The New Bolsheviks: 1,000 BLM Protesters Block Memphis-Arkansas Bridge.Community Remains Blighted.

13590482_1356233064405396_3855778551998764158_nNothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.  – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As a 57-year old resident of the Memphis Area, I have borne witness to the governmental mismanagement and resulting decay and degeneration of what was once of the friendliest places in the country to live.

There are still friendly people in Memphis, but, chances are, they work in Memphis and are living in the suburbs, like I do.

The mass exodus of Memphis taxpayers started during the reign of  “King” Willie Herenton, whom while Mayor from 1991 – 2008, told taxpayers of the Caucasian persuasion, if they did not like the way he was running the city, they could leave.

So, they did.

Since then, violent crime in Memphis has steadily risen, to the point where some suburban husbands will not allow their families to enter Memphis during the day or night.

The most recent Mayor, Jim Strickland, seems to be working hard to revitalize Downtown Memphis.

Unfortunately, for those who are seeking to bring the city of Memphis back to its former prestige, and restore its title of the “City of Good Abode”, on a quiet Southern Summer Night, the world witnessed a demonstration as to just how far away Memphis Municipal Leaders are from achieving their goal.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports that

A crowd of more than 1,000 shut down the Interstate 40 bridge for nearly four hours Sunday night as part of a protest over recent killings of black men by police officers.

By 10:45 p.m., however, the situation had been resolved peacefully with no injuries and no arrests, police said. Officers in riot gear, backed up by a truck, herded the last few dozen protesters off the bridge. They continued pushing the crowd forward down Front Street as most of those gathered eventually dispersed.

Memphis Police Department Interim Director Mike Rallings met with several of the protesters, locking arms in solidarity with some of them, and spoke briefly afterward. He also pleaded with the city to stop the killing for 30 days.

“The only thing I want in my city is peace. I think we recognize our young people are hurting. It’s time for talk,” said Rallings. “But I want to hear what these young people have to say. Their voices will not be silent. We’re going to have to listen, we’re going to have to talk.”

Mayor Jim Strickland said that despite the peaceful nature, the protest was still illegal.

“I appreciate the fact that they’ve remained peaceful,” he said. “But part of the conversations that we are going to have going forward, we have to have protests in a legal way. And stopping traffic on the interstate is not legal.”

This all began a little before 6 p.m. in front of FedExForum, as about 200 people, nominally associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, gathered to protest the two killings by police. Many shouted slogans or waved placards.

“I’m just tired of the senseless killings of black people. That fact that I have two sons, that hits me close to home,” said Porshia Scruggs, who came from West Memphis with her sons Isaiah, 7, and Isaac, 6.

The event was somewhat chaotic and disorganized, as people just shouted through bullhorns. One man shouted that the killing of five police officers in Dallas was just a hoax.

Then, a little before 6:30, the crowd started walking north on Third Street as police blocked off streets to prevent any accidents. The crowd soon turned west and when it reached Front, began walking up the on-ramp to I-40.

Police quickly mobilized to try to stop anyone else from going toward the bridge, but by then the crowd had swelled and several hundred were already on I-40.

This has become a common tactic with some Black Lives Matter movements around the country. In response to two fatal police shootings of black men this past week in Louisiana and Minnesota, groups in both those states have attempted similar shutdowns.

Stephanie Cole was one of those standing at the on-ramp who didn’t get to walk up to the bridge.

“I have a 16-year-old son. He just got his (driver’s) license. I held off letting him get a license just (because of) this,” she said, referencing shootings of motorists after being pulled over by police. “You’re afraid if he gets pulled over, he’s not going to act right. Or the officer is not going to act right.”

Officers formed a line to keep the remaining protesters at bay. But around 6:45 p.m., a new group of protesters, spurred Downtown by social media and news reports, began walking up another ramp from Riverside Drive.

At that point, police relented and allowed those gathered on Front to also walk up the on-ramp. Atop the ramp, police set up a blockade of both squad cars and officers to prevent the protesters from continuing to walk.

“I was told not to come,” said Dealisia Brye, one of those who saw the protest unfold on social media. “I decided to come anyway. It’s peaceful and it’s beautiful.”

During the standoff, Memphis police kept a stern but calm presence as some of the protesters attempted to stir up trouble. However, the vast majority of those gathered remained peaceful.

DeAnna Morris had just left her shift at Verizon and was heading back to West Memphis when she got stuck in the traffic. Yet she wasn’t too frustrated, she said.

