My 1,000th Post: Whodathunkit?

Christian America Fish LogoI am an anachronism.

I was told that, in no uncertain terms, the other day, by a bunch of young “Libertarians”, on a Facebook Page I had posted and commented on the last few years, created for Conservatives and Libertarians.

My crime? I refused to be in favor of legalizing marijuana, and I had the nerve to say that I felt that it was more dangerous than alcohol. What’s more, I refused to say that there was a moral equivalency between them.

But, that’s a discussion for another day. defines an anachronism as

something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time, especially a thing or person that belongs to an earlier time.

I suppose that’s me.

I started this Blog as a way to vent my frustrations with the ever-evolving “societal norms” and political mayhem around me. A lot of things just grated on my nerves. They still do.

I was “reared” (as we say in Dixie) by a Mother and Daddy (Southern colloquialism for a Male Parental Unit) who were members of the Greatest Generation. In fact, I was born 3 days before my mother’s 40th brithday. To this day, I believe that they were going to name me “Oops”.

My view of the world around me was shaped and nurtured by my Daddy, a Christian American, and the finest man I’ve ever known, who served with an Army Engineering Unit, as a Master Sergeant, in World War II, and who jumped off of a perfectly good boat into a hail of gunfire to join his American Brothers in the tide-turning American Victory known as “D-Day”.

Between him and my Mother, they taught me what it was to be a hard-working, Middle Class Christian American Conservative….and, to be proud of it.

But now, at 54 years old, having just seen an anti-American, Muslim-sympathizing, political-pandering, class warfare-preaching, card-carrying Communist, get re-hired for a job in which, if he were in the private section, his butt would have gotten canned  within the first 3 months, I’m beginning to feel like I’m beating my dadgum head against the wall until it’s bloody, and for no cotton-pickin’ reason at all.

Why am I feelng that way?

Well, there are several reasons.

1. This country re-elected an idiot. Now, I realize that’s been done before. But, they all paled in comparison to this guy. I believe that “Scooter”, my pet name for Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmm), burnt up the vast majority of his gray matter during his “Choom Gang” days in Hawaii, and now, as an old friend, a former Meth-head, who, sadly, later committed suicide this time of year, used to tell me, he has “2 brain cells left and they’re fighting to the death”. I pray we survive the next 4 years.

2.  Evidently, Americans, at least the majority of the ones that actually got up off the couch (Pookie, included) to vote on November 6th, want the Federal Government to take care of them, cradle to grave. Rush Limbaugh labelled this symptom, “The Baracky Claus Effect”.  I pray, that, just as the Proletariat eventually figured out in the old Soviet Union, Americans are going to wake up one day, to find that mega-dependence on The State to run your life, leads to the loss of personal freedom. And those, who believe that they are “the most enlightened people in the room”, will be the first ones hollering, when they discover that their freedom has been taken away.

3. America seems to be devolving into a collection of Libertines. Notice, I did not say “Libertarians”, although, both descriptive words come from the same root word. A Libertine is, per,

a person who is unrestrained by convention or morality: one leading a dissolute (lacking moral restraint) life

Being a Libertarian used to mean you wanted less Government in your life and less restrictions on your personal happiness. Notice I said used to mean. Now, Libertine and Libertarian both seem to mean the same thing to the majority of posters self-identifying as members of the latter group on Internet chat boards.

Caligula’s Horse approves.

I suppose I could pontificate on the fallen nature of Man at this point, but, that’s fairly self-evident…and, as the late Freddie Prinze used to say, “Ees not my yob, man.”

4. Finally, I was told the other day, during the before-mentioned “discussion” on that Facebook Page, that my blog was considered a “joke”. I allowed this to hurt me very deeply. You see, since April of 2010, I have devoted a lot of time and effort to putting my ideas, however old-fashioned and cornball they are, down on paper. I truly enjoy doing it. I must. I haven’t made a dadgum dime off of it. Although, as I’ve previously written, it did help me land my present job.

So, where do I go from here? Do I run away, with my tail between my legs, and live out the rest of my days in quiet desperation?

To any of you who repled, “yes”…you don’t know me very well.

Greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world.

My Creator, while endowing me with certain inalienable rights, also endowed me with an indomitable will. Then, somewhere along my journey, He gave me the gift of being able to express my thoughts and feelings on this computer keyboard.

