30 year old solar panels on houses? Because they aren’t dependable and efficient. That’s why.

  3. darwin Says:

    As stupid as Jimmah was, even he wouldn’t be foolish enough to cut ol AND coal production. He wanted to “-Increase our coal production by about two thirds to more than 1 billion tons a year.”

    Our nitwit in chief wants to kill off the coal industry, and us along with it.

  4. yoda Says:

    Jimmy – Put a sweater on and turn down the thermostat.
    Barry – Inflate your tires and get a tune-up

  5. Gohawgs Says:

    Today’s left wants to destroy America. By “over” regulating the coal, naturall gas and oil industries they hope to weaken the US economically. The Goracle, for years, has openly called for higher taxes on gasoline in order to move the US away from oil. Last week, the obamanation’s Secty of Energy — Chu — under oath — told Congress that this (mis)administration wasn’t bothered by the doubling in gasoline prices since they took office. Today, he kinda, sorta took his statement back…

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