Trump “Shakes the Rafters” and Leaves Professional Politicians’ Knickers in a Twist

Trump-Punch-600-LAPresidential Hopeful Donald trump had a busy day, yesterday.

First, let’s hear from the Washington Post

PHOENIX — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose caustic comments about Mexicans have inflamed the immigration debate, told thousands of cheering supporters here Saturday that “we have to take back the heart of our country.”In a rambling, defiant speech delivered in this border state that has been the epicenter of the nation’s divisive battle over immigration reform, Trump declared: “These are people that shouldn’t be in our country. They flow in like water.” One man in the crowd of 4,200 shouted back, “Build a wall!”

Basking in polls that show he has risen to the top of the crowded Republican field, Trump took obvious glee in mocking former Florida governor Jeb Bush, the establishment favorite who is setting fundraising records.

“Jeb Bush, let’s say he’s president — Oy, yoy, yoy,” Trump said. He asked the crowd: “How can I be tied with this guy? He’s terrible. Terrible. He’s weak on immigration.”

Trump’s 70-minute address here, which sounded more like a stream-of-consciousness rant than a presidential-style stump speech, put an exclamation point on his bombastic push since his presidential announcement last month to return immigration to the forefront of the national conversation.

Bush and illegal immigrants were not the only targets of Trump’s scorn: He also criticized Macy’s, NBC, NASCAR, U.S. ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and, several times, the media.

Republican leaders say they believe the celebrity billionaire has virtually no chance of being their nominee, much less of making it to the White House. And, for now at least, his following seems limited to the far right as opposed to the party’s mainstream.

Yet Trump has reignited a heated debate over an issue, immigration, that the GOP had been determined to settle after it hurt Republicans in the most recent presidential election.

Party leaders increasingly fear that Trump could do damage to more viable candidates, such as Bush, who could lose their own footing on immigration. These candidates confront a familiar challenge: During the primary season, they must deal with the anger and anxiety that many on the right feel about illegal immigration. But they must do it in a way that will not damage their appeal to a broader electorate in November 2016.

Republicans are handling Trump delicately for another reason as well: They fear that he could leave the GOP entirely and wage a well-funded third-party campaign, a possibility that Trump has not ruled out.

After Trump repeatedly referred to illegal immigrants in the harshest of terms — calling them, among other things, killers and rapists — Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called Trump and asked him to tone things down. But that, if anything, has reinvigorated Trump and his vocal supporters.

As the Business Insider reports, the mercurial entrepreneur also “shook the rafters” in Las Vegas…

Donald Trump just gave one of the most bizarrely captivating speeches of his several-weeks-old campaign.

Standing in front of an animated screen in Las Vegas on Saturday, Trump spoke passionately for almost a half an hour, hitting some of his main talking points: President Barack Obama’s weakness, a ‘porous’ southern border, his business successes, and even Benghazi.

It was one of two similarly themed speeches in the day. Later, he spoke before a crowd of what his campaign said was more than 15,000 in Phoenix.

Trump made illegal immigration the primary focus of both speeches, railing against the Mexican government for supposedly sending undocumented immigrants to the US.

Trump faced widespread criticism after he said in his announcement speech last month that some Mexican immigrants are rapists and drug dealers. But he refused to back down from his comments about the danger of undocumented immigrants.

“They’re sending us their problems,” Trump said in Las Vegas, referring to Mexico.

To illustrate his point, Trump brought a man onstage named Jameil Shaw, whose son was killed in 2008 in the Los Angeles area. The killer, Pedro Espinoza, was a gang member and an undocumented immigrant. Espinoza was sentenced to death in 2012.

Trump said that as soon as authorities realized that Shaw’s son was shot by an undocumented immigrant, “nobody wanted to talk about it.”

Trump proposed that protesters and critics were being sent by the government of Mexico to oppose him.

“They were so sophisticated. I guarantee you that the country of Mexico had those people [sent there],” Trump said.

Trump mocked media outlets for doubting his self-proclaimed $9 billion fortune, proof of which the real-estate mogul claims that he will release next week.

“I’m much, much richer than what they say,” Trump said. “I’m a private person, nobody knows.”

Trump praised various Republican constituencies, including Tea Party voters and libertarians.

“Nobody knows the power of the Tea Party. I only say that because the Tea Party loves me,” Trump said.

Since Trump’s speech, numerous companies with business connections with Trump including NBC, Macy’s, and Nascar announced that they would be cutting ties with the reality-television star.

In the speech on Saturday, Trump again singled out Univision for its decision to not to carry Trump’s Miss USA pageant, suggesting that Mexico itself pressured Univision to sever ties with Trump.

“Mexico put the clamps on Univision,” Trump said. “Mexico has a lot of power over them.”

Trump also blasted the Obama administration’s negotiating skills, slamming the administration’s agreement to exchange five Guantanamo Bay prisoners for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was being held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan in June 2014. 

