Hundreds of Civilian Contractors Under Siege in Iraq…Obama Goes Golfing and Fundraising

ObamaclownsI’m so mad I could chew iron and spit out nails.

After reading this, you should be, too (if you’re not a Anti-American piece of trash).

…In 1974, the island nation of Grenada was granted independence from Britain. The new government, led by Sir Eric Gairy, slowly unto a dictatorship, which triggered a revolt.

When Gairy was in New York, speaking at the United Nations in March 1979, Maurice Bishop, a well-liked and educated leftist, led a bloodless coup to overthrow the Grenadan government.

Bishop championed a government to be based on the New JEWEL Movement (New Joint Endeaver for Welfare, Education, and Liberation), a rural activist association. JEWEL had merged with the Movement for Assemblies of the People (MAP), an organization whose sprung out of the Black Power movement. Bishop’s Marxist beliefs caused him to ally with Cuba, Russia, and other left-wing countries.

Bishop invited Cuban engineers to his island to build an international airport, “in order to enhance tourism”. That was seen by President Ronald Reagan as a threat to the United States because the airstrip could be used to build up an arms cache, and propel a military build-up in the Caribbean.

While this was going on, hard-line Marxist Bernard Coard, Bishop’s deputy prime minister and “friend”, decided that Bishop didn’t operate far enough to the left. On October 19, 1983, Coard, backed by his own military, seized power in a bloody coup, leading to the execution of Bishop and members of his inner circle.

That latest attempt to install a Marxist-Leninist government within the U.S. sphere of influence freaked out the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, causing them to ask the U.S., Barbados, and Jamaica to intervene.

At stake was not only a struggle of ideologies, but also a threat to about 1,000 medical students living on the island, many of whom were Americans.

On October 25, the president dispatched an invasion force, dubbed “Operation Urgent Fury,” to liberate the island and rescue the students.

Grenadan troops numbered about 1,200, with about 800 Cubans (mostly construction workers with handguns) and 60 advisors from the Soviet Union, North Korea, East Germany, Bulgaria, and Libya. That small contingent was soon confronted by a U.S.-led international force of about 7,300 men.

The operation was a success, with minimal U.S. casualties (19 killed, 106 injured), and was wrapped up in mid-December. Coard, his family, and close advisors were arrested. Coard was tried and sentenced to death, but the sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment. The remaining Cubans and other survivors were arrested; native Grenadans were released, and a pro-American government took power.

Fast forward to today where…

A U.S. contractor in Iraq told WND the Iraqi Air Force has begun evacuations from Balad Air Force Base, where 200 American contractors were trapped by the al-Qaida-inspired jihadists who have seized control of two cities and are now threatening Baghdad. 

A contractor with Sallyport Global, who asked not to be named, told WND through a Skype instant message that he was transported from Balad to Baghdad and was communicating from a C-130 preparing to take off to Dubai.

He said 300 in total have been evacuated from Balad, about 60 miles north of Baghdad, and another 100 are still awaiting airlift. He said the Iraqi Air Force is trying to evacuate everyone by midnight local time.

WND previously reported Friday that private contractors who have recently returned to the U.S. from Iraq said their former colleagues effectively had been abandoned by the U.S. military and were fighting for their lives against an army of jihadists surrounding the base who belong to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

The U.S. contractors were at Balad to help the Pentagon prepare the facilities for the delivery of the F-16 aircraft the Obama administration has agreed to provide the Iraqi government.

The surrounded Americans said they were under ISIS fire from small arms, AK47s and rocket-propelled grenades, or RPGs.

The contractors had been able to hold the base, but those on the scene reported it was only a matter of time before the ISIS terrorists succeeded in breaking through the perimeter. The sources confirmed the contractors were still under siege, despite an Associated Press report Thursday, citing U.S. officials, that three plane loads of Americans were being evacuated from Balad.

Some reports claim that the number of civilian contractors under siege, actually numbers 500.

Civilian Contracts have played a huge role in both the Iraqi War and its aftermath.

As the Christian Science Monitor reported in March of 2013,

By 2008, the US Department of Defense employed 155,826 private contractors in Iraq – and 152,275 troops. This degree of privatization is unprecedented in modern warfare.

One of the most important lessons of the Iraq war is that this military privatization is likely to continue in future conflicts. This could be a good thing, as contractors can enhance US military capacity. But any large-scale use of private military contractors also entails risks. Recent US experience with private security contractors, in particular, holds several critical lessons for the future.

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OPINION: After US withdrawal from Iraq, a tallying of the balance sheet
Of course, private contractors are not new to war zones. They supported all the major US conflicts of the late 20th century, including in Vietnam, the Balkans, and Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. But in these cases, they mainly provided logistical and base support.

Now, the US military has developed a growing dependence on private contractors – and for a wide range of functions traditionally handled by military personnel. The Army spent roughly $815 million ($163 million per year, or about $200 million per year in 2012 dollars) to employ contractors under its Logistics Civil Augmentation Program between 1992 and 1997. But between 2001 and 2010, that expenditure grew to nearly $5 billion per year. Of course, this latter cost coincides with US involvement in Afghanistan as well as Iraq.

A more pertinent question – and what truly sets the Iraq war apart – concerns the role of these private civilian contractors. Throughout the war, the majority (61 percent) of contracted jobs continued to be base-support functions. The next-largest group (18 percent) of Department of Defense contractors were security contractors. They provided security services, such as guarding installations, protecting convoys, or acting as bodyguards.

Moreover, this outsourcing trend continued in Afghanistan, where there were 94,413 contractors in 2010, compared with 91,600 US troops.

Our nation owes these brave men and women a great deal of gratitude.

So, where is the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama? Is he working to get our citizens our of this tumultuous Middle Eastern Nation, which he left to his “Muslim Brothers”?

Ummm…. NO.

With the situation in Iraq at critical mass and Baghdad on the verge of falling into the hands of the Islamic militant group known as ISIS, and the impending humanitarian crises unfolding on the southern border with Mexico, folks were simply astonished at what they were seeing.

Mark Knoller @markknoller
From ND, Pres Obama heads to CA for a long weekend that includes golf in Palm Springs, another commencement & Dem fundraiser on Saturday.
5:55 PM – 12 Jun 2014

You are not hallucinating. With American Citizens under siege during an invasion of Iraq by ISIS, a murderous Muslim Terrorist Group, the President of the United States is turning his back to them, to go golfing and fundraising.

Last Thursday, Georgetown Law professor, Foreign Policy magazine columnist and former Obama administration official Rosa Brooks summed up tthe Obama Administration’s responses to the situations in Syria, Russia and Iraq with one little Tweet:

US respnse 2 Syria,Russia,Iraq:
2)We’re watching this closely
3)With concern.
4)Hey, stop-
5)We won’t tolerate that!
6)Mmm. Whatever.
8:04 PM – 12 Jun 2014

Can we impeach this Can we impeach this Anti-American, Muslim, Marxist B******d, yet?

Until He Comes,



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