Newtown: An American Tragedy, Not a Political Opportunity

American flag half mastAfter engaging with my bride and some friends in a Quixotic quest to view what turned out to be few and far between Christmas Lights, thanks to Obamanomics, I turned on the television in an attempt to catch the last 30 minutes of Blue Bloods.

What I found myself watching instead, was a CBS Special Report on the horrific massacre of precious innocents in the previously quiet little town of Newtown, Connecticut. What struck me immediately was the foghorn-like obvious nature of CBS’s editorial push for gun control.

From the moment I tuned in, CBS was announcing how imperative Gun Control was, while accusing Speaker of the House John Boehner of ducking the issue. They immediately  followed this observation up with interviews of  precious little ones, who had seen their playmates murdered at school.

Adding to CBS’ editorial narrative was a review of the sensationally horrible Columbine School Massacre, with numerous survivor interviews attached.

Richard Schlesinger wrapped up the CBS Special Report with more interviews of the surviving schoolchildren, trotted in front of the unblinking camera, in a manner reminiscent of P.T. Barnum exhibiting Freaks of Nature to a curious public for sensationalism’s sake.

Also, earlier in the day, hastily-organized professional demonstrators marched back in forth of the White House clamoring for gun control.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

What do we know about the horrific slaughter of these precious children?

Per the CBS affiliate in New York City:

While the families of victims were notified, authorities on Friday night were still in the process of positively identifying those killed.

While officials had been briefing the public on the situation throughout the day, local officials were still looking at various angles as they continued their “massive investigation” in coordination with the FBI and ATF.

While authorities have still not officially identified the gunman who opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School, law enforcement sources have named him as 20-year-old Adam Lanza.

Lanza’s mother, Nancy Lanza, was found dead Friday inside her Newtown home, CBS News reported. After Lanza allegedly shot and killed his mother, he drove her car to the school, where he opened fire on adults and children, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported.

State Police Lt. Paul Vance said 18 children and six adults, including the school’s principal Dawn Hochsprung, were pronounced dead at that scene. Two other children later died at the hospital. One other person was injured, Vance said.

“Evil visited this community today and it’s too early to speak of recovery,” Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said.

Indeed. And, unfortunately, not only are we seeing tragedies like this more often, but, I guarantee you, there will be more on the horizon.

Why? The Liberals will tell you that it’s the guns’ fault and Americans own too many of them.

Well, first off, Americans have owned guns since this nation was born.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads,

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

This Amendment was written by our forefathers to protect Americans from not only foreign enemies and despots, but, internal ones, as well.

And, that is what makes Liberals nervous.

You see, without that Second Amendment, and the protection that it provides American citizens, an out-of-control president could, through executive orders, take away our personal freedoms.

Not to mention the fact, that “If guns are outlawed, only Outlaws will have guns”.

Ask the people of Norway about that.

On Friday, July 22, 2011, a Norwegian gunman, disguised as a police officer beckoned his victims closer before shooting them one by one, claiming at least 84 lives, in a horrific killing spree on an idyllic island teeming with youths that left that peaceful Nordic nation in mourning.

The island tragedy unfolded hours after a massive explosion ripped through a high-rise building housing the prime minister’s office, killing seven people in a scene some likened to the aftermath of 9/11.

Per The Guardian, there was a reason that Breivik was able to kill so many innocent people:

The massacre on the island of Utøya is certain to lead to a security review, with particular stress on how Anders Behring Breivik obtained his weapons. Norway already has some of the toughest gun laws in the world, but they were apparently easily circumvented by the killer.

A licence is required to own a gun, and the owner must provide a written statement saying why he or she wants one. Many categories of guns, including automatics and some powerful handguns, are banned from sale altogether.

Hunting and outdoor sports are popular in Norway. But the laws are strict in these areas, too. Shotguns and rifles must be stored in a secure place, typically a specially designed gun safe, as must ammunition. Police have the right to inspect an owner’s home to ensure the law is being followed.