“Here’s a guy, Sergeant Bergdahl. We get Bergdahl, a traitor, a no-good traitor, who in the good old days would’ve been executed, and they get five killers who are right now out on the battlefield,” Trump said.

According to the New York Post, three of the five former detainees traded for Bergdahl have attempted to contact associates within terrorist networks. 

Trump touted his strength at making deals, citing his book, “The Art of the Deal,” as a reason why he should be put in charge of trade deals and nuclear negotiations.

“You know who hasn’t read [the Art of the Deal]? Obama,” Trump said.

He also opined on the ongoing negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

“Persians are great negotiators, Iran great negotiators,” Trump said.

Most of Trump’s solutions relied heavily on Trump’s personal deal-making skills and were not particularly specific, but the reality-television star did have specific idea in mind: Put hotel mogul Phil Ruffin in charge of deal-making with China.

Toward the end of the speech, Trump brought Ruffin onstage to highlight how a good deal is made. 

Trump currently leads the Republican field in several polls taken of likely GOP primary voters nationally and in primary states like North Carolina.

According to Public Policy Polling, Trump has a slight lead over former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) in North Carolina, with 16% of Republican primary voters supporting the real-estate magnate.

Though many pollsters and analysts have been quick to write off Trump’s campaign, his speech on Saturday played to what primary voters love about Trump: his candor, bombast, and unwillingness to concede defeat. 

When confronted by a questioner who criticized Trump’s comments about Mexico, the reality-television star sighed and said, “I was waiting for this.”

“Did the government of Mexico ask you to come here?” Trump asked, talking over the questioner. 

Why is Donald Trump currently the frontrunner among all the Republican Presidential Candidates?

This brash, unabashedly American, business entrepreneur and quintessential showman has dominated the media for the past several years.

The popularity of his reality program on NBC and the catch phrase that came leaping out from it, “You’re fired!”, spread across America like wildfire.

Now, his Presidential Campaign is doing the same.

It is not just his flamboyance that has caught the eye of Americans.

The fact is, after almost two terms of an Administration taking the great country in the world on a scenic tour of the Highway to Hell, Donald Trump is the only Republican Candidate shouting, “Hit the brakes, you idiots!”

Trump’s straightforwardness has struck a chord in the hearts of average Americans, tired of the wussification of America, being so relentlessly pushed by both modern political parties.

This is what I don’t understand about the Republican Establishment.

They run around telling everybody how Conservative they are, when in reality, they actually hold the same beliefs as Liberal Democrats.

Ronald Reagan gave a famous stump speech about the fact that the Republican Party at one time, needed “bold colors, not pale pastels”.

From what I’m seeing out of a lot of the Republicans right now, they’re not even presenting Americans with pale pastels.

…Except for Donald Trump.

They are showing their color to be Liberal Blue, while they claim to be Conservative Red.

It is almost as if they believe that the Political Tsunami, which resulted in Republicans holding both Houses of Congress, came about because they made themselves look like Democrats.

They need to come down off of Capitol Hill every now and then.

And, visit Realityville.

Average Americans, like you and me, living from paycheck to paycheck in America’s Heartland, do not need another Democratic Party.

If we wanted to continue to put up with their Liberal Stupidity, we would have left all of them in office.

Instead, last November, we showed them the door.

If Jeb Bush and the rest of the Vichy Republicans actually believe that they will win over the Mexican vote, or the rest of the Hispanic Vote, if by then those who are now illegal are allowed to vote, in 2016, then I have two bridges over the Mississippi River at Memphis to sell them.

The overwhelming majority of average Americans want Conservatives whose blood runs red, not Liberal squishes, who have more in common with the Democrats in the Northeast Corridor, than they do with average Americans in the Heartland.

If the Republican establishment does not come to that realization very soon, they will go down to defeat again in 2016.

They will never achieve victory by trying to push the jello of “Liberal Moderation” up a hill.

In summation, the American people are tired of the anti-American political expediencies being forced down our throats by both poltical parties.

Donald Trump, for all of his brashness and braggadocio, is a breath of free air and, quite frankly an anomaly. He’s not a professional politician. He is a businessman who wants to become a public servant.

Now, where did I hear that before?

Oh, yeah.

That’s the way the Founding Fathers envisioned our system of government, led by citizens, who served their term s as public servants…AND THEN WENT HOME.

But, I digress…

You know what tickles me the most about “The Donald”?

He reminds me of one of my favorite movie characters.

He actually has a backbone.

Just remember what ol’ Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, and the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big ol’ storm right square in the eye and he says, “Give me your best shot, pal. I can take it.” – Jack Burton, Truck Driver (Kurt Russell) “Big Trouble in Little China”

…and that, boys and girls, is a refreshing change.

Until He Comes,



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