I’m 54 Today and I’m Not Taking It Anymore

jesterluteI’m 54 years old today.  It has been a remarkable journey.   Some years have passed by much too quickly.  Others have been as slow and painful as Morning Joe on MSNBC.   Some of the lessons that God has taught me have been more painful than others.  But, through it all, His Grace has been sufficient for my every need.

I’ve always had a big mouth.  One of the most painful lessons I’ve had to learn is when to keep it shut.  However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that those who seek to impose their will on us, as a free nation, appear to be doing and saying whatever outrageous, hurtful, treasonous, and unpatriotic things that they want to, counting on all of us average, Christian Americans (78% of the population, per Gallup) to keep our collective mouths shut.

Well, you know what?  I’m 54 and I’m Not Taking It anymore.

05_08_11---Three-Crosses_webI’m not taking it anymore off of the less than 10 % of our population who are so self-involved and bitter in their belief that all of this fantastic Universe around us just happened, that they try to make Christians as bitter as they are.  Especially, this time of year as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

These learned individuals completely ignore the writings of brilliant men, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said:

All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.

or G. K. Chesterton, who said:

When men stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing.  They believe in anything.

WashingtonPrayingOur nation was founded by people who wished to practice Freedom OF Religion, not Freedom FROM Religion. They were not led in their decision-making by an earthly king, but by their love for the heavenly King.

American Christianity is not comprised of empty rituals. It is fueled by an intrinsic understanding of where our freedoms come from, and Who gave them to us. It is a legacy of Faith handed down to us, generation through generation.

Just as my father, who landed on the beaches of Normandy, made sure that I got to Sunday School, so did I make that opportunity available to my daughter, step-sons, and grandson. I am blessed by the fact that one of those young men is in seminary as I write this.

Shake your fist and try to believe that Divine Providence had nothing to do with the growth of this nation, you will still find that the majority of Americans will not believe you.

hyenasI’m not taking it anymore from the bunch of amoral, treasonous hyenas controlling the entertainment industry.  These are the brilliant individuals who have brought us such cinematic masterpieces as Redacted and The Golden Compass and such high brow television entertainment like @#$% My Dad Says

In the music industry, the song  @#$% You! (which was sung on Glee as Forget You!) was, at one time, honored for an industry award.

I can remember when The Rolling Stones had to change the words to their hit, Let’s Spend the Night Together to Let’s Spend Some Time Together on The Ed Sullivan Show because of the CBS Censors.

By the way, they are on tour right now…sponsored by Geritol, I think.

spoiledlakerI’m not taking it anymore from spoiled, crybaby, collegiate,and professional athletes.  These young men have been gifted by God with extraordinary abilities, placing them in the spotlight. They are followed and proclaimed as role models by American’s youth.

Just last week, the Captain of the University of Memphis’ Basketball Team, walked away from a practice, telling the coach that he just “wasn’t that into it.”

He’s back with the team, now, after a game’s suspension and a “come to Jesus” meeting with the Coach.

Some leader. Gimme a break.

mitchdanielsI’m not taking it anymore from so-called Fiscal  Conservatives (i.e., Moderates and Liberals), who believe that whatever you want to smoke, whomever you want to sleep with, is fine and dandy, while expecting Social (Reagan) Conservatives to keep our mouths shut about where the GOP is headed, as it slowly swirls down the porcelain receptacle.

michellestinkeyeI’m not taking it anymore from the Obama’s, and the pinheaded bureaucrats and academicians in their administration who believe that they have the right to tell us how to raise and what to feed our children.

These are our children and grandchildren.  We will raise them as we see fit.

Not only do they want to tell us what we can feed to our children, they want to control what our Armed Forces eat! They want the finest fighting force in the world to run on arugula!

Feed our Brightest and Best steak every day! They deserve it!

