Ft. Hood Shooting Leaves 4 Dead, 16 Wounded. Obama Speaks at Fundraisers.

Obama-Shrinks-2Ft. Hood was the scene of violence yet again yesterday, as 4 of our Brightest and Best were murdered in cold blood and 16 more lay injured.

So, what did their Commander-in-Chief do about it? Don’t worry. He’s going to get to the bottom of this tragedy…just as soon as he finishing working a couple of Democrat Fundraisers.

After all, a man must have his priorities.

Truthrevolt.org reports that

On Wednesday evening, President Obama was being kept up to date on the developments from the mass shooting at Fort Hood while reportedly attending fundraisers for the 2014 election cycle. According to White House spokesman Josh Earnest, Obama is in the loop while at the fundraisers.

Obama will be in Chicago for four and a half hours, and the events have largely been closed to the media, with radio and TV reporters banned from attendance. Only one print reporter will be allowed to provide press pool notes.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama was originally slated to attend a private dinner for three between the two fundraisers, with Obama’s water and food carted in exclusively for him. The other two members of the dinner soiree will be Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former Obama top advisor David Axelrod. The first event took place at 4:45 PM CT, with tickets running $32,400 per person. Obama is slated to attend another Democratic National Committee fundraiser tonight, with 55 members of the audience all shelling out $10,000 per plate.

UPDATE: According to the Associated Press’ Nedra Pickler:

Twitter, 7:03 p.m. Eastern – Obama spoke from Chicago Cut steakhouse, in same room where he just met w/ about 25 DNC donors who paid up to $32,400.

Twitter, 7:04 p.m. Eastern – Now in Obama motorcade heading to 2nd DNC fundraiser in Lincoln Park home w/ about 55 donors who paid up to $10K.

Obama’s statement, given at 7:15 PM CT, was this:

I just got off the phone with the vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to get the latest on the shooting at Fort Hood. Obviously, we’re all following it closely. The situation is fluid right now, but my national security team is in close contact not just with the Defense Department but with the FBI. They are working with folks on the ground to determine exactly what happened and ensure that everyone is secure.

I want to assure all of us we are going to get to the bottom of what happened. Any shooting is troubling. Obviously this reopened pain of what happened at Fort Hood 5 years ago. We know these families, we know the service to their country and the sacrifices that they make. Obviously our thoughts and prayers are with the entire community and we are going to do everything we can to make sure the community of Fort Hood has what it needs to deal with a tough situation but also any potential aftermath.

We’re heartbroken that something like this might have happened again. I don’t what to comment on facts until we know exactly what happened. But just for now I would hope that everyone across the country keep the families of Fort Hood in our thoughts and our prayers. The folks there have sacrificed so much on behalf of our freedom. Many of the people there have been on multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, they served with valor, they served with distinction. At their home base they need to feel safe. We don’t yet know what happened tonight but obviously that sense of safety has been broken once again. We need to find out exactly what happened.

The Commander-in-Chief then continued on to his $550,000 fundraiser.

UPDATE II: By way of contrast, President Obama immediately canceled an upcoming visit to Maine to speak at the University of Southern Maine the day of the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre in December 2012.


On February 20th, military.com posted the following article:

Former President George W. Bush hosted a Military Service Initiative Summit on Wednesday, and spoke about the many problems facing post-9/11 veterans and how his institute hopes to address them.

“A lot of people ask me, you know, do I miss much about being president. The answer really [is] no, [but] I do miss saluting men and women who volunteer to defend our nation during war. Many are coming home and are preparing for new missions as civilians. And I intend to salute these men and women for the rest of my life … And through the Military Service Initiative, the [George W.] Bush Institute is going to help [them],” Bush said at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.

“Since 9/11, more than 2.5 million Americans have worn the uniform … They are the 1 percent of America who kept the 99 percent safe. And we owe them and their families a deep debt of gratitude. Our country can never really fully repay our vets, but we ought to try.”

Bush said his institute’s plans have been shaped by a joint study that the organization conducted with the Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families, which he described as “one of the most comprehensive studies ever conducted of post-9/11 veterans.”

…Bush said the Military Service Initiative will focus on the following broad tasks to make it easier for former servicemembers to transition to civilian life:

— Help Americans understand what they can do as individuals to support veterans and empower them to succeed. “The [civilian-military] divide is exacerbated by public perceptions that the veteran is either a hero or to be pitied. Most veterans … don’t want lavish celebrations or expressions of condolences. And while it never hurts to say thank you, that’s not really the point,” Bush said. “What most veterans want is to have their service understood and appreciated for what it is … and now they want to experience the American dream.”

— Help veterans translate their military skills to work in rewarding civilian jobs.

“From our research, we know one problem is that veterans and employers both have a hard time translating military experience [into obvious qualifications for civilian jobs]. That’s not surprising,” Bush said. “I mean, you don’t see many job postings that say, ‘Wanted: experience in hunting insurgents and terrorists, willing to risk life for co-workers.’ [But] when a resume says United States military, that means you can count on the applicant to be loyal, [they’ve] got good leadership, teamwork skills, and discipline. To an employer, that should mean a lot.”

— Work with leaders at higher education institutions to promote innovate programs to improve the recruitment, retention and graduation rates of veterans at colleges and universities.

“Some veterans are ready to enter the workforce immediate, [but] others need to update their skills. [That’s] especially true for younger veterans who entered the military right after high school or a short stint in college,” Bush said. “At the Bush Center we believe it’s never too late to learn a new skill. [But] unlike many Americans struggling to make it through college, the [high dropout rate] problem here is not money, the problem is fitting in … Many [veterans] report feeling isolated from their classmates and/or their professors.”

— Help businesses understand how they can improve their companies by hiring veterans, and enable employers to better tailor their recruitment and hiring efforts. “We’re going to send a broader message: Hiring veterans is not only the right thing to do, it is a smart thing to do,” the former president said.

“PTS is treatable,” Bush said. Military and medical communities have made great strides in developing effective ways to reduce and overcome PTS. Like depression, PTS can be controlled through medication and therapy and other treatment. But like most serious injuries, it rarely goes away on its own. Those affected must get help … We are going to use our platform to make clear that veterans receiving treatment for post-traumatic stress are not ‘damaged goods’ [and] they are not mentally shattered. They are people who got hurt defending our country and are now overcoming wounds. Employers would not hesitate to hire an employee getting treated for a medical condition like diabetes or high blood pressure, and they should not hesitate to hire veterans getting treated for post-traumatic stress.”

Boys and girls, the preceding is an illustration as to the difference between talking the talk…and walking the walk.

Obama views our Brightest and Best as guinea pigs to be used in social experiments…as an ancillary arm of the government, whose job whose job is to be seen and not heard, cannon fodder, whose budget, like the military itself, is subject to being reduced.

For all his faults, I miss Dubya.

At least, he was an American President.

Until He Comes,



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