Campaign 2016: Clinton and Democrats Attempt to Distance Themselves From Obama’s Failures

ap-hillary-obamaAs they used to say down here in the rural parts of Dixie, when two gentlemen” were about to engage in fisticuffs,

Let’s get to scufflin’.  reports that

The battle begins — and gaining an edge in the key battleground states appears to be the strategy for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as each fires an opening shot in the three-month fight to win the White House.

“As of tomorrow, we have 100 days to make our case to America,” Clinton told supporters in Philadelphia on Friday, after claiming the Democratic nomination for president.

Each campaign is hurtling out of the convention stretch drawing a stark contrast with the other, while putting in immediate face time in the swing states that will decide the November election.

On Friday, Clinton launched a bus tour with Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine that will take them across the battleground state of Pennsylvania and next into Ohio, hitting themes like manufacturing, infrastructure and small business support. The tour will take them through Rust Belt hubs like Pittsburgh and Youngstown.

Along the way, the Clinton campaign is loudly accusing Trump and running mate Mike Pence of offering a gloom-and-doom vision, what Clinton on Thursday dubbed “midnight in America.”

But Trump counters that Democrats are offering a “fantasy world” that ignores the real problems. Campaign manager Paul Manafort charged that those problems have only been exacerbated by President Obama and Clinton’s leadership.

“Because she has no message, she has to try and confuse by making these kinds of attacks,” Manafort told Fox News on Friday. “If it’s midnight in America, it’s because of the seven-and-a-half years of the Obama-Clinton administration.”

Each, however, is claiming to be the country’s true change-maker. A new Trump ad says the billionaire businessman offers “change that makes America great again” – while Clinton-Kaine say he’s offering “empty promises.”  

The Clinton-Kaine ticket is taking a hard blue-collar turn as the Democratic nominee tries to reach out to working Americans, including independents and disaffected Republicans, after formally wrapping her contentious primary against Bernie Sanders this week.   

The Clinton campaign plans to kick off next week with an organizing event in Omaha, Neb.

But it is states like Ohio and Pennsylvania – swing states with large swaths of blue-collar voters – that are expected to be top targets.

In Ohio, the RealClearPolitics polling average shows Clinton and Trump virtually tied, with the former secretary of state edging him by less than a percentage point. She leads by an average of 4 percentage points in Pennsylvania, though a recent Quinnipiac poll put Trump slightly ahead.

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence was hitting Ohio on Friday, while Trump was hitting the Colorado battleground. While Clinton and Kaine are teaming up on the campaign trail after their convention, Trump and Pence are splitting up to cover more ground. Next week, Pence is set to travel to Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia.

Earlier in the day on Friday, Pence spoke in Indianapolis where he ripped Clinton’s nomination acceptance speech as “more of the same.” He blasted her for “failed policies” of increased regulation and government.
Kaine, for his part, delivered a fast-talking and folksy summation of the voters’ choice as he sees it. Introducing Clinton at their Philadelphia event Friday, he said voters can pick a “trash-talker” or a “bridge-builder.”

“It’s kids first or me first,” he said.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told Fox News that they want to go after independents and disaffected Republicans, claiming Trump is offering the “bleakest possible view” of America.

Manafort countered that Clinton’s push for undecided voters is confusing because she’s offering to be “an Obama third term” while simultaneously vowing to “make a change.”

“She can’t have it both ways,” he said. “There is no way she can establish that she’s the change. She is the establishment.”

As we enter these last few months of the 2016 Presidential Campaign, it appears to this Middle Class American that Hillary Clinton is depending on American Voters to forget the socio-economic suffering that we are presently enduring, under the leadership of the Democratic Party’s present “savior” Barack Hussein Obama, a suffering that, as his Secretary of State for 4 years, she had a major role in creating.

It is as if Hillary and the Democratic Party believe that Americans have very short memories.

Please allow me, right off the top of my head, to summarize what 7 1/2 years of the Failed Democratic Leadership of President Barack Hussein Obama has gotten us, domestically.

Almost 95 million Americans are no longer in our Work Force. While some did, indeed retire willingly, the overwhelming majority lost their jobs, or were displaced in their professions by foreign workers, such as the employees at Disney World, who were forced to train their foreign replacements. These Americans often simply gave up after months of looking for a job in Obama’s stagnant economy.

Obamacare has been a colossal failure.  Passed by Congressional Democrats in the middle of the night, this clandestine catastrophe has proven to be a colossal failure, which began when it’s multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded website proved to be unworkable. To top that, the “great” mandated State “Healthcare Exchanges’ have not worked ether, with more of them closing up shop everyday, including the one located in Obama’s Home State of Illinois.

Unfortunately for Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and all of her fellow Democrats, including their Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, Americans now know exactly “what was in it”.

Our major cities have gone downhill under Democratic Leadership. America’s Democratic-Run major cities have continued to deteriorate, along with race relations in America. Simply put, poor stewardship leads to poor municipal economic growth, which leads to a lack of jobs for a city’s inhabitants, which leads broken families which leads to violence which leads to taxpayers leaving the city.

Obama’s Alternative Energy Push has cost Americans millions of dollars. The list of Obama’s determination to fund “alternative energy solutions” has cost the American Taxpayers millions of dollars, while he refuses to allow one of the world’s largest shale oil deposits, right here in America, to be developed.

Our military has been compromised and marginalized under Obama. Through budget cuts and social experimentation, Obama has compromised the greatest military force on the face of the Earth, leaving our country more vulnerable to our enemies.

Our Education System has been politicized and compromised. Obama and the Democrats’ penchant for social experimentation has become a priority in America’s Schools. Education achieved through hard work and student discipline has been replaced by “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “In-School Suspensions”.

Now, this list of failures could be expounded upon ad infinitum, as I am certain that the informed among you are subconsciously doing as you read this.

For Hillary and the Democrats to expect the American Voter to ignore reality and to place our trust in her, given her track record of involvement and support for the failed leadership of President Barack Hussein Obama, is incredulous, to say the least.

There are definitive reasons that Hillary Clinton’s popularity is presently tanking in the national polls.

Her and her fellow Democrats’ attempt to force Americans to ignore reality is certainly right there at the top of the list.

Until He Comes,





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