The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics…Munich Revisited?

Sochi OlympicsAs we approach the start of the Winter Olympics, Russian Officials have their hands full, dealing with with Muslim Terrorists.

USAToday reports that

The deaths of at least 16 people in a suicide bombing in southern Russia on Sunday fit a pattern of recent terror attacks and increased the focus on already-heavy security for the Sochi Olympics in six weeks, U.S. scholars of Russia say.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing in Volgograd, but it came several months after Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov called for attacks against civilian targets in Russia, including the Sochi Games. Umarov, the self-proclaimed emir of a terrorist group that calls itself the Caucasus Emirate, has called on Muslims to prevent the Olympics from occurring.

“An open question is how much authority he really has over these different groups,” said Jeffrey Mankoff, deputy director and fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Russia and Eurasia Program. “A lot of the attacks seem to be inspired by Umarov but may not be directly controlled by him.”

“If you are a terrorist group in the Caucasus, the Sochi Olympics are going to be a very inviting target,” said Steven Pifer, director of the Brookings Institution’s Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Initiative. “I think you’re going to see at the Sochi Olympics a very heavy security presence.”

The government has deployed tens of thousands of soldiers, police and other security personnel to protect the Games.

Some Muslim terrorists view the Olympics as a provocation, Mankoff said. Sochi, like other cities in the region, was conquered militarily in the middle of the 19th century. “They view it as a provocation on territory they consider stolen from Muslims in the 19th century,” he said.

“It’s a very tense environment,” Mankoff said, noting that Muslim insurgency in the region began around 1990 in Chechnya. “Chechnya has been relatively pacified, but the insurgency has spread out to surrounding areas,” he said.

Russian Officials, and every nati0n attending, including the USA, have every right to be worried.

The XXth Olympic Games took place in Munich, Germany in September of 1972.

The few few days went off without a hitch.

A little after 4 a.m. on September 5, as the Israeli athletes were asleep in their rooms, eight members of the Palestinian terrorist organization, Black September, climbed over a six-foot high fence and entered the Olympic Village.

The barbarians headed straight for 31 Connollystrasse, the building where the Israeli team was staying. the terrorists entered the building entered the building around 4:30 a.m. They immediately attacked the occupants of apartment 1 and then apartment 3. Several of the Israelis fought back; two of them were killed. A couple of others were able to escape out windows. Nine were taken hostage.

By 5:10 a.m., the police had found out about it and news of the attack had begun to spread around the world. The terrorists then dropped a list of their demands out the window: they wanted 234 prisoners released from Israeli prisons and two from German prisons by 9 a.m.

Through negotiations the deadline the Muslim Terrorists set was delayed to noon, then 1 p.m., then 3 p.m., then 5 p.m. However, the terrorists would not forego their demands and Israel refused to release the prisoners.

Things were going to get bad…and, in short fashion.

At 5 p.m., the terrorists asked for two planes to fly both the terrorists and the hostages to Cairo, Egypt, hoping that they would have more leverage in another Middle Eastern country. The Germans agreed, but knew that they could not let the terrorists leave Germany. In a last-ditch bid to end the international situation, the Germans came up with Operation Sunshine, a plan to storm the apartment building.

Unfortunately, the terrorists found out about the plan by watching television. The Germans then modify their plans to attack the terrorists on their way to the airport, but again the terrorists found out their plans.

Around 10:30 p.m., the terrorists and hostages were taken to the Fürstenfeldbruck airport by helicopter. The Germans had snipers waiting for them there. Once on the ground, the terrorists realized, too late. that there was a trap. Snipers started shooting at them and they shot back. Two terrorists and one policeman were killed. Then a stalemate developed. The Germans called for armored cars and waited for over an hour for them to arrive on the scene.

When the armored cars arrived, The Muslim Terrorists knew that it was over, so they became suicidal. One of the terrorists jumped into a helicopter and shot four of the hostages, then threw in a grenade. Another terrorist hopped into the other helicopter and used his machine gun to kill the remaining five hostages. The snipers and armored cars killed three more terrorists in this second round of gunfire. Three terrorists survived the attack and were taken into custody.

Less than two months later, the three surviving terrorists were released by the German government after two other Black September members hijacked a plane and threatened to blow it up unless the three were released.

Following the massacre, the Israeli government organized a retaliation against Black September, called Operation Wrath of God.

For those of us who are old enough to remember the Munich Massacre, the horrible description of it, as given by the late, great ABC Sports Announcer and former newspaper reporter, Jim McKay, haunts us to this day:

They’re all gone.

I pray that we do not hear similar words at Sochi.

Because, as Iran is proving, by continuing their Uranium Enrichment, after playing Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Hussein Obama for suckers, the sponsors of Islamic Terrorism have no respect for the United States of America. We remain, despite the Administration’s flagrant courtship of these barbarians, “The Great Satan”.

And, Muslim Terrorists, such as the ones who killed Israel’s Olympic Team in 1972, whether they are Chechen or Palestinian, if given the opportunity, will not hesitate to kill Russia’s, Israel’s, or America’s Olympians, gay or straight, in 2014.

Until He Comes,



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