Roberts Refers Dem Complaints About Kavanaugh Statements to Federal Judges

October 11, 2018

assault-kav-dt-600 reports that

Chief Justice John Roberts is referring complaints about statements made by new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to federal judges outside the Beltway.

In a letter posted Wednesday on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals website, Roberts announced that he has asked judges who handle ethics complaints for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to deal with the claims.

Roberts said in his letter that he was initially notified of complaints against Kavanaugh on Sept. 20. The complaints deal with statements Kavanaugh made during his confirmation hearings and were initially filed with the D.C. Circuit, where Kavanaugh served for 12 years before joining the high court.

In a statement issued Saturday, D.C. Circuit Judge Karen Henderson said the complaints only “seek investigations … of the public statements [Kavanaugh] has made as a nominee to the Supreme Court.” Kavanaugh was confirmed to the high court that same day after a contentious nomination process that included allegations of sexual misconduct dating back to his days as a high school and college student.

Roberts received the first three of 15 eventual complaints a week before Kavanaugh’s angry denial of a sexual assault allegation by Christine Blasey Ford.

The Denver-based 10th Circuit handles appeals of cases that originate in Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming.

The judiciary’s rules allow members of the public to lodge complaints about federal judges. They typically are dealt with by experienced judges in the courthouse or region where a judge serves. Judges who receive complaints have a range of options that include dismissing them out of hand, having local judges investigate them or asking Roberts, in his capacity as head of the federal judiciary, to assign the complaints to judges in a different part of the country.

It’s possible the complaints will never be investigated if the lower-court judges determine they have no jurisdiction over a Supreme Court justice under the judiciary’s ethics rules.

Merrick Garland, the chief judge of the D.C. Circuit, typically deals with ethics complaints, but he apparently stepped aside from complaints against Kavanaugh. Garland had been nominated to the Supreme Court by President Barack Obama, but Senate Republicans never acted on the nomination.

Roberts’ letter was sent to Judge Timothy Tymkovich, the 10th Circuit’s chief judge. Tymkovich was on President Donald Trump’s list of possible Supreme Court nominees.

Complaints? Complaints about what?

Complaints that he was embarrassing the Democratic Senators?

Complaints that he wasn’t just sitting back and taking their abusive questioning?

Complaints that he had finally had had enough and gave it back to them with both barrels blazing?

I swear, the Democratic Party has devolved into the biggest bunch of crybabies the world has ever seen.

George Soros. the Department of Justice, the hierarchy of the FBI, and the Obama Administration itself could not stop Donald J. Trump from becoming the 45th president of the United States of America. However, you cannot tell the Democratic Party and their mindless minions that “Hillary lost…get over it”.

They have been on a crying jag since November 8, 2016 which, when they figured out that their public displays over emotion were not doing any good, has accelerated into shout downs, physical confrontations, harassing civilians while “directing traffic” in Portland, and attempting to somehow get a good man and respected Jurist thrown off the Supreme Court with lies, innuendo, and just downright whining.

Were these sorry excuses for human beings not spanked enough as children?

Did they not get the present that they asked Santa for at Christmas?

Do they have no concept as to how our Constitutional Republic System of Government operates?

Do they not comprehend that they are protesting in favor of a totalitarian system of government?

Do they not comprehend that all of this “acting out” has created a backlash against them?

Did they ever look at an Electoral Map from the 2016 Presidential Election?

Have they still not figured out that average Americans have had enough of their “Radical Change”?

Did they learn nothing at all from the night of November 8, 2016?

Will they learn anything at all when it happens again this November?

Until He Comes,



Hillary Tells Dems That They Cannot Be Civil With Us “Deplorables” Until They Regain Power

October 10, 2018


“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,” she said. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it.” – Hillary Clinton, Democratic Candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America, 2016 reports that

Hillary Clinton, in a television interview Tuesday, rejected the idea that Democrats should be “civil” with Republicans in the age of Donald Trump, embracing a more confrontational and aggressive political approach. 

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Clinton said.

Speaking to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee said, “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”

Clinton’s comments come amid escalating attacks against Republican lawmakers and Trump administration officials by left-wing activists.

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., said Sunday his wife had received a graphic text message with a video depicting a beheading, after Gardner voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Before and after the vote, thousands of demonstrators stormed the halls of Congress and steps of the Supreme Court to protest Kavanaugh.

Last week, Democratic intern Jackson Cosko, who recently worked as an unpaid intern for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, also was arrested for posting the personal information of Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah on Wikipedia — including their home addresses.

During the Kavanaugh battle, two female activists cornered Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., in an elevator and screamed at him, with one of them repeatedly demanding he look at her as she accused him of suggesting her own sexual assault “doesn’t matter.”

And days earlier, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and his wife Heidi were hounded out of a restaurant by protesters peppering the senator with questions about Kavanaugh and chanting “we believe survivors” and “cancel Kavanaugh.”

The tactic of hounding lawmakers and Trump officials out of restaurants became more prevalent in June, when White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen were driven out of restaurants amid the backlash over the separation of illegal immigrant families at the border.

Such confrontations were encouraged by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who days later called on supporters to confront Trump officials in public spaces.

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” she told a crowd.

This week, Republicans have been pushing back against such tactics. Some have pointed to the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., at a Republican baseball practice last year as a reminder of how heated rhetoric can lead to much worse.

Kelley Paul, the wife of Sen. Rand Paul, revealed that she now keeps a loaded gun by her bed after her family has “experienced violence and threats of violence at a horrifying level.”

Isn’t it funny how those who claim to be the most tolerant among us, are actually the most intolerant of all of us?

So, anyway, here we are…with a bunch of paid and unpaid “useful idiots”, as represented by “The Queen of Mean”, Hillary Clinton, telling all of us normal Americans, living out here in the Heartland, how stupid and intolerant we are, for actually holding on to Traditional American Values and wanting to “Make America Great Again” through the election of Donald J. Trump to the office of the President of the United States of America.

I have heard this kind of garbage before.

Back in 2011, I got into a discussion on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website with some Cheetos-munching, Mom’s basement-dwelling Lib with no home training, who proceeded to tell me that he would be proud to defecate on the American Flag.

If I could have reached through my computer monitor and throttled that useless, ungrateful spoiled brat, I would have.

