Welcome to My Blog. I’m Glad You’re Here.

Do you ever feel helpless about what’s going on?  Do you turn the sound down when a member of “The Resistance” speaks?  Do you talk back to the television?  I understand fully.  My blog contains the views of a 58 year old Christian American Conservative.  I was raised by members of The Greatest Generation.  My father landed at Normandy.  I love this country.  By the way, how did that Hopey-Changey Thing work out for ya?

I have been writing daily since April of 2010. I enjoy researching and sharing my thoughts with you. It is a privilege and it beats the heck out of punching a hole in the wall.

Thanks for reading my posts!

I’ll keep writing….

Until He Comes,



17 Responses to “Welcome to My Blog. I’m Glad You’re Here.”

  1. Sparky Longbottom Says:

    Hey KJ, congrats on your new site. I’m glad you did it.

    Yesterday, the O came on tv and I actually cried. I want reparations lol.

    Looking forward to more of your musings.

    Thanks again KJ

  2. Gohawgs Says:

    Well, my time at your new digs will be short…

    “NO THREAD-HIJACKING” is listed right above “No bare feet”…

  3. Charlotte Says:

    Good to see you, KJ. I’ve missed your writings.

    Looking forward to more…

  4. mountainmanbob Says:

    Congrats on your site. Like you, I’m 50+, military family and a staunch Christian Conservative. I’ve enjoyed your comments at HA and look forward to more of the same here.
    Best regards. GOD Bless you.

  5. CyberCipher Says:

    Great blog, KJ ! I’ve been hoping that some Christian SoCons would start their own blogs. Why should we have to settle for sites run by Libertarians and RINOs? (and you-know-who-I’m-talking-about)
    My collie says:
    “I hereby award KingJester’s blog the coveted collie seal of approval.”

    • kingsjester Says:

      Welcome, brother! It’s great to see you and my favorite collie here! Stop back by, every chance you get and share it with your friends. God bless you and your family.

      • CyberCipher Says:

        Please tell your father that we thank him for his service in WWII (presuming that he’s still alive). My grandmother had 5 stars in her window during WWII. One son in the Army with Patton in North Africa/Sicily, one son in the Marine Corps that along with two others in his group survived Iwo Jima, one son in the construction battalion that built airstrips on the pacific islands, my father who was in the Pacific theater (enlisted in the Navy), and a stray (a run-away that she had “adopted” during the depression) who died fighting in the European theater.

      • kingsjester Says:

        I appreciate that. My father’s been gone since ’97. But he’s still with me. Every time I look into the mirror, I see him. He led me to Christ and gave me the love I have for His church and His people, and our country. His was The Greatest Generation. Thanks again.

  6. JoWazzoo Says:

    I just discovered this Blog! Glad I did! When I pray tonight, I will thank yoor Father for his service. And I look forward to visiting here – cheers

  7. Ellen Stanton Says:

    I have added your site to out Tea Party blog.

    Love your site and your comments at Hot Air.

  8. kingsjester Says:

    Thank you, ma’am. I’m honored.

  9. lance perry Says:

    Followed you, Bishop, Darwin, Kini, JA,JM, on HA comments. Could never post there,but you all represented how I felt about the direction of the country. See you on HARP! And the bit about turning the sound down (Priceless)…

  10. libslayer Says:

    Hey KJ thanks for some really great insight. I have been sharing your blogs on the opslam ProBoards hope you don’t mind. Your point of view is just the refreshing voice of reason that we need
    Keep it up

  11. evelyn vandeberghe Says:

    I used to automatically receive daily KJ comments. What happened? I don’t receive them at all any more and I miss them. How can I re-start them?

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