The Memphis Flash Mob: How to Raise a Generation of Sociopaths

Memphis KrogerFlashMobOn the evening of Saturday, September 6th, over 100 black “yutes” were involved in a“flash mob”, savagely beating 3 Kroger employees, in the store’s parking lot, located not far from an affluent neighborhood.

Eleven of the “little angels” were caught, including an 18 year-old, who was on “diversion” for smoking blunts and assault and a 15 year-old, who was not even registered with the Shelby County School System.

With individuals of such “sterling character”, one might have thought that these thugs would have been locked up, right?


Earlier this week, it was announced that

Eight of the ten teenagers charged in a mob attack at a Memphis Kroger agreed to a plea deal Tuesday morning.

All were charged with aggravated riot, but others faced additional charges as well.

Four girls and four boys pleaded guilty to aggravated riot. They’ll serve 40 hours of community service, must stay in school, follow curfew restrictions and write a letter of apology to the three people who were beaten.

If they follow those rules, all charges will be dropped from their records.

A ninth defendant, charged with possession of marijuana, a weapon, aggravated riot and three counts of assault, was taken away from his mother and put into DCS custody.

A tenth juvenile opted to have a trial where Judge Dan Michael found him guilty of aggravated assault. An attorney for the teen argued throwing a pumpkin at someone’s head was not aggravated assault. Judge Michael disagreed saying, “You beat him into unconsciousness. He could have easily died.”

Judge Michale ordered the teen be taken from his mother and placed in DCS custody.

Both sides were moved to tears at the end of the trial and said they’re ready to move on.


The Kroger Employees who were beaten within an inch of their lives have a right to cry. They still have to live in the former “City of Good Abode”.

Unless, like the rest of us, they get the heck out of Dodge.

The thugs were crying crocodile tears.

Later in the week…

One of the teens involved in the Kroger mob attack may face more trouble.

The District Attorney’s office is investigating a photo circulating on social media of ninth grader Stanley Self. 

The DA’s office said they found out about it yesterday afternoon. 

Self apologized moments after he was sentenced to 40 hours of community service and told by a judge he needed to stay out of trouble. 

Self was part of a group of teens that beat three people, two of them Kroger employees. 

“It’s been a wake up call. I learned today when you are with a group of people fixing to do something bad or fixing to start something or ride or harm some people, I feel like we should go get help,” Self said. 

But a photo posted several days before his sentencing shows him posing with what appears to be a gun on his hip. This is causing many to question whether the punishment was harsh enough.  

“It shows how our criminal justice system doesn’t care it shows how relaxed they are. I think that the criminal justice system put forth more penalties so it would send a message to other kids they shouldn’t do things like that,” concerned Memphian Renee Patterson said. 

Others are wondering if Self is truly sorry for his actions.

But, hey,, don’t worry Memphians, Mayor A.C. Wharton and the rest of your City Leaders have the answer for these sociopaths.

They’re going to give them a “Time Out”.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

The Commercial Appeal reports that

Memphis mayor A C Wharton is proposing the creation of ‘Juvenile Safety Centers’ as holding centers for minors caught breaking the current curfew.

Currently, curfew violators can be taken into custody by police and taken to their home or the Juvenile Court.

Those 16 and under must be home by 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 11 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

Those between 17 and 18 years old get an extra hour.

Wharton said officers need to have more options and just issuing a summons, “diminishes the seriousness of the event. It also breeds disrespect for the law.” Wharton went on to say, “I am told the current restrictions are severely demoralizing to our law enforcement officers.” Wharton went on to say, “It is my firm belief that removing the handcuffs from our police officers when it comes to making decisions as to transporting juveniles would go a long way.”

Mayor Wharton said he’s worried taking too many minors to Juvenile Court would overwhelm the court system and violate the “States Disproportionate Minority Contact Policy. For those reasons, Wharton wants to designate several community centers where minors could be held for a “reasonable amount of time  while the parent or guardian is contacted.

Mayor Wharton would also like to see the curfew for those 17-18 shortened to 11:30 Sunday nights.

Juvenile Court Judge Dan Michael has reportedly met with Mayor Wharton and is said to be putting together a meeting between, “pertinent policymakers and officials to begin working together to make necessary changes in our present laws to ensure juveniles are kept safe and that we do not do anything to encourage disrespect for the law.”

Here’s an idea, you idiots:

How about raising your children in the way in which they should go?

As a 55 year old product of the Former Memphis City Schools and Memphis State University (now The University of Memphis), I can remember a time when the majority of young Memphians, regardless of their race, were raised to be respectful of their elders, and to recognize the fact that there are absolutes in the concepts of right versus wrong, and that wrong behavior has consequences.

We were also raised knowing the concept of personal responsibility for our actions.

And, if we had a problem understanding those concepts, an adult, whether it be a parent, a friend’s parent, a teacher, a principal, a church leader, as policeman, or a judge, would explain those concepts to us in no uncertain terms.

And, you could bet your last Hot Wheels that, if you got in trouble in school or after school while hanging out in the neighborhood, that we would pay for our transgressions when we got home.

Nowadays, we are experiencing the results of LBJ’s “Great Society”, in which the Almighty Federal Government has eliminated both the concept of moral absolutes and individual responsibility.

These “yutes” who are acting like wild animals have been raised as such. literally abandoned by irresponsible parents to fend for themselves and to make up their own rules as they go along.

What we are witnessing, boys and girls, is a Generation of Sociopaths, with no concept of morality, ethics, or personal responsibility.

They are doing what feels good to them…and what popular culture, which has become both their “god” and their “parental authority figure” has told them is cool.

Until Memphis’ Community and Civic leaders show these young savages that they will face SEVERE consequences for their barbaric behavior, these mob attacks will continue…until one of these young people are shot dea, when they pick a victim with a Concealed Carry Permit.

And, then “the community” will have no one to blame, but themselves.

Until He Comes,



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4 Responses to “The Memphis Flash Mob: How to Raise a Generation of Sociopaths”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    Is your blog copyrighted, KJ? I don’t see the notice at the bottom.  There are SO many times when I would like to share your comments with my friends on Facebook.  Keep a-writing.  We need more like you in our ‘army’!

  2. William Tate Says:

    I agree with your article almost entirely… I would say that the entire generation is not sociopathic these kids are apart of a sub group. You allud to the culture you grew up where every adult you came into contact with garnered respect from you and would hold you accountable. This is a key component that has been lost and we as the older generation are accountable for that. We are not responsible for their actions, we are responsible for teaching them they won’t be held accountable. Thank you again for the article.

  3. William Says:

    Nearly killing three people, and they get about the same punishment as some kids who broke into my house in the 1990s. The difference was they also had to pay restitution to me and the other people they burglarized. Two didn’t and they ended up doing some jail time. I don’t know what effect that had since it isn’t uncommon to hear people in certain groceries buying stuff for a getting out of jail party or going to jail party.

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