That “dude” was yet another example of the useful idiots of this present generation, such as the members of Antifa, who seem to be garnering a lot of national attention for their outrageous, disrespectful…and, yes, intolerant, behavior.

Just as we have bore witness to the glorification of thugs and the vilifying of our local police departments by the Obama Administration and the local “communities” which they lay their lives on the line for, every day they put on their uniforms, the effects of LBJ’s “Great Society” on American Culture and the Black Family Unit, so are we witnessing, through the egocentric behavior of this present generation, what happens when children are left to “their own devices”, instead of being raised “in the way in which they should go”.

These “spoiled brats”, like Hillary Clinton herself, do not care about the “Will of the People”, but, rather, they are intent on implementing and enforcing their Far Left Political Ideology, resulting in a “Tyranny of the Minority”, which we are seeing play out, as paid and unpaid protestors attempted to stop the Nomination and Installation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as our latest Associate Justice on the Supreme Court Trump’s Campaign Rallies, in an attempt to somehow halt the fulfilling of President Trump’s Campaign Promises in order to stop comeback of America which he has been responsible for and to hold on to their “FREE STUFF” bestowed upon them by the “benevolent masters” of the Democrat Party.

If you have ever attempted to debate a Liberal on a Facebook Political Page or a Political Website, they always attempt to present their opinions as facts, with nothing by Political Rhetoric to back them up.

The use of Karl Marx/Saul Alinsky-inspired “Class War Politics” by the Democratic Leadership, while promising to somehow restore Barack Hussein Obama’s “share the wealth” failed Domestic Policy, has inspired these self-absorbed Modern American Liberals to act like the Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution, in an attempt to create a divided nation, the likes of which has not been seen since “The War of Northern Aggression”. for the sole purpose, as Senator Lindsey Graham pointed out last week, to gain back their political power.

When our Founding Fathers sat down to provide form and substance to the laws and procedures for governing this new country, which they had fought and won a bloody war over, by pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, they were very aware of the price of tyranny and the danger of mob rule.

They determined that this new nation would be a Constitutional Republic, having had their fill of monarchies.

And, that Sacred Document, our United States Constitution, gives each of us the right, including Trump, to speak our minds and be heard.

It gives the protestors of the Presidency of Donald  J. Trump that right, too…but, not at the expense of others, by attempting to destroy a good man through lies and innuendos or by strong-arming and harassing those who refuse to believe the way they do, for the expressed purpose of denying someone their First Amendment Rights.

Our Constitution, in fact, allowed then-Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton to call all of us who believe in Traditional American Values and the preservation of American as the Greatest Country on God’s Green Earth “Deplorables”.

However, that same Constitution, which Americans have fought and died for to preserve, also gives me the right to label Hillary’s Self-entitlement-driven condescending Political Ideology for what it actually is:


Until He Comes,


The Trump Economy – Global Investors are Betting on American Exceptionalism

October 9, 2018

maxresdefault (3) reports that

Global investors are betting on America’s economic success now more than ever, Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma told CNBC on Monday.

“This year has been a story of how well America has done,” he said on “Squawk Box,” calling it an example of “American exceptionalism.”

“We may or may not believe in [American exceptionalism], but the financial markets have never believed in it to such an extent,” added Sharma, head of emerging markets and chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley Investment Management. The global firm has $474 billion in assets under management, as of June 30, 2018.

The strong economy has been touted by Trump administration officials such as top aide Larry Kudlow, who called it “the hottest economy in the world.”

Second-quarter gross domestic product gained 4.2 percent, according to the government’s final reading. And it appears the momentum has continued. The Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow real-time indicator put the third-quarter growth at 4.1 percent, as of Monday.

Combine those figures with the first quarter’s 2.2 percent gain, and the economy stands to grow at an average of 3.5 percent for the first nine months of 2018.

Sharma said that excellent economic performance is reflected in the “very richly valued” U.S. financial markets.

In fact, the stock market has doubled over the last decade, leaving a “huge gap” compared with international markets, particularly emerging ones, he added.

Global Investors have witnessed the same thing that average Americans have: Trump has delivered what he promised…a stronger economy and more jobs.

Americans are more concerned with providing for themselves and their families than they are with the silly Political Games which the Democratic Party, which is being run by the Far Left, continues to play, such as their attempt to stop Brett Kavanaugh from becoming an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.

Quite frankly, the reason that Obama Presidency did not move our economy forward, like President Trump is in the process of doing, is because Obama was more concerned about growing the Central Government, than he was about growing American Production by freeing the job creators from punitive tax rates, in order to encourage the growth that will revitalize our economy.

That is why I once spent 6 hours on a Saturday, on the phone with Punjab from Calcutta about my Comcast Cable Box, which was on the fritz.

But, I digress…

Make no mistake, granting amnesty to millions of unskilled, underage illegal aliens would have done and still would do nothing for the health of our economy.

This action would simply provide future voters for the Democrat Party, which is now, as I wrote earlier, firmly in the control of the Far Left.

A popular Liberal Defense that was going around during Obama’s Presidency was the claim that President Ronald Reagan actually had a bigger Federal Government than Obama.

The funny part is: It’s true.

It was larger because President Reagan, through his sound Economic Policy, actually increased tax revenues.

American Production rose, therefore, TAX REVENUES INCREASED.

Yes, “Trickle-Down Economics”, “trickled up”, allowing for a well-funded, strong American Military and Administration.

You see, boys and girls, that’s the secret of American Exceptionalism, a concept that Obama always gave lip service to, but, clearly, never believed in.

For America to prosper, we must remain free. For America to remain free, we must be prosperous.

American Capitalism is the engine which drives a strong, vibrant economy. American Capitalism is the result of the courageous Entrepreneurial Spirit of American Citizens. The same “Can Do” attitude which led to Western Expansion and triumphs against those before-mentioned enemies, foreign and domestic.

President Ronald Reagan often referred to America as “The Shining City on the Hill” meaning that her people and the Sovereign Nation itself were an example to the rest of the world as to what a free people were capable of creating for themselves with God’s Providence.

Reagan knew that American Exceptionalism was an inspiration to the rest of the free world, not a bone of contention as America’s previous occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue claimed it to be.

And, just like the Gipper, President Trump knows that for America to be successful in a Global Economy, we must put America First, in order to negotiate with other countries from a position of strength.

