The Benghazi Hearings: The Media Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

benghazigate cartoon 5813While I was at work yesterday, I was also keeping up with the House Oversight Committee Hearings concerning the murder of 4 brave Americans at the Embassy Compound in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012 by Barbaric Muslim Terrorists.

Here in America’s Heartland, the general consensus is that the witnesses who appeared yesterday are brave men in their own right, for coming forth.

The day definitely went to the House Republicans, who asked all the right questions, while their Democrat Colleagues came off looking like a bunch of braying jackasses.

Besides the political chicanery which was revealed yesterday involving Secretary of State Clinton and her lawyer, Ms. Mills, the other big story of the day was the intentional Main Stream Media Blackout of the Hearings themselves…a blatant attempt to keep the American public from learning the truth of that terrible day.

Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook Page yesterday,

Is there any wonder why distrust of arrogant, out-of-touch media is at an all-time high? During today’s Benghazi hearings, the Washington Post actually tweeted: “Who’s tweeting about Benghazi? Rich, middle-aged men and Chick-fil-A lovers.” This would be the same Washington Post that broke the story on Watergate. Now they just mock concerned Americans who want answers to why four brave Americans died, including two distinguished vets. And the Obama administration asks, “What does it matter?”

As I have related in the past, I took some Journalism courses in college, to go along with my major in Radio, TV, and Film.

In a course in Broadcast Journalism, I received the top grade in both classes, which my instructor taught, on an investigative research project. In the middle of the Iranian Hostage crisis, I found out that the Black Radical, Stokely Carmichael, whom the Black Student Association was bringing in to speak, had been brought in two years previously by the Iranian Student Association. That instructor, by the way, was a former CBS News Writer/Producer.

It’s funny, though. I remember this guy cautioning us to remain objective in our reporting.

Ironic, considering CBS News’ blackout of the Hearings, yesterday.

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh said on his radio program:

…here we are months and months later. We have career diplomats choking up, retelling a story that was of no interest to their commander-in-chief, no interest to the secretary of state, who did nothing to help these people. In fact, the next day the commander-in-chief gets up — after being out of touch for five or seven hours, nobody knew where he was — and he jets off to Las Vegas.

These are people that battled terrorists on the battlefield, at our consulate. They got nothing from the guy who put ’em in harm’s way, and now they’re up telling the story. Their testimony, so far, is unfiltered and uninterrupted. It’s powerful, it’s devastating, it’s tragic. Then the Democrats get hold of it after they finish and do their best to discount it, discredit it. But after watching a little bit of this, I understand why some Democrats are worried about this.

If the media picked up on this and actually made this a cause like they did Watergate, it would be a whole different dynamic. I can’t forget Hillary telling those people in that hangar — wherever it was, Dover, Andrews Air Force Base — when the bodies came back, over the flag-draped coffins, “We’ll get the guy who did that video.” She was straight-face lying to them about why their family members died.

“We’ll get the guy in the video.”

We live in an upside-down world, folks. We really do.

…Nobody cares about any of this stuff but us. In fact, we are being called purists and problematic because we care about this because we are being so rigid, we’re making it impossible for people to see that the Republicans are flexible and adaptable and all that. We are making it impossible for the Republicans to ever win. Because we care about this. This is insignificant. This doesn’t matter. Nobody cares about this. Other than the families, other than the witnesses, other than the Republicans on the committee and five or six other people, nobody cares about it. We live in an upside down world. The challenge we all have here, folks, is staying emotionally and physically well in the middle of all this, because we live in a world where nothing makes any sense, and where it appears that everything that was the glue that held this country together is vanishing.

While I believe Rush is right, as he usually is, I also believe that, just like the Gosnell Case, if we average Americans holler loud and long enough, eventually the Main Stream Media will HAVE to cover the story.

The problem is, of course, the Liberals own and operate the Main Stream Media. So, therefore, their attitude toward covering the Hearings is to minimize their importance, just as the rest of their Liberal brethren, in our nation’s capital, are trying to do.

Lt. Col. Allen West, as he is wont to do, summed up the Obama Administration’s deflection and obfuscation of Benghazigate quite nicely,

I’ve been watching the Benghazi hearings and just find it amazing that we even have to have a hearing on something so blatantly clear. This was a terrorist attack that we were told was about a video and we hung Americans out to die. Yet, no one is responsible, just move along, nothing to see here, wasting time. This had nothing to do with funding, it had everything to do with failure….oh, what the heck, let’s all just go to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the 60s iconic rock band, the Doors, once said,

Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.

In 2013 America, Liberals have control of our Media…and that’s why we have so many Low Information Voters.

The Main Stream Media’s Journalistic Mission is to perpetuate the blissful ignorance of the low information voters in order to protect the Liberal President of the United States.

And, for that chilling fact, which led to yesterday’s blackout of the Benghazi Hearings, they should be truly ashamed.

But, being shameless, hive-mind Liberals, they aren’t.

Until He Comes,



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7 Responses to “The Benghazi Hearings: The Media Should Be Ashamed of Themselves”

  1. cmsinaz Says:

    well said KJ

  2. spayandneuterallleftists Says:

    You’re correct KJ, they should be ashamed of themselves. Problem is one has to feel convicted of their sinful nature to feel shame, let alone understand it. Many in today’s society revels in their sin & therefore has no concept of shame, period. Take care KJ & may God go with you always!

  3. Michael Rose Says:

    KJ – I have to agree with both you – and another poster on Twitter. Between the main stream medias – refusal – to fully cover this story – along with the Gosnell trial – shows us of their true hatred – of both – this country—-and for truth itself. Because of my Christian beliefs – I really have to wonder if those in the media – haven’t sold their souls to the Devil. Of course – that assumes that any in our modern day media – even believe in the existence of God. The true journalist – that have served this country – in the past—-are figuratively turning over in their graves.

  4. Gohawgs Says:

    Change the D to an R and the LSM would be falling all over themselves trying to win a Pulitzer…

  5. yoda Says:

    Still looking for a Woodward and Bernstein to step up to the plate.

  6. KOOLAID2 Says:

    Really like this piece!

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