National Polls Virtually Unchanged…Manufactured Bimbo Eruption Fails…Trump Train Rolls On…Why?


You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. – Abraham Lincoln reports that

After a week of political earthquakes, perhaps the biggest surprise is that the presidential race hasn’t changed much.

A bevy of national and battleground polls taken since a 2005 tape surfaced of Donald Trump’s vulgar comments about women – followed by a cascade of groping allegations against the GOP nominee as well as numerous embarrassing revelations for Hillary Clinton’s campaign from a WikiLeaks hack – shows the Democratic nominee widening her lead only slightly.

Clinton, as before, maintains the clear advantage going into Nov. 8 and has many more paths to the necessary 270 electoral votes than Trump.

And for the first time this year, Clinton is now above 45 percent in a four-way race, based on the RealClearPolitics average of national polls.

But the race remains tight in key battlegrounds like Ohio, and Trump has even edged Clinton in at least one national survey since the Billy Bush bombshell.

“I think what’s happening is this is a highly contested election, and it’s going to be fought all the way to the finish,” Trump running mate Mike Pence told “Fox News Sunday.” 

Democratic counterpart Tim Kaine, said, “From the beginning, I’ve said this would be a very close campaign.”

While the Clinton campaign has hammered Trump over the allegations of sexual harassment and assault, the Republican nominee has adamantly denied them, while complaining that the media are conspiring against him.

The trajectory of the polls could speak to how few undecided voters really are left in a race where the differences between the major-party nominees are stark.

In some of the most recent findings, Rasmussen Reports released new results Monday showing Clinton edging Trump 43-41 percent among likely U.S. voters – retaking a slight lead after Trump led the same poll by 2 points late last week.

Over the weekend, a Washington Post-ABC News poll also showed Clinton with a 47-43 percent lead over Trump, essentially unchanged compared to the groups’ earlier polls.

A Fox News national poll released last week showed Clinton expanding her lead among likely voters, to 45-38 percent when third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein were included.

One of the widest leads for Clinton was seen in Sunday’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey, showing Clinton with a significant 11-point lead over Trump among likely voters.

But at the state level, the same pollsters showed Trump ahead by 1 point in Ohio.

To be sure, Trump’s potential path to victory is exceedingly narrow. In states considered essential for his campaign – Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and even Virginia – the RealClearPolitics average shows Clinton with the edge.

In North Carolina, Ohio, and Florida, Clinton’s lead is nominal.

In Pennsylvania and Virginia, Trump continues to trail badly.

New CNN battleground polls out Monday reflect a somewhat closer race, with Trump up by 4 points in Ohio and Clinton up by 1 in North Carolina among likely voters. The interviewing for the poll, however, stretches back to Oct. 10 and may not entirely reflect voters’ reaction to all of last week’s allegations.

But…but…according to all of the soooper geniuses out there, you know, the paid and unpaid “Political Pundits” that you see on Political Websites and Political Facebook Pages, Trump was “going to be destroyed by Hillary’s “Manufactured Bimbo Eruption”.

What happened?

Per usual, The Godfather of Conservative Talk Radio, el Rushbo, himself, hit the nail squarely on its head concerning these unchanged poll numbers…

The Republican base chooses Donald Trump.  The Republican base knows that everything the Democrat Party alleges about our nominee is actually true about Democrat nominees.  And they’re fed up with having their candidate taken out of every race on bogus, malicious lies, with no push-back.  And that’s why there’s Donald Trump.  And that’s why all of these so-called women coming forward with all of these so-called stories of abuse is like battleship being sunk with a BB.  You can’t do it, it isn’t gonna happen.  Republican voters have heard it their entire lives about every Republican nominee, and as far as they’re concerned, it’s about time this kind of crap stopped working. 

And as long as there is a nominee who wants to fight back on all of it wherever the Democrats take it, they are going to support him.  And that is what is happening.  We’ve got polling data out.  Hillary up 11, Hillary up 12, Hillary up four.  Take a look.  She’s not at 50 percent in any of them.  But it’s gonna jack the Real Clear Politics average up for her, which is gonna be the big news tonight or tomorrow. Republican voters are used to being depressed and dispirited.  Well, they’re used to the Democrats and the media trying to make them feel that way, and they’re fed up with it.  Every two years, every four years, it doesn’t matter.  Any effective Republican anywhere, on television, on radio, it’s the same stuff, the same way the Democrats use the same techniques to destroy anybody who is effective in opposing them. 

Republican voters see it.  They’re tired of it working.  And so, they’re not going to let it work.  Not this time.  Because there’s somebody who’s not resigning because of it, he’s fighting back.  Every allegation, he throws it right back in their face.  The experts say, “He’s got to stick to the issues.  He’s gotta get back.  He can’t keep answering these charges, every charge, it’s just gonna be distracting.  It’s gonna take him off focus.”  And yet he continues to hit back on every freaking charge, every allegation.  He hits back, calls ’em a bunch of liars, tells everybody they’re rigging the game. 