This philosophy has enabled American business to regain the trust of Global Investors and is helping to ensure that our children and grandchildren will have more opportunities to forge their own bright economic futures.

Until He Comes,


Taylor Swift Becomes Just Another “Dixie Chick”

October 8, 2018

1HIXMS1X (2)


The Dixie Chicks are drawing harsh words from country music fans for remarks singer Natalie Maines made about President George W. Bush during a recent performance in London. Maines told the audience earlier this week, “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.” 
Angry phone calls flooded Nashville radio station WKDF-FM on Thursday, some calling for a boycott of the Texas trio’s music.

The group released a statement Thursday saying they have been overseas for several weeks and “the anti-American sentiment that has unfolded here is astounding. While we support our troops, there is nothing more frightening than the notion of going to war with Iraq and the prospect of all the innocent lives that will be lost.”

In a separate statement Thursday, Maines said, “I feel the president is ignoring the opinion of many in the U.S. and alienating the rest of the world. My comments were made in frustration, and one of the privileges of being an American is you are free to voice your own point of view.”

The Dixie Chicks will kick off a U.S. tour in support of their multi-platinum album Home on May 1 in Greenville, South Carolina. The group’s hits include “Wide Open Spaces,” “Ready to Run” and “Landslide.”-

And, after that, their popularity sank like the Titanic.

That was then. This is now. reports that

Taylor Swift — the pop star who notably has strayed from politics — broke that silence on Sunday, writing on Instagram that she’ll be voting for Tennessee Democrats in the midterm elections. 

Swift, 28, slammed Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn in an Instagram post.

“As much as I have in the past and would like to continue voting for women in office, I cannot support Marsha Blackburn,” Swift told her 112 million Instagram followers. “Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me.”

Swift said the congresswoman “voted against equal pay for women. She voted against the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which attempts to protect women from domestic violence, stalking, and date rape. She believes businesses have a right to refuse service to gay couples. She also believes they should not have the right to marry.”

“These are not MY Tennessee values,” the “Fearless” singer said online.

Swift concluded she’ll be voting for Democrat Phil Bredesen for the Senate, and also for Rep. Jim Cooper, a Democrat who’s running for re-election.

Bredesen quickly thanked Swift for her support on Twitter, writing he’s “honored” by support from her and “that of so many Tennesseans who are ready to put aside the partisan shouting and get things done.”

Blackburn’s campaign did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. A recent Fox News Poll found Blackburn was ahead of Bredesen 48 percent-43 percent, which was inside the poll’s margin of error.

Many fans of Swift, who reportedly owns two properties in Nashville, in addition to several other homes throughout the U.S., have urged the international star to voice her political views — particularly to denounce President Trump.

She’s long stayed quiet on her beliefs, but, in March, Swift wrote in an Instagram post that she donated to the March for Our Lives campaign in support of gun reform.

In July, it was rumored on Capitol Hill that Swift was scheduled to make an appearance at the Russell Senate Office Building, but she didn’t show.

In her post Sunday, Swift acknowledged that many people “may never find a candidate or party with whom we agree 100% on every issue, but we have to vote anyway.”

“So many intelligent, thoughtful, self-possessed people have turned 18 in the past two years and now have the right and privilege to make their vote count,” she wrote, urging her followers to “educate” themselves on the upcoming elections.

Guess what, Taylor? Nobody cares.

At least no one who used to listen to you when you were a teenage country music sensation.

Of course, you left all of us ignorant hicks behind with your 2014 album tiled “1984”, when you made the switch over to pop music, officially leaving those who believe in “God and Country” for “The Smartest People in the Room”.

As a former Tennessean now living across the border in the Northwest corner of the Magnolia State. please allow me to clue you in on something: Bredesen’s attempt at still portraying himself as a “Moderate” is fooling no one.


Oh, and about “your Tennessee”…Tennessee does not embrace the values of the East and Left Coasts. In fact, the overwhelming majority of those living in “Flyover Country” do not. Otherwise, Hillary Clinton would be the current President of the United States of America.

I remember the summer after I graduated college in December 1980. I bought a brand new 1981 Mazda GLC, had a Pioneer Tape Deck installed to play in all four hidden door speakers (a big thing back then), bought a cassette tape of “The Beatles Love Songs”, and played it until the tape broke.

Music has always affected my life and played a major part. I sang in church choirs, leading services, singing in quartets, and solo, for over 30 years and have played acoustic rhythm guitar since the age of 19…a long time ago.

Music can indeed soothe us. It can inspire us…in both good ways and in bad.

It has the power to bring us to our knees in worship of the Living God…or make our hands “clench in fisteous rage” (American Pie, Don Mclean)

It can advise us to “treat her like a lady” or find us hanging out, “down on Main Street”.

At this time in our country’s history, when morality has become relative, ethics situational and a nation fractured through racial division and poor losers still upset over the 2016 Presidential Election’s Outcome, we find our souls crying out for soothing Music. Positive music which will lift up our spirits and bring a smile to our faces as we drive to work, giving us an earworm for the rest of the day,

Instead, we find Pop Music and “so-called” Country Music, actually manufactured in New York City (pronounced like they do in the Pace Salsa Commercials), advocating meaningless one-night stands and encouraging the debasement of the human soul, instead of its ability to rise above any obstacle in its path that might hinder individual achievement.

And, with Taylor Swift’s proudly proclaiming her embracing of political philosophy of the  Far Left Democratic Party, like the rest of the “Cool Kids”, we bear witness to another “Dixie Chicks” moment, in which Taylor Swift has evolved from a fresh-faced country music ingénue into a young lady with a cause, a political sister of the young blonde seen this past weekend at the Kavanaugh Protests dancing around, getting in the face of, and generally harassing a 71-year old man holding up homemade signs in support of Brett Kavanaugh.

Taylor, if that disrespectful heathen is your idea of a fellow “Tennessean”, you either need to come home more often or leave Tennessee completely.

…Because you do not have a clue.

Until He Comes,




After Kavanaugh Confirmation, Dems Continue Descent into Marxist Madness by Calling for His Impeachment

October 7, 2018 reports that

Before and immediately after the Senate narrowly voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday, top Democrats vowed that they would continue to fight — not only at the ballot box in November’s midterm elections, but also through further investigations and potentially even impeachment proceedings afterwards.

