Christians Killed in Kenya

Adherents to “the religion of peace” are now murdering Christians in the formerly stable country of Kenya.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that

A grenade attack on an Anglican Church in Kenya’s capital has left one child dead and seven others injured in what is viewed as a response by the Somali Islamist group Al Shabab to the capture of its stronghold Friday by Kenyan troops.

The Sunday morning attack on the St. Polycarp’s Anglican Church in Eastleigh area, which the police said was carried out by Al Shabab or its sympathizers, prompted analysts to warn of more attacks as the Kenya Defense Forces achieve more military success in next-door Somalia.

The troops, which rolled into the war-torn country in October 2011, entered Al Shabab’s final stronghold city of Kismayo on Friday. Fighting together under the African Union banner, Kenyan and Somalian troops are now moving to consolidate their gains in Kismayo.

The apparent reprisal attack on the Nairobi church offers early confirmation of concerns here that while Al Shabab’s conventional fight may be ending, the group will continue to be a regional menace through guerrilla and terrorist attacks.

“Kenya should brace itself for these attacks. It is obvious. Al Shabab has said, you come to my hole, I will come to yours,” says Madobe M.A, a Nairobi-based analyst on Somali issues.

The attack came as children were singing in a church Sunday school service. In a style reminiscent of Boko Haram, Nigeria’s violent Islamist sect, the assailants hurled a grenade inside the school, with most children being injured in the stampede for the exits.

Hours after the attack, two policemen were shot dead in the town of Garissa, where 14 people had been killed back in July in twin church attacks.

You’re probably asking yourself, Why is KJ writing about this? It’s a world away! We’ve got an election going on in this country.

It may be inconsequential to you, but it is not me and my church. You see, one of our young ladies is teaching at the International Christian School in West Nairobi, Kenya.


Nairobi is the capital and largest city in Kenya, having about four million inhabitants. West Nairobi School (WNS) is located in Karen, Kenya, a suburb to the west of Nairobi. Adjacent to the Ngong Forest, WNS is very scenic and peaceful. The temperature is consistent year round, remaining between 20 and 27 degrees Celcius (65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit) with rains occurring in November-December and again in March-May. English is the national language of Kenya and Kiswahili is the language of culture. Tourism is the number one industry in Kenya, followed closely by the tea and coffee industry.

West Nairobi School is an international Christian community founded on biblical truths, existing to educate and nurture students to become responsible citizens and devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

WNS is uniquely poised to serve both the missionary and national population in Kenya. By offering quality education, it frees parents to serve the people of Kenya and the rest of East Africa.

West Nairobi School serves children from pre-school through the 12th grade and is fully accredited.

The history of NICS is an example of God’s Grace.

In 1983, Joe Hale along with his wife Ann and some other missionaries formed a school in South Korea. They initially anticipated that this school would educate about 30 students, but on the school’s inaugural day 83 students arrived for classes.The school continued to grow, and currently there are 3 different NICS schools in South Korea with a total enrollment of over 1000 students.

It quickly became apparent that the need for international schools, particularly those of a Christian nature, was present in many countries beyond Korea, and schools perpetuating the same approach soon appeared in other countries, and eventually on other continents. The vast growth of the initial schools was such that the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) was born in 1991 and a home office was established in Memphis, TN to facilitate the operations and staffing of the schools. In 1992, NICS became an incorporated independent mission agency. In 2001 the home office was moved to Southaven, MS, where it is currently located. After operating out of the Southaven municipal building for several years, the current location was secured and occupied in the fall of 2007. The home office is housed in three buildings on 9.5 acres, and there are future plans for additional buildings to be built, which will be used as a conference and training facility. The home office currently houses 20 employees, as well as the offices of NorthStar International Academy, the online school. Joe Hale serves as the president of NICS, and now works out of the home office, or international headquarters. The peak enrollment of all 17 NICS schools during the 2009-10 school year was over 3600 students. There are over 500 teachers serving the 17 schools throughout the organization.

Per Joel Hale:

Today, we take a moment to look back at our history and see that our “trail” is filled with the fingerprints of God all along the way. Sure, we have made changes as we have grown and learned better how to accomplish our goals and purposes. Yet, the goal still remains. I cannot think of a better strategy to impact the world than through the influence and mentorship provided by Christian teachers in an international school setting. God continues to open doors of opportunity to us, and we must pursue those opportunities with passion and urgency.

We continue to lean heavily on God’s hand of provision; our needs are great; our challenges many. We must not rest until all the world is reached with the Good News! Let us not forget, however, that we must also take time to look back and see how His miraculous hand has touched us in the past in such a way that we can never be the same. This gives us confidence to look forward and trust that He will continue to unfold his plans for this ministry before us… among all nations!

NCIS Teachers rely on funding from their family, friends, and congregations. The sacrifices they make are great. I attended a presentation by this young lady. She was so excited to be going over there to serve. Her contract will be over soon. She is presently trying to decide what she will do.

I know that whatever she decides, God’s Grace will be with her.

I only hope that she makes it home safely soon.


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  1. Gohawgs Says:

    The “religion” of piece(s) once again shows its true self. May God be with your congregant, kj…

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