They’re not used to this kind of push-back.  They’re used to be being able to manipulate opposition candidates into doing what they tell ’em to do, like, “You guys better support amnesty or you’re never gonna win the White House.”  Right.  So the Republicans come out and support amnesty and that’s why none of ’em got the nomination in 2016, one of the many reasons. 

The Democrats come out, they say, “You guys, if you’re gonna White House again,” like they care, “you had better get right on abortion, you’d better get right on immigration, amnesty, you better get right,” and the Republicans, “Yeah, yeah, you’re right. We’re in danger of losing the Hispanics.” So they do whatever the Democrats tell ’em to do, and they lose. And Republican voters are tired of seeing it. They’re tired of supporting it and given the first chance in a long time to not support it, they did, and that’s Donald Trump.  

For the benefit of those who may be reading this post today, still in denial over the growing Political Tsunami that will reach land on November 8th, 2016, please allow me to explain how this is happening.

One of the secrets to Donald Trump’s Political Success, is, in fact, his masterful manipulation of the scavenging vultures that comprise the Main Stream Media.

Trump has played the media like Charlie Daniels plays the fiddle, with outstanding expertise and unerring accuracy.

Additionally, the ability to speak truth to power, to relate to average Americans, and to communicate in a fashion that gets his message across to the American Public, is exactly the reason that Trump won the Republican Nomination and continues to be pulling tens of thousands into his Campaign Rallies, which Hillary Clinton cannot even fill a high school gymnasium with hers.

Trump’s willingness to strike back at the Clinton Campaign and the Main Stream Media, when they malign him and publish false stories about him, like this  Manufactured Bimbo Eruption, has tapped into the American Public’s feelings about both the MSM and the Washingtonian Status Quo.

Americans are viewing Trump as someone who is not afraid to fight, for himself or for Americans.

One thing is for sure: unlike Crooked Hillary, Trump is not in it for the money.

So far, every hit piece in the Media, or things that his political opponents, including Hillary, have thrown at Trump, have backfired in spectacular fashion.

Unfortunately for both the Democrats and the “Eeyores” and “Prophets of Doom” in the “#NeverTrump” Crowd, the American people appear to have Hillary Clinton figured out, as her long and bloody Political History is there for everyone to see.

Lying comes as naturally to The Former First Lady as breathing in and out.

As I have written, from the time she was fired from the Watergate Investigative Committee to wiping her private e-mail server, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

Machiavellian in political ambition and armed with a vocabulary that would make the legendary Gong Show Judge, Jaye P. Morgan, blush (look her up, kids), “the Hildebeast” has cut a wide swatch in her path to Political Power.

It should be obvious to Americans by now, that she believes that morality and ethics are for “the little people” (i.e., you and me).

We already have a congenital liar in the White House.

We certainly do not need another one.

Regarding the failure of Senator Ted Cruz in his quest to become the Republican Nominee: His failure is attributable to no one except his Campaign Advisors and the Senator, himself.

Instead of attempting to form a coalition, as Trump has been able to do, the Cruz Campaign, along with the unsolicited help of Radio Talk Show Host and Real-Life Elmer Gantry , Glenn Beck, positioned themselves, whether accidentally or on purpose, to resemble an old fashioned Tent Revival, at times, reminiscent of the old Neil Diamond song, “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show”.

While I am also extremely concerned about the social issues which face this country and the slippery slope that we seem to be traveling on, at this time, that is not what is foremost on the minds of the American Voting public.

Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, while more and more of us, through no fault of our own, are being expunged from the American Workforce, with that number now being almost 95,000, 000.

Meanwhile, up on Capitol Hill, those whom we have voted into office to represent us, are more intent on reaching across the aisle, fulfilling the interests of a small minority of Americans, who would radically change this nation into something unrecognizable, turning The Shining City Upon the Hill into the World’s Piggy Bank and Doormat.

Certain members of the Republican Establishment have proclaimed that they will not support Trump during the stretch run to Election Day, even though he is the Republican Nominee.

It would be the height of irony and a disservice to American Conservatives who have gone before, if a bunch of voters with hurt feelings and the Vichy Republicans on Capitol Hill destroy all the hard work of those who have tried to prevent this country’s destruction by an out-of-control Federal Government which panders to Special Interest Groups, instead of the American voters, while inadvertently aligning themselves with these Establishment Republicans.

Now is not the time for temper tantrums, now is the time for maturity.

It is time to begin the process of taking America back.

So, as I have related before, my Prediction for the upcoming Presidential Campaign, leading up to the election of Donald J. Trump, as the 45th President of the United States of America?

Grab your popcorn, boys and girls, these last three weeks are gonna be fun.

Oh…and Ambassador Christopher Stevens remains unavailable for comment.

Until He Comes,



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