On Saturday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced she planned to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to obtain documents related to the FBI’s supplemental probe of Kavanaugh, which senators said showed no corroboration of the decades-old sexual misconduct allegations against him. FBI background checks on judicial nominees have traditionally been kept confidential so that only senators, White House officials, and certain aides can view them.

“In purposefully limited the FBI investigation, it is clear the Republicans were not seeking the truth,” Pelosi, D-Calif., wrote in a statement. “They were seeking cover to do what they wanted to do anyway. To add insult injury they blocked the public’s access to the report.”

Pelosi also requested any communications from Senate Republicans to the FBI concerning the scope of the investigation. Congress is legally exempt from FOIA requirements, and it was not immediately clear to what extent the FBI would respond to Pelosi’s request.

Meanwhile, an online petition to impeach Kavanaugh reached more than 125,000 signatures in wake of Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The petition claims as grounds for impeachment, among other grievances, that Kavanaugh lied under oath about not having “legacy” connections to Yale Law School because his grandfather attended Yale as an undergraduate.

However, Yale Law School admissions officials have said that Kavanaugh would have received no boost from his grandfather’s attendance at the university as an undergraduate.

The petition also accuses Kavanaugh of lying under oath about when he learned of Deborah Ramirez’s uncorroborated allegation that he exposed himself to her at a college party. Kavanaugh testified that he had heard generally that Ramirez was asking former classmates over the summer about the party to try to find someone to support her story; his denial appeared in The New Yorker’s piece describing her allegations.

“There is no room for an accused sexual predator and liar on the Supreme Court,” the petition, organized by the progressive CREDO Action group, continues. “Brett Kavanaugh faces credible accusations of sexual assault and perjury and should be impeached. Initiate impeachment proceedings to remove him from the federal bench.”

Demented old San Fran Nan is the Poster Girl for today’s “New Bolsheviks”, otherwise known as the Far Left Democratic Party. She is a member of their “Proletariat”, her and her husband being filthy rich from using their political advantage to wheel and deal in her Home State of California.

Isn’t it peculiar how “altruistic” Democratic Politicians like her wind up being multi-millionaires by the time they leave office?

It happened the same way back in the days of the Russian Politboro.

But, I digress.

President Trump needs to instruct the Director of the FBI to tell this senile old windbag to go take a long walk on a short pier.

Moving along…

So, just what is the “Credo Action Group”?

Well, The Washington Free Beacon reported in 2012 that,

…CREDO Action is an organizing front for CredoMobile, a San Francisco-based cellphone company that has donated more than $75 million to liberal causes since 1985.

CREDO cofounder Michael Kieschnick is also a staff member of the Secretary of State Project, a liberal campaign launched in 2006 to elect progressive secretaries of state to oversee elections. Kieschnick is also a member of the Democracy Alliance, the secretive network of progressive donors organized by George Soros that funnels millions to left-wing groups.

After reading my posts over the previous two days about the Democratic Protests over our new Supreme Court Associate Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, do you sense an undeniable truth as to whom is not only funding these bouts of insanity which the New Bolsheviks are calling “protests”, but helping to organize the entire effort behind the scenes, as well?

Yep. You guessed it. The Puppet Master, George Soros, has continued the effort to overthrow our system of government with his funding and organizational leadership of the Kavanaugh Protests, an overall effort which began during the 2016 Presidential Campaign with his rent-a-mobs, who went around attempting to intimidate Americans who were attending Trump’s Campaign Events. And when those efforts failed, they attempted to enter the events themselves in order to deny the Republican Candidate his right to free speech.

These very same tactics, employed in the past not only by Lenin’s Bolsheviks, but by Hitler’s Brown Shirts as well, are now being used by Soros-funded Far Left 501 organizations, who are sponsoring all of fanatical fascist protesters who have been found disrupting any traditional national political event where average Americans are gathered to participate in the things which have made our Sovereign Nation great.

These New Bolsheviks are more than just “sore losers”, they fervently want America to be governed by mob rule, which will culminate in a “Democratic Socialist” country.

In other words, these “useful idiots” want America to become a Marxist Nation.

If that is not complete and utter MADNESS, I don’t know what is.

Until He Comes,


The Kavanaugh Protestors and the Case for Deporting George Soros

October 6, 2018


The year is 1903. The Russian Social Democratic Party is meeting in London. All the intellectuals in their party have been arguing since the end of the 1800’s as to the direction the party should take. One year earlier, in 1902, a man named Lenin, living in exile, wrote a paper entitled, “What Is To Be Done”.

The work was smuggled into Russia and spelled out his views regarding what the Social Democrats should be doing as a party. Lenin attacked party members who “were content to wait while history took its predetermined course.” Rather than wait, Lenin wanted to kick-start the issue he believed in to get things done rather than wait on intellectuals sitting around refuting each other’s ideas. The meeting resulted in a Party split creating the Mentsheviks and the Bolsheviks. The two factions reunited under Lenin in April 1905. Lenin went on to organize the November 1917 Russian Revolution on the Promise of “peace. bread, and land”.

That was then. This is now.

According to,

Greg Gutfeld reacted Friday to video of “robotic” anti-Kavanaugh protesters accosting lawmakers and chanting in the halls of Congress.

One video showed a group of protesters repeating a man’s instructions through chant, until one protester realized he was instructing them to engage with the office of a lawmaker who was “on their side.”

“Let’s go watch the vote,” the man said. “Let’s go watch the vote,” the protesters responded. “In offices you wish to (unintelligible) with,” the man said, with the crowd continuing to repeat his words back to him.

The man said he was going to visit North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s office, until a protester interrupted to remind him that the formerly on-the-fence Democrat had announced her intention to vote against confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“Why?” the woman asked. “She’s on our side.”

.@JesseBWatters on Kavanaugh testimony: “Democrats don’t like the fact that he cried because that emotion propelled him through that testimony and really rallied some wavering senators to his side.” #TheFive — Fox News (@FoxNews) October 5, 2018

“That’s not democracy, that’s robotics,” Gutfeld said.

“I don’t remember the last time Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) was cornered by a group of angry Republicans,” Brian Kilmeade added.

Gutfeld played more video of another group of protesters reciting their instructions in a similar fashion.

“It’s chilling to me to see a mob in action,” he said, calling such protests an “intimidating machine.”

The White House is confident that Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the Supreme Court; @johnrobertsFox has the story. #SpecialReport — Fox News (@FoxNews) October 5, 2018

Gutfeld said the protesters are being covered too positively by some in the media, contending that they are instead trying to “destroy the system.”

