Election Aftermath: The Tea Party/Reagan Conservatives Vs. Liberals on Both “Sides of the Aisle”

McCainObamaMay I ask y’all something?  Whose side are the Beltway Republicans on?  You know who I’m talking about.  The I’m smarter-than-you, reach-across-the aisle RINOs, whose go along to get along embracing of Liberalism resulted in the 2006 election of the worst Congress in history and the horrible first two years of this national nightmare called the Obama Presidency.

I’m not just talking about politicians.  I’m also talking about the squishy national so-called Conservative Pundits, whose Conservatism bends to the Left with the prevailing D.C. political winds.

In Tuesday’s Election, the divide between these Vichy Republicans and the Conservative Base of the Republican Party, was made clearly evident, by their unflagging support for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, RINO Extraordinaire, and their lack of support for Virginia Gubernatorial Republican Candidate, Ken Cuccinelli.

Rush Limbaugh nails it, per usual.

Cuccinelli was supposed to lose this thing in a landslide. He ended up losing it by one to two percent. So it fits the Clinton model to a T. Bagman candidate, third-party candidate that’s a bogus placeholder, to siphon off votes, and it worked like a charm. But the details coming out of Virginia are even more frustrating and maddening than that. Even though they were predicted, it’s still frustrating to see it happen.

And I must tell you, folks, I’ve got audio sound bites here, I’m somewhat surprised, because in a series of these sound bites the Drive-By Media is not all that ecstatic over what happened in Virginia. I mean, they’re not looking at it as a repudiation of the Tea Party ’cause they know that’s not what happened. You know who wants you to think it’s a repudiation of the Tea Party? The GOP establishment. There’s some fascinating numbers here. The Republican National Committee in 2009 in the gubernatorial race there for Bob McDonnell, the Republican National Committee spent three times as much money four years ago on the same race as they did this year.

They spent $1 million. That’s it. One million for Ken Cuccinelli. Their candidate. The Chamber of Commerce spent zero helping Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli begged Chris Christie to come in and campaign for him. Christie said no, he wasn’t gonna do it. The Chamber of Commerce spent a million dollars four years ago in the governor’s race in Virginia, as I say, not a dime on Cuccinelli. And here we go again. Just like Mitt Romney. Cuccinelli won independents by nine points, 47 to 38%.

Now, what have we been told collectively for decades by the media? Well, hell, by the political establishment? That is, “You need to win the independents. You can’t win without the independents.” That’s what they’ve all told us. And that has been part of a trick that the media and the Democrats launched to great success against the Republicans. The theory has always been that the Democrats are gonna get 80%, the Republicans are gonna get 80%, and then there’s that great unwashed in there, that 20%. And every political candidate has been approached by every political consultant and the consultant has said, “I’m the guy that can get you that 20% of the vote. I’m the guy that can get you the independents.” And what that did was make the Republicans abandon their base and campaign, rather than for everybody, the Republicans end up with a centrist, moderate, wimpy, linguine-spined campaign aimed at so-called independents, at 20%.

Cuccinelli didn’t, by the way. But in national elections, the Republicans end up making this move. They get talked into believing that you win the independents and you win. Well, Romney won the independents going away, and he lost, didn’t he? And Cuccinelli won the independents going away. He won independents by nine points, 47 to 38%. And you now know what they’re saying? “Well, the independents are different than the moderates.” Oh, that’s new now. Now that Republicans are running the independents, it isn’t any big deal anymore. No, now you don’t need the independents. Now you gotta go out and win the moderates.

Well, what is a moderate? Tell me, Snerdley, how would you, if somebody asked you to explain to ’em what a moderate is, what would you say? It’s a liberal without the guts to say so. A moderate is one of two things: a liberal that won’t admit it or somebody that waits to see which way the wind’s blowing and joins the crowd. By definition, a moderate isn’t passionate about anything. Can’t be. But now we gotta go after the moderates.

And there’s also another lesson that’s being said here by the Republican establishment. They’re looking at Christie, they’re looking at Cuccinelli, saying, “If Cuccinelli would have just been for amnesty, and if he woulda just moderated on the social issues, who knows, he coulda won. But we couldn’t support him when he didn’t.” It’s just absolutely obscene what’s happened here, if you ask me.