“I think it’s good that they came together to protest. I do think they could’ve been a little bit more organized,” she said, also adding that she didn’t approve of those who climbed on squad cars and the like. “It’s not a fun time. If we’re going to do this, be serious about it.”

MPD Deputy Director Mike Ryall led the police response at the scene for most of the night, but as the standoff wore on, Rallings appeared, wearing a Kevlar vest. He, Ryall and others spoke to some of the nominal leaders of the crowd, hoping to reach a resolution.

Then, after 8 p.m. the crowd started to thin out, with many leaving the bridge.

However, the 150 or so who remained suddenly moved en masse toward the thin line of police officers.

That spooked the cops, one of whom suddenly appeared holding a tear gas gun. One of those nominal leaders tried to talk to the crowd over a squad car’s speaker, but that went nowhere. The situation soon eased as more of the protesters left the bridge.

However, many of those protesters didn’t go home, instead camping out at the end of the on-ramp near Front and the Memphis Cook Convention Center.

By 9:30 or so, some protesters still remained on the bridge, linking arms in front of the police officers. Around 10:30, the police in riot gear had escorted the remaining protesters off the bridge.

Rallings also said the bridge shutdown was not the proper way to protest.

“Now, it ain’t what I wanted, I don’t want us to shut down a bridge. … I’m with you, I’ll march with you. But we need to do it together, we need to have a dialogue, we need not to be shutting down (bridges),” he said. “The demonstration has been had. Now it’s time for the conversation.”

Yes. By all means, let’s have a conversation.

For those who participated last night, I have a question for you:

Why weren’t any of you arrested last night for blocking a National Highway?

Why are black Memphians killing each other at a record pace?

Why is the Memphis Potential Employee Pool known by national recruiters as, to put it nicely, “underachieving”?

Why did I have to move my family, in 1997, across the state line to DeSoto County, Mississippi, after black teenagers set up a basketball goal on my front stoop, blocking us from getting into our driveway, and then, breaking into our bedroom, stealing my stepson’s Nintendo and my wife’s jewelry?

If you can organize several hundred people through Social Media or however it was done, to go stand on the I-40 bridge over the Mississippi River and block pedestrian and commercial traffic, including the possible use of ambulances to take people from Rural Arkansas to Memphis Hospitals, why can’t you organize like this to clean up your own communities?

On Fox and Friends this morning, “America’s Mayor”, and hopefully, the next head of Homeland Security on the new President’s Cabinet, Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said,

Don’t tell me I don’t care about black lives. I believe I saved a lot more black lives than ‘Black Lives Matter’

Hizzoner is exactly right. As I have documented in previous articles, Black Lives Matter is a bunch of what Marxists refer to as “useful idiots”.

Their sole purpose for existence is disruption for the purpose of gaining attention and the humiliation and degradation of Municipal Police Departments.

They are, indeed, the “New Bolsheviks”.

As I have reported in earlier articles, The Open Society Institute, financed by Billionaire Puppetmaster and Nazi Collaborator, George Soros, is providing the funds for Black Lives Matter to travel to hot spots around the country.

During the Russian Revolution, Vladimir Lenin rose to power during a time of economic plight in Russia, which was perceived as being the result of a greedy upper class. In order to depose the Czar and his government, Lenin had to solidify the “have-nots”, the Mentsheviks and the Bolsheviks, into his own private army, designed to usher in his “Glorious Revolution”.

He got them on his side by promising them a better, more prosperous life, in which the benevolent “Nanny-State” Government, would supply all of their needs.

By ginning up the dependent base already here…and growing…due to the influx of illegals…Black Lives Matter, acting with the passive (at least, publicly) support of the White House and the Democratic Party and all of their Liberal Minions have already infiltrated America’s College Campuses, promising “Free Tuition”, “Empowering Students”,  “Power to the People” and all that jazz, creating their own “Revolutionary Army”.

Now, their actions, including shutting down National Highways and marching through municipalities, in supposed defense of those who were killed in altercations with police across the nation, may succeed in allowing Obama’s quest for a “National Police Force” to become a reality.

“Brown Shirts”, anyone?

Far fetched? Perhaps.

However, Norman Mattoon Thomas (1884-1968) six-time U.S. Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America, infamously said,

The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.

How do we stop this?

The greatest President in my lifetime, Ronald Wilson Reagan, once said,

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. 

It’s time to stand up to the Bullies.

Until He Comes,



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