“It’s the zombie apocalypse,” Jesse Watters added, referring to the fashion in which the protesters repeated the instructions of their leaders.

If you have read my posts before, you know that I have dubbed those of the Far Left Democratic Party “The New Bolsheviks” because of the resemblance between what is happening in our Sovereign Nation concerning the never-ending temper tantrum being thrown over the election of Donald J. Trump as our 45th President and the Russian Revolution of 1917 which ushered in Marxism as the Russian Governmental System, replacing the Czar.

What concerns me, and possibly you as well, is the actions of the Paid Protestors presently acting like the barbarians from the Russian Revolution the Halls of Power in Washington, D.C. are not just a bunch of Far Left Ideologues hyperventilating.

Gentle readers, we are in a civil war for the very soul of our Sovereign Nation.

Please notice that these “protestors” were bussed in to Washington by a myriad of 501 “Non-profit” organizations and have spent several days there harassing and threatening Judge Kavanaugh and Republican Senators and their families.

As I posted yesterday, reinforced by a Presidential Tweet at the beginning of today’s post, a lot of their “walking around” money has come from the purposeful “benevolence of the Puppet Master himself, George Soros.

George Soros is the “Vladimir Lenin” of our time.

As was the case in the Russian Revolution, any “Democratic Socialist” nation we see around our Modern World, went through a course-altering revolution, whether through a violent overthrow of the Government or through a “radical change” in the political ideology of their nation and the way that their populace voted in the subsequent election.

I firmly believe that the mission of Billionaire Financier George Soros and all of the Far Left Organizations and Democratic Party Politicians whom he supports, is what his political puppet, Former (Thank God) President Barack Hussein Obama, said that his was during his first presidential campaign: to “radically change” our nation into something that every patriotic American will no longer recognize.

America’s Alt-Left, which President Trump identified by name during the 2017 “Press Conference which shall forever be known as the “Trump Tower Thrashing” is a fringe group of radicalized young people, who grew up during the Obama Administration being programmed by “Organizing for America”, Liberal College Professors, and a pop culture which told them that to love America and to respect her history and those who had gone before them, was “jingoistic”.

Gutfield was exactly right. the protestors in D.C. ARE a bunch of mind-numbed robots.

They have been told through indoctrination that it is evil to try to be better than others….to achieve and make their own way.

They have been told that everyone “should be equal” and those who do achieve should “share the wealth”.

This programming led these young minds full of mush to become the “useful idiots” (as Communists used to call their dupes in the Cold War) whom we have been watching on television as they attack America’s History, our Constitutional method of deciding our leaders, our duly elected President, and now, how we select our Supreme Court Justices.

Now with the push to bestow the civil rights of American citizens to those who have entered our Sovereign Country illegally and Soros’ covert and overt support of perpetually grieved protesters, paid to stage organized demonstrations which morph into riots, as may happen today after Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed as our next Supreme Court Justice, we find that America is now facing our own version of Lenin’s Bolsheviks.

That is why the election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency was so very important.

Trump was elected to put the brakes on this “New Revolution” purposefully designed to “radically change” America into just another “Democratic Socialist Nation”.

Now is the time to stop George Soros and these “New Bolsheviks”, before history repeats itself on this side of the Atlantic, over 100 years later.

Freeze the assets of George Soros, including those of the organizations which he controls, like Media Matters and the Open Society Institute.

Then deport him….or arrest him for sedition, lock him up, and throw away the key.

America’s survival as a free nation depends on it.

Until He Comes,


Thousands Protest Kavanaugh in DC, Hundreds Arrested…Who Sponsored Them?

October 5, 2018


“Brett Kavanaugh was disqualified before Christine Ford came out with her allegations and we still think he’s disqualified and we’re going to do everything we can to keep him off the Supreme Court.” – Linda Sarsour, Political Activist//Radical Islamist/Co-Chair “Women’s March” reports that

Thousands of liberal protesters, fired up by Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, marched up Capitol Hill on Thursday to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court and put pressure on the handful of undecided senators who will determine whether Kavanaugh gets confirmed in the coming days.

By Thursday afternoon, Capitol Police began arresting hundreds of protesters inside the Hart Senate Office Building who raised their fists and loudly started chanting “Kavanaugh has got to go.” Arrests were made after protesters began sitting down in the building’s atrium, refusing to cooperate with law enforcement.

In all, some 302 protesters were arrested and charged with unlawfully demonstrating in Senate office buildings Thursday, police said.

During the rallies and marches, protesters made it clear they were mad that Kavanaugh – who has denied allegations of past sexual assault – might be confirmed as early as this week.

Midday Thursday, demonstrators congregated at the Barrett Prettyman Courthouse in Washington, where Kavanaugh currently works as a United States Circuit Judge.

They then marched through the National Mall to the Supreme Court, where they shut down the street in front of the court and rallied some more. Speakers called out Republican senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Jeff Flake of Arizona and Susan Collins of Maine.

“Senator Murkowski, do you believe us?” a female speaker from Alaska said on the steps of the Supreme Court. “You better believe us. You better believe survivors.”

Protesters waved signs that said, “Believe Survivors” and “Kava Nope.” Another read, “Susan Collins: Don’t betray women. Vote No.”

Some protesters may have been encouraged to attend the rally after the Party Majority PAC, a sponsor of the protest, listed the names of numerous supportive celebrities, including Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria, Whoopi Goldberg and Lena Dunham on its flier. Some news stories ahead of the event said they would be there, though none of those listed celebrities showed up.

(Elizabeth) Warren, who has acknowledged she is thinking of running for president in 2020 as a Democrat, was the biggest name to appear. Others who spoke included Linda Sarsour, the pro-Palestinian activist who helped lead the recent Women’s March in Washington.

“I watched that hearing last Thursday, and I believe Dr. Ford,” Warren said, referencing Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford. “I watched that hearing last Thursday, and Brett Kavanaugh is disqualified.”

Warren also took aim at the Republican men on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“I watched 11 men — powerful men — try to help another powerful man make it to another powerful position,” the Democratic senator said. “This is about hijacking our Democracy.”

At one point during the march, protesters referenced the woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of misconduct during his 1991 confirmation hearings: “We believe Christine Ford. We believe Anita Hill,” they said.