Beltway politicians and Pundits live in a bubble.  They have disassociated themselves from the common people.  The only time the Beltway Elite Republicans seem to pay attention to the wishes of Americans in the Heartland is when we melt the Congressional Phone Lines down and threaten their well-paying jobs. 

That’s why the rise of the Tea Party movement and America’s return to Conservatism, which resulted in the political massacre known as the Midterm Elections, was such a surprise to them.  In their self-imposed isolation, they actually thought that the America people wanted them to continue their deal-making, soul-selling, business-as-usual politics.

Now, Republicans are scrambling, trying to figure out how to appease an angry electorate and keep their cushy jobs, in the face of their mishandling of the catastrophe known as Obamacare and their support in the push for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.  

Pundits are trying give them all the cover they can, while offering criticism in columns specifically written as to not cost the pundit their place on the Broadcast television networks’ Sunday morning shows or to cause them to be left off the invitation list for all the cool Beltway cocktail parties.

In summation, there is still an us and them mentality in the Beltway, even among the resurgent Republican Party.  If the Republicans don’t legislate as Conservatives, and ignore the message sent to them by American voters on November 2nd, 2010, it won’t matter if the Pundits praise them or criticize them, they will be out of a job.

After all, there is much more to America than just the Beltway.  And there are a lot more American voters than there are ” Severely Conservative” Politicians and Pundits.

The Vichy Republicans remind me of “Blazing Saddles”:

We must protect our phony baloney jobs, gentlemen! Hrumph!

The greatest U.S. President of our Generation, Ronald Wilson Reagan, once said,

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and other “Tea Party Republicans” seem to be willing to do just that.

If the old guard Vichy Republicans care more about their Capitol Hill way of life than their country and their constituents, then it is time for them to get out of the way, and allow Sen. Cruz, and his allies to lead the battle against this corrupt anti-American Administration.

Because, as the old saying goes,

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Until He Comes,



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6 Responses to “Election Aftermath: The Tea Party/Reagan Conservatives Vs. Liberals on Both “Sides of the Aisle””

  1. Brittius Says:

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  2. American Patriot Says:

    Reblogged this on Reality Check.

  3. spayandneuterallleftists Says:

    I left the Stupid Party in ’08 after the McCain debacle when I saw through their façade of caring about the concerns of their conservative base. Their mask slipped when Sarah Palin not only received the blame for McCain’s loss, but in the Stupid Party’s aiding the left & the Democrats in tearing her & her family down. What happened to the Palins though, was only the icing on the cake. My doubts about the Stupid Party’s conservatism began long before the ’08 election aftermath. Every time poor, destructive left wing legislation which Americans do not want is being pushed by Congress, it’s ALWAYS the DIABLOs (Democrats In All But Label Only) who give the legislation the final push it needs to get it out of debate & the final votes needed to send it to The White House. EVERY TIME! America has slaughtered millions upon millions of God’s children through legalized abortion on demand since 1973. Who is responsible most for this? Why, the DIABLOs of course. Who wrote the majority opinion in the Roe vs. Wade case? Harry Blackmun of course. Who put him on the bench in the SCOTUS? Richard Nixon, another notorious DIABLO in the Stupid Party. Most of the justices who voted in favor of legalized abortion on demand in the ’73 Roe vs. Wade case were put on the bench by Stupid Party DIABLOs. With “conservatives” like the DIABLOs who comprise 90+% of the Stupid Party who needs liberal Democrats. The Stupid Party & the Democrats are in collusion to bring this nation & it’s people to their knees. There will NEVER, EVER AGAIN be a conservative elected to the highest offices in this land through the Stupid Party. Until a new conservative party is formed & grows to wipe out the Stupid Party nothing will ever change, period! End of rant!

  4. sunway212 Says:

    as always great story , just added a story to my blog hope you can read and comment. Please pass along to your friends Thanks

  5. Darwin Says:

    1. The RINOs will never change. We need to get rid of them.
    2. I read somewhere that the reason McCain picked Sarah Palin is because he knew that she went after Republicans before, and thought she was like him. Little did he know!

  6. Gohawgs Says:

    “Beltway politicians and Pundits live in a bubble.”

    Yeah, the trapped bubble of air that surrounds their head after they shove it up their arses…

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