Boehner Cries, “Stop! …Or I’ll Say Stop Again!

boehnercryingSpeaker of the House, Cryin’ John Boehner, held a Conference Call with the rank and file, yesterday.

During the call, he told his fellow Republicans that the upcoming continuing resolution will not be a do-or-die fight over Obamacare spending.

According to one person on the call, Boehner said,

Our intent is to move quickly on a short-term continuing resolution [CR] that keeps the government running and maintains current sequester spending levels.

Even though Boehner did not come right out and say that he was not going to use the CR for a Obamacare fight, other sources on the call said it was not going to make a definitive, final stand against it, either.

He didn’t rule it out, but indicated to members that defund through CR is not the best strategy. You see, after the Continuing Resolution lies a vote on a debt-ceiling increase that the president and the Dems are salivating over.

This vote comes around November or December, and Boehner envisions using it as leverage against Obamacare.

Here is what Boehner said during the Conference Call,

On the sequester:

The president is desperate to get rid of the sequester . . . so desperate that he says he’ll shut down the government if Congress follows the law and funds the government at the levels his sequester mandates. The president’s threat to shut down the government if we implement his sequester is not a defensible position. The American people won’t stand for it, and we’re not going to be swayed by it. When we return, our intent is to move quickly on a short-term continuing resolution [CR] that keeps the government running and maintains current sequester spending levels. Our message will remain clear: Until the president agrees to better cuts and reforms that help grow the economy and put us on path to a balanced budget, his sequester — the sequester he himself proposed, insisted on, and signed into law — stays in place.

On Obamacare strategy:

We will also continue to implement the plan to stop Obamacare that I outlined last month. The delays the administration has been forced to implement in the health-care law have given us a golden opportunity to talk about fairness: “If big business gets relief from the president’s health-care law, families and small businesses should, too.” This message strikes a chord with Americans. When people hear it, it resonates. The president has already signed seven bills delaying or repealing parts of his health-care law. We’re going to keep the pressure on the president and Senate to act on the delay bills that passed the House in July with significant bipartisan support. You may have seen Shelly Moore Capito do this in Saturday’s GOP weekly address. We’re going to keep holding votes that chip away at the legislative coalition the president is using to force Obamacare on the nation.

There are some problems with Cryin’ John’s strategy.

Quite frankly, this Conservative wouldn’t mind government shutting down for a few days. That would be a reprieve from Obama’s Marxist stupidity and irrational spending of OUR MONEY.

If Boehner thinks that, at this point, that Obama is scared of him, or anything that he might do, he overestimates himself. Obama has the overwhelming majority of the Main Stream Media puckered up to kiss his hindquarters, like a mule trying to eat crab apples through a chain link fence.

This wimpy, incremental, “hail fellow, well met”, reach-across-the-aisle garbage worked years ago, but not now. The “gentlemanly art” of politics has been replaced by daily steel cage matches on the House and Senate Floors. No holds barred.

Americans are looking for strong, Conservative Leadership. We have had it up-to-here with appeasement and acquiescence. The circular firing squad known as the Republican Congressional Leadership has proven ineffective in stopping Obama from doing whatever he darn well wants to.

Boehner keeps saying that he and his cronies want to stop Obamacare, but at the same time, he remains noncommittal and nonspecific about how to defund it.

Yesterday, America’s Anchorman, Rush Limbaugh, said the following during his radio program,

…My point is, because there is no opposition party that is opposing what’s happening and representing a majority of the American people, people are losing faith in their country, not in Obama. If Obama policies are so popular, if I’m wrong about this, why is there no robust happiness out there among the American people? Even Obama supporters are part of the forever angry crowd. There isn’t anybody robustly happy out there. Everybody’s on edge. Everybody’s unhappy. They’re broke. They can’t get a job. The only thing is they’re not blaming Obama. They’re losing faith in the country.

Again, it seems to me an ideal opportunity for a genuine alternative opposition movement or party, to make a connection with millions of Americans who happen to, by virtue of majorities, disagree with the status quo, meaning the Obama and Democrat Party establishment. The American people have spoken and are speaking, and they’re looking for representation in Washington. They’re looking for push-back. The American people, who oppose the Obama agenda, can’t find anybody or any representation in Washington that speaks for ’em. It’s not for a lack of looking. And, meanwhile, while all this is going on, the Republican Party is sending out fundraising notes and requests and this kind of thing, but people say, “For what?”

I don’t mean this as a typical rant against the Republican Party. I’m just giving you the lay of the land here. I find it amazing that the president still has to sell Obamacare. Most Americans don’t want it. I don’t know why there isn’t a political movement or party willing to connect to that opposition and go to town with it. Same thing on global warming. Same thing on amnesty. Most amazing. Now, of course we know the reason, it’s Washington, it’s not Republicans and Democrats, it’s Washington versus the rest of the country, ruling class, country class. I’m just giving you another illustration and way of thinking about it. But it is very frustrating.

As usual, Rush is right. Boehner and his “Brain Trust”, and I use that term loosely, have forgotten that THEY are supposed to be the Opposition Party, not a doppelgänger of the Democrat Party.

The ambiance of Capital Hill is a heady brew of perks, parties, privilege, and power. Once Freshmen Congresscritters experience the overwhelming intoxication of it, It seeps into their very soul, and the majority of them seem to forget that THEY are supposed to be OUR servants.

If the Republican Leadership does not sober up immediately, they will find themselves being forced to sober up in November of 2014, by the harsh reality of being voted out of office.

As I have quipped before,

I hope they have a trade to fall back on.

Until He Comes,



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6 Responses to “Boehner Cries, “Stop! …Or I’ll Say Stop Again!”

  1. cmsinaz Says:

    hear hear KJ!

  2. Jere Smith Says:

    Resign !

  3. libslayer2013 Says:

    They do not have a trade because they are *gasp career politicians. #FireBoehner.

  4. Gohawgs Says:

    Since the Spelunker of the House has been in his Peter Principle position, he has passed CR after CR after CR that contained funding FOR obamacare. There isn’t ANY reason to think that he will change his pattern now…Regardless of the pressure to defund obamacare.

    As for kicking the can called obamacare funding down the road until the Debt Ceiling “talks” in November/December, I’m reminded of Wimpy from the Popeye cartoons saying that if could borrow a $.25 today that he’d gladly repay me on Tuesday…

    The status quo R’s are, quite simply, collaborators and enablers of the obamanation’s socialistic and marxist agenda…

  5. KOOLAID2 Says:

    they need to use YOUR picture of Bonehead for the Hot Air threads

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