The protests came the same day senators were able to read the FBI report on its investigation into Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh.

So, who organized this bunch of female “New Bolsheviks”?

According to, the usual suspects organized the “protests”. We’ll get to the funding in a moment.

In a final effort to stop Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the Women’s March and other organizations have announced the Cancel Kavanaugh march, which will take place in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 4. Nationwide demonstrations are also scheduled for the next few days.  

Some reports say the FBI’s investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh could wrap up sooner than the end of the week, which means the Senate might vote on his nomination by Friday. But don’t panic because the fight is not over. 

Liberal activists believe they have a shot at convincing Republican senators Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Jeff Flake of Arizona, along with Democratic senators Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, to vote no on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Protestors and sexual assault survivors have confronted some of those senators to discuss their decisions, and Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, said Republicans “will not be intimidated by these people.” 

…The march will be hosted by the Women’s March, UltraViolet, CPD Action, Demand Justice, the National Action Network, the ACLU, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and, according to the “Cancel Kavanaugh: Believe Survivors” event page.  

A wave of women, femmes, survivors of all genders, and allies are showing up in DC on Thursday to do whatever it takes to #CancelKavanaugh.

We have the power to make history. Let’s make it a history we can be proud of:

— Women’s March (@womensmarch) October 2, 2018

Now, about the money behind the “protestors”. I’ll give you 3 guesses…and the first two don’t count. I mean, you did notice who one of the keynote speakers was, didn’t you?

It was none other that Radical Islamist and champion of Women’s Rights (an oxymoron if there ever was one) Linda Sarsour, an organizer of the Women’s Marches.

Asri Q. Normani of The New York Times reported about those marches that

By my draft research, which I’m opening up for crowd-sourcing on GoogleDocs, Soros has funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s “partners,” including “key partners” Planned Parenthood, which opposes Trump’s anti-abortion policy, and the National Resource Defense Council, which opposes Trump’s environmental policies. The other Soros ties with “Women’s March” organizations include the partisan (which was fiercely pro-Clinton), the National Action Network (which has a former executive director lauded by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as “a leader of tomorrow” as a march co-chair and another official as “the head of logistics”). Other Soros grantees who are “partners” in the march are the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. March organizers and the organizations identified here haven’t yet returned queries for comment.  

On the issues I care about as a Muslim, the “Women’s March,” unfortunately, has taken a stand on the side of partisan politics that has obfuscated the issues of Islamic extremism over the eight years of the Obama administration. “Women’s March” partners include the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has not only deflected on issues of Islamic extremism post-9/11, but opposes Muslim reforms that would allow women to be prayer leaders and pray in the front of mosques, without wearing headscarves as symbols of chastity. Partners also include the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which wrongly designated Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim reformer, an “anti-Muslim extremist” in a biased report released before the election. The SPLC confirmed to me that Soros funded its “anti-Muslim extremists” report targeting Nawaz. (Ironically, CAIR also opposes abortions, but its leader still has a key speaking role.)

Another Soros grantee and march “partner” is the Arab-American Association of New York, whose executive director, Linda Sarsour, is a march co-chair. When I co-wrote a piece, arguing that Muslim women don’t have to wear headscarves as a symbol of “modesty,” she attacked the coauthor and me as “fringe.” 

Earlier, at least 33 of the 100 “women of color,” who initially protested the Trump election in street protests, worked at organizations that receive Soros funding, in part for “black-brown” activism. Of course, Soros is an “ideological philanthropist,” whose interests align with many of these groups, but he is also a significant political donor. In Davos, he told reporters that Trump is a “would-be dictator.”

A spokeswoman for Soros’s Open Society Foundations, said in a statement, “There have been many false reports about George Soros and the Open Society Foundations funding protests in the wake of the U.S. presidential elections. There is no truth to these reports.” She added, “We support a wide range of organizations — including those that support women and minorities who have historically been denied equal rights. Many of whom are concerned about what policy changes may lie ahead. We are proud of their work. We of course support the right of all Americans to peaceably assemble and petition their government—a vital, and constitutionally safeguarded, pillar of a functioning democracy.”

Much like post-election protests, which included a sign, “Kill Trump,” were not  “spontaneous,” as reported by some media outlets, the “Women’s March” is an extension of strategic identity politics that has so fractured America today, from campuses to communities.

There has been nothing “grassroots ” about the myriad of protests and the obnoxious protestors themselves who have been present and extremely vocal during the Kavanaugh hearings, attempting to interfere with the hearings and to intimidate Republican Senators.

If you believe that they all travelled to Washington on their own money, I have two tickets to a re-boot of the “Rosie O’Donnell Variety Hour” to sell you.

George Soros has been on a mission to finance the “Radical Change” of American Society and government for years.

The election of Donald J. Trump as our 45th President spurred him on to spend even more money and to cause even ore disruption of American Politics, through the use of hatred and intolerance for radical American values and ethics.

George Soros must be deported or jailed.

His disruption of our American Political Process and his intentional fracturing of our society through the use of paid political activists, his own “Brown Shirts”, if you will, must no longer be tolerated.

Too many of our Best and Brightest died on foreign soil fighting to keep fascism from our shores.

This New Fascism which the Far Left Democratic Party is now practicing and which Soros is funding, has no place in our Constitutional Republic.

Until He Comes,




FBI Report on Kavanaugh Complete, McConnell Files for Cloture, Possible Vote on Saturday…What Now?

October 4, 2018

sleazed-dt-600 (2) reported that

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell late Wednesday night filed for cloture to end debate on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, setting up a key procedural vote for Friday — and a possible confirmation vote on Saturday.

McConnell also revealed that the Senate would receive the FBI’s supplemental background investigation into Kavanaugh Wednesday night.

Sources previously told Fox News that Senators and some aides would be able to start looking at the FBI’s background investigation on Thursday morning and that Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and committee member Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., will be given the first chance to look at the report.

The bureau’s investigation, ordered last week by President Trump, was designed to look into allegations of sexual misconduct leveled at Kavanaugh, who has been accused by three women of separate alleged incidents. Christine Blasey Ford, the first woman to come forward, testified before the Senate Judiciary last week about her claims.

Two senior Senate sources told Fox News earlier that the report isn’t expected to be released publicly. Instead, the FBI is expected to send a single copy of the supplemental report on Kavanaugh to the Hill, where it will be kept in a safe in the Senate Judiciary Committee. All 100 senators and nine staffers will be authorized to read it.