Transporting a weapon to a public place is also covered by legislation. The owner must have a good reason for carrying a weapon, must ensure it is unloaded and concealed from view, but not worn on the body, and must keep the weapon under constant supervision.

Under the Firearm Weapons Act, only “sober and responsible” persons over the age of 18 may obtain a gun licence. For handguns, the age requirement is 21. In 2009, additional legislation was introduced, further tightening Norway’s gun laws.

Perhaps because the laws are already so strict and gun crime is relatively rare, gun control is not generally considered a political issue in Norway, unlike countries such as the US where a citizen’s right to bear arms is guaranteed by the constitution and fiercely defended.

Perhaps, ladies and gentleman, the burden of responsibility in the aftermath of a senseless massacre such as the one yesterday, needs to be singularly placed on the individual who planned and committed the heinous act, instead of the focus being placed upon the instrument he used.

After all, when have you ever witnessed, or even heard of, a gun pulling its own trigger?

Heavenly Father, may you comfort the families and friends of all those who died so senselessly yesterday, even as you welcome those precious little ones into your loving embrace. In Christ’s name I pray…Amen.

Until He Comes,



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7 Responses to “Newtown: An American Tragedy, Not a Political Opportunity”

  1. Yvonne Says:


  2. Naturally Curly Says:

    Very well said, KJ.

  3. Johnny McDonald Says:

    One of your best, KJ.

  4. Conservatarian TX Says:

    All very true. What I find duplicitous is that leftist will use a tragedy like this to push gun control laws rather than look a the real causes of such violence, such as the breakdown of the family and traditional values. I truly believe they use these events to strip the liberty of citizens and increase the power of the state, rather than as a call to “solve the problem” of violence. Fact is, if someone is hell-bent on murder, he or she will find a way to do it, gun or no gun.

    Also, don’t you find it ironic that these recent shootings (Newtown, the Oregon mall shooting, Colorado theater, Jared Laughner) were all committed by people in a generation that grew up on “PC” cartoons and children’s shows…you know, after “they” said that kids were being affected by the violence in Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, etc. Yeah, how’d that work out?

  5. Evelyn Says:

    In the battle for our country, wouldn’t ‘they’ need to: promote political unrest through controversial legislation and actions; insure loyalty through government freebies and amnesty; get rid of guns; brand those who would question their actions as kooks or public enemies?  Wouldn’t ‘they’ especially need to get rid of automatic weapons?  What better way to do that than through a series of mass shootings of innocents by those painted as mentally unbalanced?  Wouldn’t it be advisable to use zombies who have been programmed so they would commit horrendous acts and then either commit suicide or have absolutely no recollection of anything?  This rash of mass, nonsensical shootings has become all too frequent not to be suspicious, IMHO.  This all scares me to death and my comments probably brand me as one of the kooks. I constantly look up for the black helicopters & guys in black trench coats. Thanks for your Blog.

    From: Kingsjester’s Blog >To: >Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2012 6:20 AM >Subject: [New post] Newtown: An American Tragedy, Not a Political Opportunity > >kingsjester posted: “After engaging with my bride and some friends in a Quixotic quest to view what turned out to be few and far between Christmas Lights, thanks to Obamanomics, I turned on the television in an attempt to catch the last 30 minutes of Blue Bloods. What I fo” >

  6. Melody Hollon Harper Says:

    My facebook post yesterday:
    A nation that has turned away from God
    That is what we’ve witnessed today
    And it will only get worse
    God’s Word, not mine.

    My facebook post today:
    50+ million babies slaughtered in this country–behind closed doors…if abortions were videotaped and made public would it change hearts?

    Jesus is the answer to every problem that this world faces…from morals to ethical business practices. Sadly, the prince of this world today is not Jesus.

    Praying and grieving with the families in Connecticut.

  7. Gohawgs Says:

    Thoughts and prayers to those that survived this tragedy and to the families that lost children, mothers, sisters, daughters…

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