I’m 54 years old. If I want to have Popeye’s Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes, fried okra, and biscuits, it’s none of your dadblamed business, Michelle (ma belle).  People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  Have you surveyed your own Southern flank lately?

pelosigavelFinally, I’m not taking it anymore from Obama, his administration, his political party, and Congress.  These people are so riddled with self-importance, and so intellectually constricted by their self-imposed boundaries of the Beltway Elite society that they live in, that they have completely lost touch with the citizens of the country that they are supposed to represent.  They somehow believe that it is in their best interests to govern on behalf of the 18 % of Americans who identify themselves as being Liberals.

And, judging from the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations, those who don’t really believe in this Liberal/Progressive/Marxist ideology, don’t seem to possess the intestinal fortitude to man up and actually serve the people who elected them.

This oblivious pack of political scavengers seem bound and determined to gnaw as much meat off of the bones of the American Dream as they can.

However, as angered as I am by the irrational, amoral nature of American politics and popular culture, I always have hope.  My hope springs not from any political figure or political ideology, but from the One who created me and loves me, in spite of all my shortcomings.  This video of one of my favorite songs sums up what I’ve been trying to say.   God is good.  All the time.  May God bless you all.

Until He Comes,



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17 Responses to “I’m 54 Today and I’m Not Taking It Anymore”

  1. Johnny Alamo Says:

    KJ has reached the “GIT OFF MUH LAWN” level of consciousness. Happy Birthday KJ!

  2. cmsinaz Says:

    Hear Hear!

    Happy Birthday KJ!

  3. Johnny McDonald Says:


  4. yoda Says:

    Happy Birthday KJ!

  5. Naturally Curly Says:

    A very Happy Birthday to you, KJ!

  6. blueridgeguy Says:

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the video, Rich Mullins is one of my favorite artists, miss him dearly.

  7. wolverinefan Says:

    Happy B-Day KJ! Some of the best people have b-days in Dec-mine is the 8th 🙂

    Also, have you read “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn? I would like your take on it if you ever do read it. It’s really… well I can’t describe what it does to you. You have to read it!

  8. notmarvin Says:

    Happy Birthday

  9. navigator1924 Says:

    The next time one of those Leftist’s will not listen to you, when you leave, take off your shoes, dust them off in contempt and then go on spreading the Word and the writings of our COnstitution. Mark 6:1-13.
    I had lunch with a liberal the other day, and by the time she finished using me and extracting free market successful strategy from me, and putting down “rabid republicans” I thought it was only “fair” for her to pay for my lunch–she never offered though. She also never knew I was an Evangelical Christian and a conservative.I grinned the entire time. Then I went to church Sunday and my preacher gave us the power to go out and defend our faith in the middle of a social or any situation. Stir it up and lead the way for those who are intimidated. He pointed out that Christ offended many people. When I reached your age, as a woman, I felt that I was finally set free to be who I was. I will pray for you that you may reach those who need your words and speech. You appeared in my horizon with the other blog several years ago and gave me a way to express many feeling I had kept to myself for years. I salute you. Happy Birthday and many more.

  10. mbventuro Says:

    happy birthday KJ!

  11. J. weiss Says:

    Happy Birthday! I SO enjoy getting your e-mails. Helps me realize I am not alone out here. Keep up the wonderful work!

  12. backwoods conservative Says:

    Happy Birthday, KJ!

    I’ll be joining you at the 54 mark in about six weeks.

  13. Cindy Munford Says:

    You’re just a baby!!! Happy birthday and many many more!!!

  14. sappi60 Says:

    I’m about a year and half behind you and I say ‘RIGHT ON! RIGHT ON!’

  15. Gohawgs Says:

    The Geritol is in the mail…

  16. Mirimichi Says:

    Happy Birthday, KJ! Enjoy your posts on HA.

  17. ORrighty Says:

    A belated Happy Birthday to you KJ. I appreciate your dailing musing and share in your “I’m not taking it anymore” determined stand. Be Blessed!

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