Earlier Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell denied a request made by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to approve a briefing by FBI agents on the bureau’s background investigation (BI).

In a letter to Schumer, McConnell said a briefing “would be unprecedented and irregular” and suggested that such a maneuver would be a tactic intended to stall a vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination.

“And, in all candor, I believe it would be used to further delay this nomination—a goal about which you and your Democratic colleagues have been abundantly clear and single-minded in pursuing,” McConnell wrote.

You tell ’em, Mitch.

Here’s some things to look for as this story progresses today, gentle readers,

Of course, the Democrats will say that this Saturday is too soon to call the vote. That’s a given.

If, as I believe it to be, the 7th investigation of Judge Kavanugh finds no evidence of any sort of disqualifying behavior, as the first 6 FBI Investigations went, the Democrat will be all over the TV News Networks saying that the FBI did not ask the right people the right questions.

If the FBI Report is unfavorable to Dr., Ford and the Democrats, they will demand that it be kept confidential “for the sake of the witnesses”.

If there is even one thing found in the FBI Report that favors the Democratic Cause, it will be trumpeted ad nauseam all over the 24/7 News Cycle.

Meanwhile, Soros’ paid protesters will be all over Washington, D.C., verbally accosting Republican Senators, running them and their families out of restaurants, trying to jump on elevators with them, etc., etc., in an effort to intimidate them into changing their votes. And, Fox News will be the only ones honest enough to say that Soros is the money behind these “political activists”.

When the vote is called on Saturday and Judge Kavanaugh becomes our next Supreme Court Justice, I firmly expect some sort of violence in the D>C. Area caused by Soros’ paid political activists having an absolute meltdown.

I expect the Democratic Senators to have a meltdown as well, but it will be strictly verbal. The only violence that will be associated with them is the banging of their heads against the wall in frustration over the failure of what they considered to be a well laid out, thoughtful plan to keep the Judge from becoming a Supreme Court Justice.

That is, unless they decide to drop their masks and put on brown shirts more in accordance with the Far Left Political Ideology of the Modern Democratic Party.

As Artie Johnson of “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In” fame used to say, these next few days should be “verrrry interesting”.

Until He Comes,


Trump’s Mississippi MAGA Rally – Ford, Feinstein, and Fun

October 3, 2018


Last night, the President of the United States of America visited the Magnoliaa State and left quite an impression. reports that

President Trump at a Mississippi rally on Tuesday defended his embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh while questioning the sexual assault allegations made by accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

Trump claimed that Ford’s one concrete recollection was, “I had one beer!”

He then portrayed the back-and-forth between Ford and her interviewers. “‘How did you get home?’ ‘I don’t remember.’ ‘How did you get there?’ ‘I don’t remember.’ ‘Where is the place?’ ‘I don’t remember.’ ‘How many years ago was it?’ ‘I don’t know.'” The crowd cheered and applauded.

He also accused the Democratic party of only knowing how to “obstruct, resist, demolish, destroy and delay” and claimed that the party had been “trying to destroy Judge Kavanaugh” since he was first announced as a Supreme Court nominee.

“Because they know Judge Kavanaugh will follow the Constitution as written,” he said.

The president took aim at a number of Democrats in particular, including Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal and California Sen. Dianne Feinstein before mentioning “sleaze bag lawyer,” Michael Avenatti, who is representing one of Kavanaugh’s accusers, Julie Swetnick.

Swetnick, in a sworn statement last month, claimed she had seen Kavanaugh “engage in abusive and physically aggressive behavior toward girls” including “grinding” against young women and attempting to remove their clothes in the early ’80s. She also claimed she “became aware of efforts by [friend] Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh and others to ‘spike’ the ‘punch’ at house parties” with drugs or alcohol to lower girls’ defenses and get them disoriented so they could be “gang raped” in a side room by a “train” of boys.

During the rally, Trump seemingly criticized Swetnick over an interview she did with NBC News in which she appeared to walk back some of the claims about Kavanaugh.

“Did you see that interview? This woman had no clue what was going on, no clue. And yet she made the most horrible charges against a number one in his class at Yale, perfect human being, great father, great husband – this is a great person,” Trump said. “And people are saying, ‘Well maybe it’s true. And because of the fact that maybe it’s true, he should not become a United States Supreme Court justice.’ How horrible is this? How horrible is this?”

Trump went on to add that he wanted “to do what’s right for this country,” before urging people to go to the polls and vote for Republican candidates.

“The Democratic Party has become too extreme. This is an example of it. And too dangerous to be trusted with power,” Trump said. “That is why you must vote Republican on Election Day. And you have to go out and vote.”

The president was in Mississippi campaigning for Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, who is up against multiple opponents in the Nov. 6 special election. She was tapped earlier this year to temporarily fill the seat following Sen. Thad Cochran’s retirement and she told Fox News that her campaign message will not change, despite the competition.

“I’ve been on the ballot five times. I’ve been a conservative my entire life. And I’ve ran state-wide two times and so, you know our strategy is just basically compounding the message we’ve always put out there,” she said. “I share the conservative values of all the Mississippians, or most of the Mississippians there. We’re running on our record. We’re running on the fact that Gov. Phil Bryant made me as the choice for the appointment. And then it’s really nice to have the president side-by-side in this campaign.”

Trump’s visit to Mississippi follows an earlier stop in Philadelphia in Tuesday, where he delivered a speech to the National Electrical Contractors Association Convention.

He told the crowd that the country was having “a manufacturing renaissance” and that his economic policies would equate to more jobs.

Fox News just gave you a brief snapshot of a great Trump Rally.

How do I know?

I was there.

Last night, American Citizens living in the Tri-State area of Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee heard from a man who genuinely LOVES America and her people, instead of viewing us all as racist, misogynist, xenophobes…the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

Just like Trump did, with his refusal early in his campaign to “act more presidential”, he is still taking his message directly to the American People.

You see, Gentle Readers, Trump has always been a “people person”.

That is the reason that, when he was still a contributor to Fox News, he would speak to everyone in the building, from the maintenance crew, on up the ladder.

As Sam Walton, the Founder of Walmart, knew, you don’t inspire people by acting imperious and above it all.

