Scaramucci, the “Shadow Government”, and Draining the Swamp


“I have in my pocket a radio studio, a television studio and a movie studio. The entire world has changed; we need to rethink the way we’re delivering our information.

…In some ways we want to deescalate things and have there be a level of diplomacy. In other ways, we want it to be very hard-hitting and war-like.” – Anthony Scaramucci, Trump White House Director of Communications reports that

Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House communications director, said Sunday that stopping damaging West Wing leaks is a top priority and that he will take “drastic action” to achieve that goal.

“We have to get the leaks stopped,” Scaramucci, named Friday to the post, told “Fox News Sunday.” “What’s going on right now is a high level of unprofessionalism, and it’s not helping the president. … I will take drastic action to stop the leaks.”

Trump’s roughly 7-month-old presidency has been mired in the controversy about Russia meddling in the 2016 White House race and whether Trump associates were involved.

The controversy has been fueled in part by information leaked inside and outside of the White House.

Scaramucci on Sunday said he would “pare down the staff” to stop White House leaks, but made clear that such efforts will be limited to the communication office and that he wants to start anew.

“As far as I’m concerned, there will be a new start for everybody on the team,” said Scaramucci, whose appointment as communications director forced the resignation of Sean Spicer, who had held that post.

Scaramucci, a former Wall Street executive, acknowledged that he could never change Washington culture and stop the leaks coming from federal agencies within an administration.

He also said the mainstream media still has a “level of objectivity,” but allowed that so-called “fake news” exists to the extent “some individuals … do stretch stories.”

Scaramucci dismissed talk about Trump preparing to pardon people in an effort to stop the Russia investigations or perhaps protect himself, saying, “He has no one to pardon. He hasn’t done anything wrong.”

He also defended the recent deleting of tweets that appeared critical of Trump or that presented liberal views, saying his new role is non-political so he didn’t want them to be a distraction.

How many “Deep State” holdovers from the Obama Administration are, even now, working to sabotage the plans of President Donald J. Trump?

What has been conveniently forgotten, thanks to the Liberal Mass Freak-Out over the Trump-Russia Collusion Fairy Tale, is the fact that Barack Hussein Obama, the Former Petulant President Pantywaist himself, has set up his Command Headquarters for his “Shadow Government” just a few blocks away from the White House and has even moved his “right-hand Iranian” Valerie Jarrett, into the house with him and “Mooch”.


It resembles a Tom Clancy Novel.

You have a Former Nazi Sympathizer, now a Billionaire “Philanthropist”, funding Far Left Causes. Add to that a disgruntled Former President, desperately trying to ensure that his mission to turn the Greatest Country on the Face of the Earth into a Third World Socialist Paradise is not derailed by the unexpected loss of his hand-picked predecessor to a “Citizen Statesman”.

Faced with the reality of a splintered Democratic Party, which has alienated its base by moving to the Extreme Far Left of the Political Spectrum, this Former President , while still in office, decided to spy on the one candidate who might actually have a chance to beat his own party’s lousy candidate in a fair Presidential Election, through the means of obtaining an order to wire tap his offices.

After all that political chicanery failed and the Citizen Statesman became the President, the Former Petulant President Pantywaist encouraged “rebellion”, as if the reality of a nation being torn asunder was some sort of “Star Wars” Movie, through the use of his “benefactor’s”(the Former Nazi Sympathizer) money in the funding of manufactured protests and a Media-Driven, Community -Organizing Assault, which includes the Former President’s own “Organizing For America” Website, which has taken the cheesy name of “The Resistance”.

Not unlike the Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution, this “Resistance”, with their willing accomplices in the Main Stream Media and within OUR Federal Government, launched a massive assault, through the dissemination of propaganda, manufactured protests, and Fake News, in order to somehow diminish the sitting President, in the hopes of regaining their lost power and continuing their mission, inspired by Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky.

Unfortunately for them, they underestimated the power of the New Media and the resiliency of the average American, here in the Heartland, who stopped believing their lies some time ago.

The more the Democrats press the stupid “Russia Issue” and prove themselves to be nothing but Trump-hating Zombies with no workable plan which is beneficial to average Americans, the more they weaken the momentum of their “Resistance” and strengthen the resolve of both the sitting President and the average Americans who voted him into office, against all odds.

The only way for a happy ending to this real life spy novel is for the 45th President of the United States to fulfill another one of his campaign Promises and “Drain the Swamp”, i.e., the Justice Department and all of the “alphabet agencies” of disloyal embedded operatives left behind by previous Administrations.

President Trump needs to get this accomplished as soon as possible.

The appointment of Anthony Scaramucci is definitely a step in the right direction.

As Julius Caesar found out the hard way, in government, there is always someone looking to stab you in the back.

It is time to take the knifes out of their hands and to stop the incessant leaking which is obstructing not only the Administration of President Donald J. Trump but also the rebuilding of the Greatest Country on the Face of the Earth.

Leakers are traitors not only to President Trump but to all other Americans, as well.

Get rid of them.



Until He Comes,




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  1. Brittius Says:

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  2. Faith Martin Says:

    As usual, very concise, and to the point KJ. It seems that the common sense of many Americans has, unfortunately gone the way of the Dodo. We all are going to be needed in the struggle to save our great land from these New Aged Bolsheviks.

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