Colbert to Politicize “The Late Show”

thLVJ0UCMZI can feel the smarmy, “I’m-smarter-than-you-are” hipness already, boys and girls. Can’t you?

According to,

Further illustrating how little difference there will be between CBS’ Late Show host Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central late-night host Stephen Colbert, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will be Colbert’s guest during his second week hosting on the CBS program.

While some are speculating it’s the first time a current Supreme Court justice has been a guest on a network late-night show, it’s not so new for Colbert. In January 2012, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens was a guest on The Colbert Report, talking about campaign finance.

The Breyer booking also is not such a surprise if you watched CBS’ Sunday Beltway show yesterday, during which you saw about half a dozen ads for the launch of Late Show With Stephen Colbert, suggesting the program is going to have a political bent. And, of course, Colbert in July told reporters attending TCA he plans get into politics on Late Show to a greater degree than have his broadcast competitors because it’s in his DNA. True to his word, he’s not only booked Breyer to guest on Monday, September 14, but will chat with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon three nights later and Dem White House hopeful/Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders that Friday. And, of course, Colbert already had  tweeted that GOP White House hopeful Jeb Bush would be a guest when the host makes his debut taking over for David Letterman on Late Show, on September 8.

At TCA, Colbert complained he was counting the days until he debuted on his CBS show, so anxious is he to take a whack at Donald Trump on the air; Colbert called his web videos about the leading GOP candidate just so much “dry-Trumping.” Turns out, Stephen Colbert’s late-night persona as host of CBS’ Late Show isn’t going to be so different from the character he played on Comedy Central, the improv actor-turned-comic told reporters at the TCA Summer Press Tour.

When asked if viewers would finally get to see the real Colbert when he debuts on September 8, Colbert responded, “I don’t think anybody would have watched that old show if they didn’t know who I was,” he said. “Because that guy was a tool.” Playing his conservative gasbag character on The Colbert Report, “I had the excuse that I didn’t mean it, but I’m here to tell you I meant a lot of it. … I even agreed with my character sometimes. My hope is when people see me on the new show they will say ‘Oh wow, a lot of it was him the whole time!’”

How avant garde. How sophisticated. How…boringly Liberal.

Late Night Talk Shows first appeared on the scene in 1954 with the arrival of The Tonight Show . They really became popular with the debut of a young Midwestern guy by the name of Johnny Carson, when he took over the hosting duties of the Tonight Show, in 1962.

Each host of the Tonight Show, before the current one, brought something unique and entertaining to the table. Steve Allen brought both
comedy and musical ability. Jack Paar brought urbane sophistication. Johnny Carson brought masterful comedic timing and  a Midwestern “Aw, shucks” feel to the show. Jay Leno, was the “Everyman”…the wisecracking guy next door, whom you could find on the weekend with his head stuck under a car hood.  And, Conan O’Brien brought…err…umm…never mind.

Being the “old codger” that I am, I remember Johnny Carson very well.  Johnny had a natural, easy-going Interview Style, which allowed him to talk to anyone on his show, from a 7 year old to Movie Stars.

And, while Carson skewered BOTH political parties in his monologues, he never brought up his political affiliation on the show. He felt that if ehe invited politicians on the show, that would turn off his viewers, as they tuned into his show at the end of a long, hard workday, to be entertained, NOT PROSELYTIZED TO.

That would come later, as the Programming Geniuses at NBC and CBS turned The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and the Late Show With David Letterman into Propaganda Machines for the Democrat Party.

Letterman took his duty as the mouthpiece for the sophisticated, urbane Democrats up in the Northeast Corridor so seriously, he even attacked Former Republican Vice-Presidential Candidates Sarah Palin’s children in a monologue, which he later was forced to reluctantly apologize for, due to the blistering blowback which CBS received from average Americans in the Heartland, burning up the phone lines in protest.

Letterman eventually became a national joke on his own, through his indiscretion involving a female staff member.

This yearning by Colbert and the rest of the Liberals at CBS in New York City to seduce the “Young and Hip” into watching their show, by basically turning a late Night Talk Show into a Political Interview/Satiric Commentary Program, will ultimately be this latest version of the Late Show’s downfall.

If people want to watch someone suck up to the Democratic Party, they can tune in to the Nightly News on the three Broadcast Channels, CNN, or, if they are really desperate, MSNBC.

They are programming for a very select audience.

American Liberals only make up 24% of our population.

Some of them, actually work for a living and have to get up the next morning.

Others are quite content to remain Low Information Voters.

And, the rest…are on Facebook.

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  1. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

  2. Lady Liberty Says:

    Just when we finally get the likes of Jon Stewart off the airwaves, along comes his clone.

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