“Mr. Sam”, until his health would no longer allow him to do so, would travel to Walmart Stores in his old pickup truck, with a tie and a baseball cap on, visiting the employees, in order to find out how his stores were doing.

He knew that the only way to be successful and to stay in touch with the public, was to be out among them, and speak to them honestly and directly, as one would speak to a friend.

Just as President Trump did when he went on a “Thank You” Tour and as he continues with his Daily Tweets to the American People..

The Political Establishment, of both parties, lost that concept, a long time ago.

Bypassing the borders to communication, historically determined by both political parties and the Main Stream Media, is a concept which I first witnessed being used by a Presidential Candidate in the 1980 Presidential Election, the before-mentioned Ronald Wilson Reagan.

While I am not comparing the two, I am noting that this strategy has proved effective for both men.

As the polls continue to show, Trump continues to strike a resonant chord in the hearts of Average Americans, living here in the part of America, which the snobbish Political Elites refer to as “Flyover Country”, but which we refer to as “America’s Heartland”, or, quite simply, “HOME”.

The reason being, President Trump is keeping his promises.

He does not talk down to us while disparaging our Sovereign Nation, as his predecessor did.

Trump talks to us in a plain-spoken, clearly understood way, a style which is in stark contrast to an opposition party full of professional politicians, whose only interest is the regaining of power in Washington, D.C., at whatever the cost.

Last night, the President of the United States of America, the most powerful man in the world, made Mississippians feel good about ourselves and our role in determining our future, unselfishly giving us the credit for his victory on November 8, 2016.

And, that, gentle readers, was indeed a “radical change”.

Until He Comes,


Obama Endorses Ocasio-Cortez…Birds of a Feather…

October 2, 2018

00050518-barack-obama-e-alexandria-ocasio-cortez (2)

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money. – Lady Margaret Thatcher reports that

Former President Barack Obama on Monday endorsed dozens of Democrats in races across the country, including liberal darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her New York House race.

Obama had left Ocasio-Cortez off his initial round of 81 endorsements over the summer, prompting speculation over why the ex-president had seemingly snubbed the Democratic socialist candidate who defeated House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley, D-N.Y., in the primary and whose big-government views align with those of Sen. Bernie Sanders. However, on Monday, Obama included her name on the list of 260 endorsed candidates for governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House and state legislatures.

“The Democratic Party has always made the biggest difference in the lives of the American people when we lead with conviction, principle, and bold, new ideas,” Obama said in a statement. “Our incredible array of candidates up and down the ticket, all across the country, make up a movement of citizens who are younger, more diverse, more female than ever before.”

This time around, Obama seemed to snub Beto O’Rourke, the Democratic candidate running against Ted Cruz, R-Texas, for his Senate seat, and Rep. Keith Ellison, who is running for attorney general of Minnesota. Ellison is currently facing allegations of domestic abuse, which he denies.

As for the endorsements Obama did make, Republicans countered that they would do more harm than good.

“President Obama oversaw the slowest economic recovery in modern history and it cost Democrats more than 1,000 seats,” Republican National Committee Spokesman Michael Ahrens said in a statement to Fox News. “By tying these candidates to his failed economic policies, he’s helping ensure they suffer the same fate.”

Among his endorsements, Obama named several former campaign and Obama administration alumni who “have been inspired to run for office,” as well as many state legislative candidates that are “redistricting priorities.”

Obama offered his support to several Democratic gubernatorial candidates—like Florida’s Andrew Gillum, who is running against Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis; Connecticut’s Ned Lamont, running against Republican Bob Stefanowksi; and Massachusetts’ Jay Gonzalez, up against incumbent Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, among others.

“They’re Americans who aren’t just running against something, but for something,” Obama said of the candidates he endorsed. “They’re running to expand opportunity and restore the honor and compassion that should be the essence of public service.”

“I am proud to endorse so many of them today, and I’m eager to continue making the case for why they deserve our votes this November,” Obama added.

Thus far, Obama has campaigned for candidates in California, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and has held fundraisers for campaign committees and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, as well as individual candidates.

I found it very ironic that Obama used the word “diverse” to describe the Democratic Candidates running for election in the 2018 Midterms.

There is nothing “diverse” about them.

Today’s Modern Liberals are all marching in lockstep and about to fall of the Far Left end of the Political Spectrum in their zeal to implement “Socialism” as the governmental philosophy of the United States of America.

From Ocasio-Cortez up in New York to Gillum in Florida, this new breed of Democrats are worshipping at the alter of the Founders of the Russian Revolution instead of the Founders of our Sovereign Nation.

Just like Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) These students of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky believe that there is no such thing as individual success. furthermore, they do not believe in America Exceptionalism.

They want those who have succeeded to be punished for it.

These Democrats desire to be a “New Poltiboro”, taking from the rich and giving to…themselves.

For you see, gentle readers, Marxist Theory is just that…a theory.

Man is a fallen creature whose greed always gets in the way of realizing a “Socialist Paradise”, like these new Democratic politicians are promising out on the stump.

Oh, sure. They have big dreams, which sound pure and noble to the young heads full of mush who are fresh out of 12-16 years of indoctrination in America’s Public Schools and universities as to how great a “Democratic Socialist” America would be.

However, the reason that theories remain theories is that when they are attempted out in the Real World, instead of a classroom, they fail spectacularly.

For proof of what I are telling you, please refer to the 8-year economic nightmare known as the Obama Presidency.

When President Ronald Reagan told Americans that the 9 words that they never wanted to hear were

“I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.”

…he must have been having a prophetic vision of the Obama White House.

But, I digress…

The reason that Obama is out stumping for these young Socialists…err…Democrats, is the same reason that the hypocrites in the Senate are trying so hard to keep Judge Brett Kavanaugh from becoming our next Supreme Court Justice: Obama wants desperately to preserve whatever “legacy” he has left, just as those Democratic Senators do, and that means keeping America’s political power in the hands of Far Left Special Interest Groups who are bankrolled by the Puppet Master himself, George Soros.

And, that is why they hate the MAGA Movement and President Trump, himself.

For when the light of truth shines of all of the Far Left Democrats, they act like kitchen cockroaches, scrambling for the nearest baseboard or refrigerator to hide under.

And President Trump, along with the “New Media”, which is comprised of average Americas who love our country haven’t just shined flashlights on these “new Democrats”, they’ve shined “Q-Beams”.

Until He Comes,