Time for a Tea Party

Now that we’re a couple of days removed from the advent of the biggest tax increase in our nation’s history, I sit here still turning Chief Justice Roberts’ ruling over in my feeble mind.

If you hang out on a certain Conservative website, as I do, you probably noticed an influx of Liberals, Paulnuts, and “Fiscal Conservatives” (i.e. Moderates), since ObamaTax was declared Constitutional.

While the presence of these postulating posters is nothing unique, their reaction certainly has been.

Allow me to elucidate.

The Paulnuts believe that not only was Robert’s ruling Unconstitutional, but every other American is stupid, we should all be smoking dope (like they seem to be), and Dr. Paul is still going to win the nomination.

And, that’s the intelligent ones.

The “Fiscal Conservatives” (i.e. Moderates, or Liberals in hiding)  seem to believe that Roberts made a brilliant decision and he was playing 67th dimensional chess…or something.  Also, we need to cut our Defense Budget to make up for ObamaTax, and just wait for Robert’s masterful plan to kick in, because, after all, the Tea Party is sooo gauche, aren’t they? 

I’ve noticed that these posters tend to believe that they are smarter than Conservatives and are quite enamored with themselves over their unique point-of-view.

Well, geniuses, being unique is one thing. Being a eunuch is another thing, entirely.

And finally, there are the Liberals.

Why a Liberal would want to hang out on a site founded by a Reagan Conservative is a question that has always bothered me.  Are they masocists by nature? But…I digress.

The Libs on this site were strangely subdued.  Yeah, they seemed happy enough, but not out-of-control-go-ride-their-unicorn happy.

Even the Libs in Washington seemed subdued.

Yeah, San Fran Nan threw a par-tay, but, with this sort of victory, I expected her to go streaking around the Washington Monument.

Try getting that image out of your head now. I dare ya.

It’s almost like they know that now, they’ve got to convince their brain-dead sycophants that it’s not a tax.

As he oft-times seems to do, Rush Limbaugh spoke what I was thinking about this bizarre situation during his program yesterday:

Okay, folks. I now know what happened yesterday. I’ve had time to dig into this. Time that I did not have prior to yesterday’s program and did not have during the program. And I can’t tell you how sick I am. I am literally sick over what happened yesterday. I don’t know how else to describe it. Literally sick. …

A giant total fraud was perpetrated on this country yesterday. The Supreme Court as an institution is forever tarnished. There are now no limits anywhere on the size, scope, the growth of government. We were the victims of a purposeful, intentional fraud yesterday. There is no way, were anybody in Washington concerned about the Constitution, there is no way Obamacare gets anywhere close to being law in this country. There is no way it even approaches constitutionality. And the chief justice of the US Supreme Court knew that. He felt it was his duty, however, to save the legislation.I don’t even care about motivation. I don’t care if it’s because he wants the New York Times and Washington Post in love with him. I don’t care if he wants to be the next John Marshall. I don’t care. All I know is that we were defrauded in front of our eyes, wide open. We were taunted, defrauded, mocked, laughed at. I guess 5-4 court decisions are perfectly fine now. Oh yeah, hey, we’ll take whatever we can get, we’ll take it however we can get it. Even if they have to invent law, even if they have to rewrite a statute that was so poorly written, it wouldn’t have gotten past a first grader who understood the Constitution.

Folks, having now learned what happened, and by the way, I can’t take much more reading the faint praise for Justice Roberts. There are a lot of conservatives who are trying to find some comfort in all of this by pointing out that justice Roberts ruled that the Commerce Clause isn’t a catchall that justifies anything Congress wants to do. “Hey, Rush, we got to look at what we won here.” I understand that theory. You do want to try to take the best of things that you can. But this is theft! Theft of liberty and freedom right in front of our eyes. Okay. So the Commerce Clause has been limited, so? Now we get to pay a tax for something we don’t do. But it’s worse than that. It really is akin to going into a 7-Eleven, and saying to the clerk, “No, I really don’t want to buy any gum.”

“Well, okay, tax on that is $2.35.”

That’s what’s happened here. I see all these people running around now thinking they’ve got free health care, and for the next year-and-a-half that’s what it’s gonna look like. Michelle Obama, “Guess what, contraception is now free.” She’s got a list of all the things that are free. AP has a list of all the things that are free for everybody. What happened here basically is that Justice Roberts stretched the limits to avoid being accused of activism. He wanted to avoid being accused of activism. Activism, in this case, would have been finding the law as it is unconstitutional. So he succumbed to fear that doing that, upholding the Constitution, would have resulted in him being accused of activism. So what he did, he stretched the limits to avoid being accused of activism, and in the process, he became more activist than any justice in recent memory.

In other words, Roberts said to America,

My name’s Bennett and I ain’t in it. Here’s the book. Here’s the phone. See ya later. You’re on your own.

That’s fine, Mr. Chief Justice. As I wrote yesterday, our weapons will be our ballots.  November 6th will be OUR time. See ya at the polls.


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4 Responses to “Time for a Tea Party”

  1. cmsinaz Says:

    ‘our weapons will be our ballots. November 6th will be OUR time. See ya at the polls.’

    hear hear KJ

  2. backwoods conservative Says:

    “Yeah, San Fran Nan threw a par-tay, but, with this sort of victory, I expected her to go streaking around the Washington Monument.

    Try getting that image out of your head now. I dare ya.”

    That was cruel, KJ. Now I’m badly in need of some eye bleach.

    But other than that, another fine article. November cannot come too soon.

  3. Cindy Munford Says:

    There was zero mention of the ruling in The Won’s weekly annoyance, I mean address. Interesting.

  4. Gohawgs Says:

    The simple, direct, honest and, transparent thing for Souter, errrr I mean, Roberts to do was to side with Alito, Kennedy, Scalia and Thomas and kill the obamanation’s obamacare. Instead, Souter, errr I mean, Roberts sided with Ginsberg, Kagen, the wise Latina and the guy who has a Carribean villa and ruled that a tax on breathing was Constitutional — oh, he may have also roped in Congress on the Commerce Clause (maybe, sorta, kinda) at some point in the future. And yes, Souter, errr I mean, Roberts did label obamacare as a tax which will make it easier for Congress to repeal it IF the R’s take the Senate and IF Mitt wins the election. Otherwise, the obamanation will veto any attempt at doing away with his socialist entitlement program…

    Souter, errr I mean, Roberts had a choice; 1) a clear driving of a stake through obamacare’s heart or 2) hoping to draw a Royal Fizzbin in a game of chance and the Chief Justice chose to gamble with America’s existence as a free nation….

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