From Warren G. Harding to Hillary Clinton, America Does Not Need an Untrustworthy President

untrustworthy – (adj.) not able to be relied on as honest or truthful. reports that 

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump called for charges to be filed against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton Saturday after the former secretary of state met with the FBI regarding the agency’s investigation into her use of a private email server for official correspondence.

“It is impossible for the FBI not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton,” Trump tweeted Saturday afternoon. “What she did was wrong! What Bill did was stupid!”

The Clinton campaign said the voluntary meeting lasted about three-and-a-half hours and took place at FBI headquarters in Washington.

Clinton “is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the Department of Justice in bringing this review to a conclusion” campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said in a statement. He also said Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, would have no further comment about the interview.

The campaign issued the statement Saturday shortly before 12:30 p.m. ET, practically minutes after Clinton returned to her Washington home, then departed again about 30 minutes later.

“Hillary Clinton has just taken the unprecedented step of becoming the first major party presidential candidate to be interviewed by the FBI as part of a criminal investigation surrounding her reckless conduct,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. “We must ask ourselves if this is the kind of leadership we want in the White House.”

There was no immediate comment from the FBI or Justice Department Saturday. 

Clinton’s use of a private server and email address — and whether classified information was mishandled as a result of that setup — has cast a shadow over her campaign from the start.

The FBI investigation is purportedly coming to a close, and the Clinton interview is considered among the final steps in the case.

Trump has seized on the email issue and repeatedly said the probe undermines Clinton’s fitness for office. Trump has called his opponent “Crooked Hillary” and said she cannot be trusted in the White House.

The former first lady and New York senator has argued that she is more trustworthy than Trump on handling the issues that matter to most Americans: foreign policy, national security and running the economy.

But the email investigation has lingered throughout her campaign, and Trump has asserted that Clinton will receive leniency from a Democratic administration.

Earlier this week, the entire, ongoing email scandal grew when Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, initiated an impromptu meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on her airplane in Phoenix.

“The American people need to have confidence that the Obama Justice Department is conducting a fair and impartial investigation, but when the attorney general meets secretly with Bill Clinton just days before Hillary’s interrogation is conducted discreetly over a holiday weekend, it raises serious concerns about specialtreatment,” Priebus also said.

There was already speculation about whether an agency under the Obama administration could conduct an unbiased probe, which only intensified after Clinton met with Lynch, a President Obama appointee who decides whether to bring charges in the case.  

Lynch says she will accept whatever recommendations she receives from the agency’s career prosecutors and lawyers.

Clinton has said relying on a private server was a mistake but that other secretaries of state had also used a personal email address. The matter was referred for investigation last July by the inspectors general for the State Department and intelligence community following the discovery of emails that they said contained classified information.

The State Department’s inspector general, the agency’s internal watchdog, said in a blistering audit in May that Clinton and her team ignored clear warnings from State Department officials that her email setup violated federal standards and could leave sensitive material vulnerable to hackers. Clinton declined to talk to the inspector general, but the audit reported that Clinton feared “the personal being accessible” if she used a government email account.

Agents have already interviewed top Clinton aides including her former State Department chief of staff Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, a longtime aide who is currently the vice chairwoman of Clinton’s campaign.

The staffer who set up the server, Bryan Pagliano, was granted limited immunity from prosecution by the Justice Department last fall in exchange for his cooperation. The FBI as a matter of course seeks to interview individuals central to an investigation before concluding its work.

The emails were routed through a server located in the basement of Clinton’s New York home during her tenure as the nation’s top diplomat from 2009 to 2013.

Dozens of the emails sent or received by Clinton through her private server were later determined to contain classified material.

Clinton has repeatedly said that none of the emails were marked classified at the time they were sent or received. As part of the probe, she has turned over the hard drive from her email server to the FBI.

If Hillary Clinton is not indicted and by some horrendous occurrence, she becomes the next President of the United States of America, her Administration would be the most corrupt since that of Warren G Harding.

Who, you ask?

Well, have you ever heard of the Teapot Dome Scandal?

Three naval oil fields, Elk Hills and Buena Vista Hills in California and Teapot Dome in Wyoming, were tracts of public land that had been set aside as emergency underground supplies of oil to be used by the navy only when the regular oil supplies were running low. The Teapot Dome oil field received its name because of a rock resembling a teapot that was located above the oil-bearing land. Both politicians and private oil interests had opposed the restrictions placed on the oil fields, asserting that reserves were unnecessary and that the American oil companies could provide for the U.S. Navy.

When Senator Albert B. Fall became Warren Harding’s Secretary of the Interior in 1921, he convinced Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby to turn the control of the oil fields over to him. Fall then, in turn. leased the Teapot Dome to Harry Sinclair’s Mammoth Oil Company and the Elk Hills reserve to Edward Doheny’s Pan American Petroleum Company.  For his efforts, Fall received bribes from the oilmen totaling $400,000.  Fall then drew attention to himself with a new lavish lifestyle, causing the scandal to go public in 1924 after findings by a committee of the U. S. Senate.

A series of civil and criminal suits sprang forth from the scandal, lasting throughout the 1920s.

In 1927, the Supreme Court ruled that the oil leases had been obtained illegally, invalidating the Elk Hills lease in February of that year and the Teapot lease in October of the same year. The navy regained control of the Teapot Dome and Elk Hills reserves.  Albert Fall was found guilty of bribery in 1929, fined $100,000 and sentenced to one year in prison. Harry Sinclair refused to cooperate with the government investigators and was charged with contempt, receiving a short sentence for tampering with the jury. Edward Doheny was found innocent in 1930 of attempting to bribe Fall.

Even though the Teapot Dome scandal was not a victory for either political party in the 1920’s, it still became a major issue in the presidential election of 1924. However, neither party could claim full credit for exposing the scandal.

Teapot Dome became synonymous with government corruption in America.

And now, in 2016, it appears that the name Hillary Rodham Clinton will become synonymous with the untrustworthy nature of professional politicians.

Once again, Donald J. Trump is right.

Even though the Clintons have always appeared to be above the law, and skip past every scandal  like a fried egg in those Teflon Skillet commercials, an example must be set, so that the America’s secrets and the safety of our Military and Intelligence Operatives acting covertly in foreign lands, will be protected for the continued sovereignty of our nation.

A President of the United States must be trustworthy, not only for the reassurance of its citizens that they will do the right thing when a crisis occurs, but also for the assurance of our overseas allies, that we will have their backs in case of a crisis in their nation.

Time and time again, from Watergate to Travelgate to Benghazigate, and now to Emailgate, Hillary Clinton has proven to be a ruthless, untrustworthy, Machiavellian professional politician, who only cares about herself and her ascension to the Presidency of the United States of America.

Every successful person is ambitious. Donald J Trump is an ambitious man. However, judging from his track record and the charitible things that he has done for Americans behind the scenes,  for which he neither sought nor received any publicity for, and his public accomplishments, along with his stated love for this country and his wish for us to prosper economically and once again resume our place as Leader of the Free World, as an average American, I will be voting for him in November of 2016 to become our next President.

America has endured enough duplicity and political chicanery in the last 7 years to last us for centuries. The deleterious effect of the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama has left a stain of incompetent leadership and out-of-control political correctness which will take years to wash away.

America and the rest of the Free World cannot afford the devastating effects of a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

Just like the Broadcast Networks have ended just about all of their soap operas which aired on their channels on a daily basis, Americans need to pull the plug on the failed leadership and the legacy which Barack Hussein Obama is leaving behind.

Indeed, it is time to make America great again.

Until He Comes,



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