“We’re Not Here to Rebrand a Party. We’re Here to Rebuild a Country”

conservative1Those words were spoken by Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin during the Conservative Political Action Committee last Saturday.

And, as this week has progressed, we have found out exactly what she meant.

The Republicans, the Grand Old Party, if you will, are “preparing their aircraft” for 2016, like a bunch of Japanese Kamikazes preparing to take their final flight into oblivion.

Every day, since The Manchurian President’s re-Inauguration, new revelations seem to be originating from GOP Establishment Headquarters, deep in the bowels of the Beltway.

First, the rumors started swirling about a possible Jeb Bush run for the presidency in some sort of a vain glorious attempt to create the Republicans’ very own version of the Kennedy’s, minus Honey Fitz’ liquor smuggling and that whole “unfortunate incident” involving Teddy, a car, a bridge, and a beautiful young lady named Mary Jo Kopechne.

While I admire both Bush 41 and 43, I agree with the Rev’ruuuund Jacksoooon (as Rush says it). It’s time to “get out the Bushes!”

Ever since Obama ascended to the Throne of the Regime, the GOP has been doing their dead-level best to shoot themselves in their collective foot, and put themselves out of their misery. Instead of wisening up from their ill-fated attempts at winning the presidency throughout the running of Moderate Candidates, the geniuses of the GOP Elite have not only been holding on to their out-of-touch Moderation, they have been steadily moving on a Quixotic journey of embracing the cultural values of those clueless individuals known as “Liberals” or the “Looney Left”.

Not only have the Republican Power Brokers forgotten every cotton-pickin’ thing that they learned during the presidency of Ronaldus Magnus, they seem to be so enamored of the Democratic Party, that they want to be just like them.

In fact, the leader of the Republican Party, Speaker of the House,  John Boehner, recently said that he “absolutely trusts” President Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm).

I hope Obama’s old “body man”, Reggie Love, doesn’t become jealous of their “special relationship”.

The GOP seems to be of the mistaken belief that, if they foreswear everything that the GOP has always stood for, completely alienating the Conservative base, which their party was founded upon, that they will gain a bunch of “swell new friends”. By promoting “Gay Marriage”, Gun Control, and a Path to Citizenship for illegal aliens (aka: amnesty), they believe that Homosexuals, *puff puff* Libertarians, and “formerly illegal” aliens will be beholden to them and vote them back into power.

Plus, the Republican Establishment has a lot in common with the Liberal Democratic Leadership: they both believe that they are “the smartest people in the room”, they both like to spend OUR money like sailors on 24 hour leave in Thailand, and they both believe that Reagan Conservatives, like myself, who live in Dixie and the rest of Flyover Country, are “bitterly clinging to their guns and religion”. They also seem to believe that morality is not an absolute, that ethics are situational, words are made for parsing, and truth is made for bending.

They also seem to be relying on the philosophy of  the Prophet of Global Warming, Al Gore and his role-model, P.T. Barnum, who once said,

There’s a sucker born every minute.

The GOP Elite somehow believe that if they place “social issues” on the back burner, or hold views similar to those found “across the aisle”, and make the American public believe that they are “fiscally Conservative”, that Americans will fall in love with the Republican Party.

There are some serious problems with this line of thinking by the Republican Establishment.

Ignoring “social issues” will not make them go away. Christians still make up 78% of our population, and our faith does not end when the preacher says,

Thanks for coming. We’ll see you next Sunday.

Further, as Ronald Reagan explained, Conservatism is a three legged stool:  Social Issues, Fiscal Issues, and National Defense.

For those of you who claim to be “Fiscal Conservatives”, you’re fooling yourselves.

By embracing “Social Liberalism”, you are not shrinking government…you are growing it.  Someone has to pay for the emergency services caused by a hedonistic lifestyle. Booze, pot, and umm…escorts (*cough*) cost money, and when things go wrong, i.e. accidents, shootings, disease, broken marriages, etc., the costs of these “social” matters, both emotional and fiscal, not only affect the individual, but family, friends, and strangers as well.

By tossing Reagan Conservatives, or “True Conservatives”, as we have been derisively called, aside, the Republican Party, and all those who call themselves “Fiscally Conservative and Socially Liberal” are  setting themselves up as the unwitting dupes of the Democratic Party and all of their nefarious schemes to “socially re-engineer” the Faith and Values Belief System of this country.

When Sarah Palin spoke of “rebuilding the country”, she was talking about far more than just the Herculean task ahead of us of repairing the economic damage done to our nation and its standing in the world, the Arctic Fox was also speaking about re-focusing our country on the things that made America the greatest country on the face of God’s green Earth.

Palin is a Christian American Conservative. So am I. We are a part of the Republican Party’s Conservative base, whom the Republican Power Brokers have treated so dismissively the last several years., which has only served to bite them in the hindquarters, come election time.

Now, they apparently are so arrogant and short-sighted, as to want to drive us away completely. 

As Ron White says,

You can’t fix stupid.

Apparently, the GOP wants to double-down on it.

Until He Comes,



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3 Responses to ““We’re Not Here to Rebrand a Party. We’re Here to Rebuild a Country””

  1. Gohawgs Says:

    The status quo R’s aren’t worried about America, at all…

    • yoda Says:

      It’s not close enough to the next election, but as the time gets closer, each Republican politician up for election will suddenly care about us.

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