I will not give up. I will not surrender my Christianity, my love of the greatest nation on God’s green Earth, or my Conservatism, to appease those who wish everybody would just get in line and acquiesce to the prevailing “societal norms”.  I follow another set of guidelines, written a long time ago, but which remain as relevant as the moment in which the Hand of God guided those who wrote them down.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, – Colossians 3:23 (ESV)

In conclusion, there are people I wish to thank, who have invested a lot of time in me and my blogging.

First, I wish to thank my dear friend, Gene Hoyas, aka Col. Manly Rash/The Bulldog Pundit, who allowed me to be a regular contributor to any Blog in which he was involved, and whose guidance and writing tips were such a help.

I thank my lovely bride (I married up), who, since April of 2010, has put up with losing me to this endeavor every evening at 9:00 p.m.

I thank the rest of my family, my extended family of friends and faithful readers, and those of you who just drop in from time to time to check out what my latest rant is.

I thank my Earthly Father, who made me all that I am, and led me, in The Way in which I should go.

Finally, but most importantly, I thank my Heavenly Father, from Whom all blessings flow. Without Him, I would be nothing at all.

May God Bless you all.

Until He Comes,



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19 Responses to “My 1,000th Post: Whodathunkit?”

  1. cmsinaz Says:

    Mazel tov KJ…excellent take as always!!!

  2. backwoods conservative Says:

    Your blog is hardly a joke. I’m surprised you don’t have a larger following than you do. Or maybe you do and they just don’t make themselves heard. I have often recommended your blog to friends who I think would enjoy your writings, and will continue to do so.

    No, you’re not one to run away. Keep them coming.

  3. David Watlington Says:


    Congratulations on number 1,000!! I applaud your daily efforts to keep the craziness of our world in perspective. I must tell you that the first thing that I read everyday is this blog. I always fine your thoughts to be insightful and inspirational. Keep up the good work old friend!!!

  4. anachronism Says:

    I am an Agnostic and a libertarian ( in the “used to mean ” sense), and enjoy and appreciate your HA posts.

  5. Crimefyter Says:

    Neither you nor your blog is a joke, KJ. Stand tall and be proud as there are many of us out here standing with you. I’m here most every day I just don’t comment regularly. Besides, I have to keep an eye on “Gohawgs”. 🙂

    Peace my friend!

  6. Evelyn Says:

    There are many of us who support your blog and do not consider it a “joke”. Please don’t be discouraged. We need more people to expose the truth in the garbage we are being fed daily with mainstream media, not to mention the garbage that comes from the White House. Thanks again for your blog.

    From: Kingsjester’s Blog >To: >Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2012 6:42 AM >Subject: [New post] My 1,000th Post: Whodathunkit? > >kingsjester posted: “I am an anachronism. I was told that, in no uncertain terms, the other day,by a bunch of young “Libertarians”, on a Facebook Page I had posted and commented on the last few years, created for Conservatives and Libertarians. My crime? I refused to ” >

  7. Finley Says:

    Your perspective is refreshing, enlightening, inspiring, and hopeful!
    You point out the flaws and facts of everyday life and expose the truth wherever it may be.

    Keep going!

  8. Sharleen McWherter Says:

    I’m in line right behind you…no compromise!

  9. Joy Mc Says:

    Well, I’m sick and sad at the downhill trajectory of the US and angry at the deluded and moronic voters who have landed us in this mess and are determined to ruin the country my ancestors fought for, but, like you, I will not give up. Never. Sometimes you have to reach the bottom before you can begin to crawl up again. Your blog is not a joke, it is a great help to your readers. Thanks for hanging in there. Until He comes.

  10. Yvonne Says:

    Congratulations KJ for your 1000th!!!!! I am looking forward to reading the next 1000.

  11. Axe Says:

    Congratulations on standing up and untangling knots you thought you could help with, encouraging people you thought you should be encouraging, opposing ideas you thought should be opposed. Congratulations on telling the truth, as best you understand it, knowing both it and you would be opposed. Basically, congratulations on your pretty amazing victory.

    But repeating that victory a thousand times is just showing off. 🙂

  12. INC Says:

    Congratulations on your 1000th post!

    Calling your blog a joke is code for you’re getting under our skin. Your blog isn’t a joke. Keep writing and telling the truth. I have seen few Christian blogs that tackle politics, and your voice is needed.

  13. Badger40 Says:

    Morality only goes out of style with the immoral.
    Keep up the good work. Sometimes when telling the truth, you often end up being the only light to shine in absolute darkness.
    But by being that unfailing light, you serve as a rally point for others to gather by.

  14. Gohawgs Says:

    The energizer bunny, kj is…Congrats on your milestone

    I saw that Batman…

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